if you are trying to get on hormones, ive spent the past 2 months searching and  searching and finally was able to get my first shot yesterday.

Planned Parenthood in Bellingham will work, however they are always booked at least 4 months out because they only take 1 person trying to get on hormones per week. Also they only provide huge needles that you have to inject in to your muscle. (aka ass or thigh)

besides PP, i did a lot of digging. here are some people i found along the way.

there’s Dr. Sarah Garrett - she is a naturopath, so check if your insurance will cover her. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and they would not cover her. She is gender affirming, kind, and also will ask that you do multiple sessions before starting hormones.

there’s Jennifer Creson - Jennifer is a queer counselor, as in, she’s actually a queer person not just a counselor who ‘specializes’ in queer issues. She is incredibly kind, works with the Informed Consent Model, meaning if you need a diagnoses of Gender Disphoria (GD) to get your insurance to cover medical treatment, she will give you that diagnoses on your first visit no questions asked. She is willing to skype using TheraLink, so even if you live outside of Seattle you can work with her. While Jennifer doesn’t take insurance, you can request receipts from her and file them with your insurance. Also, if all you need is the diagnoses and don’t necessarily want a councilor, one visit/skype will cost 100$, she uses SquareCash for payment. 

there’s Dr. Kevin Hatfeild - Kevin is a  medical doctor practicing at the Polyclinic in Seattle. The website will say the clinic is full, BUT they will always take trans and gender nonconforming patients, just call and tell them you’re trans. He and all the staff there are gender affirming, will use your preferred name and pronouns, and are very very transparent with you as far as how to best navigate insurance companies and medical treatment. He looks like you wouldnt like him, but he is actually really good at his job, he made me feel very comfortable. He told me he is there to be a safety net and serve as an access point to medicine. He gets non-binary identities. He will help you get to where you want to get and not take the position of a weird medical savior or question your gender. There is no physical exam required to get on hormones, just bloodwork and talking. You will also get your first shot on your first visit if you want. He works under Informed Consent. 

Additionally, for injections of T, he prescribes a tiny tiny needle that you inject into your belly roll rather than a huge needle to the ass. It’s unbelievably easy, i injected my own first shot. He will explain how to do it very well. He takes most insurance.

also My Trans Health  recently launched and probably has quite a few more resources as well!

Feel free to add to this list, i hope you all get the care you deserve. 



CresOne ( MC from Alicante, Spain ) presents his next project with the Filipino American hip hop super producer !llmind.

Last march we spent some time at !llmind’s studio in brooklyn with Cres.
We know the project´s title will be “Hybrid”, and from what we were able to hear at the studio, is sounding quite good so far. At the end of september Cres will come back to Brooklyn to finish the project. 

Director: Alexander Escobar
Editor: Gabriel Adderley

“Drop down”, the new single from !llmind & Cres´ up-coming joint album “Hybr!d” is a mixture of English and Spanish lyricism with a blend of that classic throwback sound, heavy bass and modern feel. !llmind teamed up with up-coming producer Shady Ghabour (from Switzerland) on the beat, making this single a truly global collaboration. The video was filmed in Alicante (Spain), where Cres lives, and directed by Lionel Estivil, Leandro Vergani and Marc Masó. !llmind & Cres’ “Hybr!d” LP is due out June 10th via Roseville Music Group.