Check out my terrible chub rub!

I ran the Crescent City Classic 10k on Saturday in New Orleans. ((Lookit my spiffy t-shirt!)) Anyway, I ran-walked with one of the besties since she had mild bronchitis/allergies/knee issues and since I hadn’t run in approximately 7 months (besides the two short jaunts I did around here recently).

We had a lot of fun! Our other friend ran ahead because she was going to be going faster, but the two of us got to truck along together. We tried to run slowly for about 10-11 minutes, and then walk for like 4 minutes, so that’s pretty much what we did the whole way. I definitely needed the walk breaks, but besides that, the race wasn’t as painful as I was expecting. It felt nice to be out there amongst thousands of other runners and walkers!

BUT, even before hitting mile 5, I felt the chubs rubbin’… I had put on body glide in the morning, but I guess not enough. Next time, I gotta wear spandex!! Anyway, we just kept going because there wasn’t much I could do. By the time we finished, my thighs were hurting pretty bad, but I didn’t think much of it. Eventually, i decided to look at the damage, and I realized that I had actually bled all over my legs and shorts. WHO EVEN GETS CHUB RUB SO BAD THAT THEY BLEED? I was so shocked (and kind of impressed with myself if we’re being honest). I bet the race photographers got some shots of the bloody thighs. #awkwarddd

I ended up sheepishly going to the medical tent after and explaining that my thunder thighs had ripped themselves open, and to my delight, no one laughed at me! Just helped me clean up and stuff. So nice.

Anyway, walking hurts now! But I don’t care, it was super fun!

And that is the story of how I ran-walked a 10k after months of not running and ended up with a t-shirt, a medal, and some bloody thighs.


9 miles...DONE.

It was my first time doing the Crescent City Classic and I had a blast. Can I just say that only in New Orleans will you see a “beer stop” along a race route. I saw people handing out cups of ice cold beer, others offering the runners the chance to funnel beer, people handing out jello shots, some were even handing out donut holes and Hubrig’s pies. I love my city. The atmosphere definitely helped ease any tensions I was having and helped remind me that this is supposed to be fun!

The 9 miles were painful but it wasn’t a painful that had me doubting whether I could do this race or was a painful I could tolerate so I’m even more confident in my half marathon in June.

I got this!

9 miles

time: 2:11:39

pace: 14:37/mile

calories burned: 1149



Justin Timberlake will get me through this Monday. He just will. Headaches and Monday mornings are just an awful combination.

Considering I trudged through 4 miles in snow slush and freezing temperatures, I’ve convinced myself that I can complete that 10k at the end of April, so I’m going to start actually training this week.

So that’s a thing.

This post has been brought to you by my attempt to keep posting and not fall back into my tumblr silence.

Yesterday was so eventful!

I rode my bike to City Park yesterday to spectate the Crescent City Classic 10k. I parked myself right in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art (All you RnR people remember this spot, yeah? We ran past it towards the very end!).

I waited in the beautiful sun for the first of the elites to come, and they didn’t make me wait long. It was the coolest! They came less than 30 minutes after the start of the race. FAST.

Are these guys flying?

I started taking pictures as they passed, but they were too fast, so I soon transitioned to taking videos with my flipcam! It was awesome. I even saw my ridiculously fast friend Andy pass by among the elites. I cheered for him by name, and he just looked bewildered, hahah. I guess people running that fast are either 1) too focused to care, or 2) running so fast that your face is a blur as they go by and they have no idea who you are.

I’ll try to put up a video or two later. They’re cool!

I had a lot more fun once the elites passed by and the “plebeian masses” started to pass :). They have a lot more fun and appreciate your hoarse cheers and primitive clapping techniques much more!

I almost missed roomie pass by, and then I almost missed L pass by, but Trish passed by and gave me a sweaty hug! I wish I had known approximately when they might have been passing me so I could have had my camera on the ready! Oh wells.

I stuck around cheering at my spot in front of the NOMA long after my 3 friends passed me, and I’m glad I did because I got a lot of smiles and thanks! Trish came and joined me for a little while, and we saw her two friends pass by doing their first ever 5k 10k!

I rejoined Roomie and L after, but then we split up so I could ride down to the Central Business District and so they could take the shuttle there. Why, you ask? MORE ADVENTURES!

I have the hiccups and they won't go away.

Tomorrow is the Crescent City Classic 10k. I really wanted to run it, but I’ve decided not to. I’ve only run 3 miles (at a time) since my peroneal tendon issues, and that made it hurt really bad. Lately, I haven’t had any pain, I just notice the area in my foot. I could probably do the race, but I’m not ready to risk it.

So instead, I am going to be a cheerleader for my 3 good friends running tomorrow! Roomie, L, and Trish!

They are going to kick booty and I am so excited to spectate!

Also, Trish has convinced me to partake in our University Rec Center’s annual “biathlon”, aka 3 mile run followed by 400 meter swim! Not that I know how to swim very well, but I figure I can splash myself through 400 meters for a free race with a free t-shirt and free food. Plus, it sounds hella fun! I’m going to be the least legit person there- planning to run and then just strip down to my sports bra and bathing suit bottoms for the swim portion. Lawlzzzz.

This is from the Crescent City Classic...

I wish I was more photogenic but from the neck down I kind of like this picture. It’s the first time in a long time that I looked at it and instead of saying ‘Oh god, I look like a big fatty’ I said 'I kind of look skinny-ish..or not fat’ One day I will love myself for who I am inside and out, fully.

Progress people, progress!

PS That’s my mom on the right of me, she’s lost 100 pounds and has been a lifetime member with WW for a little over a year. Biggest inspiration for me EVER. Love her so so so much.