cresent moon

Yesterday I went and got my first tattoo! The capricorn constellation is hidden in there if you can find it.



I am beyond ready for Fall, lol!
To the point where I already have Banana Bread & Pumpkin Spice candles burning, stocked up on yummy soups & apple cider, like…
C'mon Autumn! Not to mention, My birthday is in the Fall! (Sep. 30th Libra)

I hope this outfits is giving you a comfy, Autumn vibe! I put my own little witchy twist on your basic pair of boots, leggings and a comfy top! Because I live in the south and since it’s early Autumn, if things get to hot, I would just take the duster off and the looks is still very cute! Hey speaking of witchy vibes, have you peeked at my 2015 Fall/Winter inspiration blog? If you want to, here is the link! ❤

I have to admit, as much as I am still living for my neon hair, green is just not a Fall color. At least, not neon green. Of course that is my opinion, but I just feel that this hair color wont work for Autumn. I want to keep my vibrant hair for sure, but I need a different color! Honestly, I am not even sure what color yet though, Any suggestions?

-Elliott Alexzander