Cool it, yeah?

You know, reading stuff on Fanlore really makes me wonder. People get into such massive arguments about the fact that their ships didn’t get enough canon recognition, or how everyone else’s ships are wrong for whatever reason, and it doesn’t make sense to me.

I have my ships, yes, like Dramione, Cresdair, Zutara, ArthurxAriadne, whatever the Sherlock fandom has decided to name the JohnxSherlock pairing (Watslock? Holmson? I have no idea. All the ship names sound rubbish), but is it really a matter to get in a fight about?

Who cares if it’s canon or not? If the book/film/TV series has given you just the tiniest bit of interaction between the two that you ship, you bloody well run with that! And no one can tell you that you’re wrong because it’s your own imagination. It doesn’t matter if it’s canon or not if it makes you happy, in my opinion. I’m fed up with people fighting over Romione versus Dramione or Harmione or Hinny versus HarryxLuna (Larry?). I mean is it really important? Each to their own, man. You can ship Dumbledore and Mrs Norris to your heart’s content and I would just leave you be. Sure, in my head I would probably criticise the morality of that particular pairing but really it’s not my problem. 

We get so wound up about who should end up with who and who is “against” us in this matter, that we forget that we’re all bound together by being part of an amazing fandom. We’re a unit, guys. Sure, most of us belong to more than one but that’s acceptable. Sometimes fandoms marry other fandoms. That’s just more love being shared, right? So please just cool it on the ship wars.