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Headcanons on if it was discovered that Vincent was actually Sephiroth's father, not Hojo.

I can only think of post discovery headcanons, so that’s what you’re gonna get

  1. After a very convoluted skip to Sephiroth stumbling upon Vincent and having the, “Sephiroth, I am your father” moment, the two actually stop and have the long talk. Vincent shoulders most of the blame for Sephiroth’s creation. “I could have talked her out of it, but I decided it was none of my business.” 
  2. “What was my mother like?” Vincent doesn’t know where to begin with Lucretia. He eventually starts by saying that she wanted nothing more than to be able to hold her son just once. Once that is breached Vincent just can’t shut up. 
  3. Vincent goes through the library and sort of corrects what he knows about the project. Sephiroth feels a little more stable about what he is since there’s a voice of reason that refuses to leave him alone. 
  4. They find Lucretia first. She has mixed feelings about Sephiroth. She loves him and wants to apologize, but is still seeing those destructive visions. She tells him she won’t tell him what to do. “I ruined your life enough by making decisions for you.” 
  5. They see Jenova next. Knowing more about his birth mother has left him with a bigger inner conflict. His loyalty is disjointed. Vincent stays with him and merely stays he will support whatever decision he makes. Sephiroth is unable to choose which truth he wants to believe. The only decision he makes is to abandon ShinRa for good. Vincent goes with him. 

Hey all!

As of right now I’m far too busy irl [due to schedule and other entertainment interests in front of wow] thus our client work will be indefinitely put on hold.

My hopes are to still be able to provide people with music via however not in game services. Eventually I’d like to start Crescent-RP events back up in FFXIV IC [with a different flare to fit the ff world] once we raise enough money/find support and backers. [Want to support us? Let’s talk!]

SO! If you want our help for catering/serving for WOW unfortunately we can not help. If you want help with OOC Music & DJ we can work something out! :)

We still plan on doing DJ nights and FILMS. Stay tuned. We’d love to involve everyone we can!

To all of our patrons: Thank you kindly and if you are on FFXIV please let us know so we can chat! You’ve been so very lovely and we appreciate the time we’ve spent [and will hopefully spend in the future] together.

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T&N headcanon: As said before, I totally think he'll be hilarious when drunk! He and Charlotte would whine together about their constantly working spouses&then he'd probably cry some more once he's tasted Charlotte's special cinnamon pancakes. He's sensitive&loves Noelle more than anything&he wants to make her happy which worries him sometimes because he's also very critical of himself. In those moments (he'd be on his own mostly then) he'd go over to Charlotte's&they'd worry and drink together!

YES! I’d even go one step further and say that Charlotte is like the therapist of the group, and everyone goes to her when they’re upset…and they all know she’s got something amazing in her kitchen that’s either been baked or just done or on the stove… :D

I see both Noelle and Tom going over there (Noelle with a large bottle of wine, Tom with Vodka or some type of liquor) and they would congregate in the kitchen and commiserate with each other on the spouses being gone (because Tom would be off at times too).  

Tom is definitely a crier when he drinks…yep.  I see that totally. He’s going to show the tough façade for Noelle but when he can he lets his guard down and shows his true feelings.  He knows he’d be roasted by Ben (and Ben & Noelle are such good friends, he’d be afraid Ben would take her side)…but Charlotte? She’s definitely the one who keeps them all in check—and holds all their secrets. :D

Any more headcanons for the dynamic duo??

Crescent has no reason to be upset. It was her betrayal that brought us to this moment.”
“Right. The five-foot-tall girl tied up and gagged in the bathroom is always the one to blame.

Sybil and Thorne 

The Lunar Chronicles: Cress by Marissa Meyer