CresOne ( MC from Alicante, Spain ) presents his next project with the Filipino American hip hop super producer !llmind.

Last march we spent some time at !llmind’s studio in brooklyn with Cres.
We know the project´s title will be “Hybrid”, and from what we were able to hear at the studio, is sounding quite good so far. At the end of september Cres will come back to Brooklyn to finish the project. 

Director: Alexander Escobar
Editor: Gabriel Adderley

“Drop down”, the new single from !llmind & Cres´ up-coming joint album “Hybr!d” is a mixture of English and Spanish lyricism with a blend of that classic throwback sound, heavy bass and modern feel. !llmind teamed up with up-coming producer Shady Ghabour (from Switzerland) on the beat, making this single a truly global collaboration. The video was filmed in Alicante (Spain), where Cres lives, and directed by Lionel Estivil, Leandro Vergani and Marc Masó. !llmind & Cres’ “Hybr!d” LP is due out June 10th via Roseville Music Group.