crescent kick

can i just say that if we don’t get a trimberly sparring montage in the sequel (which will be fucking happening, damn it) i will literally start a riot??

come on, we got to see trini put zack in a headlock and jason teach billy some punches, so we know they do canonically spar together, but like after the scene at the coffee shop?? like could you imagine what trini and kimberly legitimately sparring would actually look like?? on film??

it would be like a fucking ballet or some shit, graceful and clean, and playful and flirtatious as all hell. i’m talking actual documented eye-sex when they dodge and weave, taunting each other like “come on, trin, i’m right here” and “gonna have to try harder than that, princess”

and stupid little puns like back in the old show??

trini blocks one of kim’s punches – “denied”

kim sidesteps trini’s crescent kick – “not even close”

trini backflips onto a ledge a few feet above kim – “get on my level”

kim moves at the last second and – “are you even trying to hit me?”

and the guys are just watching like with fucking pen and paper and like a stop watch and a video camera to slowdown playback, waiting to see who gets the first hit to document the win but neither of them actually ever land a hit?? even when they get a chance, they fake it out with a smirk a little “got you” or give each other little love taps like “ha! two for flinching” 

i’m just?? i have needs okay I NEED THIS

Has anybody talked about Arby’s Genius Social Media?

I’m not sure who at Arby’s Corporate made the decision but whomever runs thir various social media sites (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) is a fucking genius. Being online one needs to really snag an audience and people who will like their posts. However fast food and photos of what your food won’t actually look like can only go so far. So what did Arby’s do right?

They tapped into the fandoms. Any fandom. Big fandom, small fandom. People who are fans of entertainment and media are at an all time high now more than ever because of the internet. It’s generally waht people do talk about on their various accounts - the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, Netflix adding another awesome Marvel series, Doctor Who coming back, or hell even animations like RWBY and Steven Universe. Point is it’s big.

And boy does Arby’s fucking rock for what they post. Usually posting around significant days like the premiere of new seasons of shows or movies. And they make the most awesome creations from general items you’d find at a fast food restaurant.

From a kick ass Crescent Rose for the RWBY fandom:

To Metroid:

Game of Thrones

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Adventure Time (very clever)

Suicide Squad

Doctor Who

I mean just… I hope Arby’s Social Media team is getting their due credit. Because it’s these hooks of cool fandom appreciation that’ll then get us to say “Hey… I want the meats”.

so @mikeybound wanted a martial arts au, and I was talking about it to @pining-keith earlier.  I didn’t want to overwhelm them with asks about it, so now it’s a whole post.  

It started with this: 

and here we go. 

Hunk: judo instructor, black belt, has been doing judo for years.  Before taking his class new students are super nervous and kind of afraid of him, because 

1. he’s fucking huge

2. he has a black belt (judo black belts take FOREVER to get, man)

3.  he and Shiro (jiu jitsu black belt) like to spar before class starts, so everyone gets to see them going full at it and seemingly trying to kill each other first. 

But then they get to know him and it turns out he’s a total sweetheart and a really good instructor who is gentle with the new students and explains things really well and lets everyone try moves out on him.

Y’know who else teaches like that?  Lance:  trained in karate and taekwondo, taekwondo black belt (because those LEGS man, tkd is the art for him s2g), certified instructor 

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I just wanna talk about andreil hickeys


neil likes andrew’s neck. andrew is very aware of this fact, which should embarrass neil, but it doesn’t, because andrew jerks every time neil kisses him there. 

neil likes andrew’s neck, but he rarely gets like it for long before andrew reciprocates tenfold, guiding him with a hand to the nape and holding him down by the throat.

so the day andrew lets neil touch as he pleases, neil kisses his neck first, hands fisted in the ends of andrew’s shirt to stop them from shaking because he’s so excited to be allowed this. 

andrew sighs like it’s all a chore, but he tilts his head back and neil slumps into him, worshipful, mouthing softly. neil is so careful. andrew can’t take this, all this softness, not directed at him, so he plants a fist in neil’s hair and yanks until neil’s whole head jerks and his teeth catch on skin. “like you mean it, josten,” he demands. 

neil never backs down from a challenge. but he also wants to set the pace just a little longer, just until andrew snaps. so he gentles his teeth, still straining against andrew’s grip, and sucks lightly on his neck, so fucking tender. he teases a bruise to the surface, then nuzzles it softly, brushing kisses all around it to ease the hurt he’s caused. 

andrew closes his eyes and lets him for a minute, then pulls him off entirely. “not what i meant at all,” he says, and he bites a ring of hickeys on neil’s throat, a pretty violet collar. 


neil bruises easily. andrew likes to pinch and twist his skin when he’s bored to leave little marks behind. he does it one evening when they’re sprawled out in a bunk, neil doing homework, and andrew reading a comic book. neil hisses through his teeth and slaps his hand away. 

andrew watches lazily as deep blue blood rises to the surface right there on neil’s calf. he trails his fingers further up and hooks his nails into neil’s thigh. this time he leaves little red crescents behind. 

neil kicks him off. “if you’re gonna leave bruises, at least do it properly, ok? that hurts.”

andrew rolls onto his haunches and prowls over neil, tossing his book off the bed. “is that an invitation or an idle comment?”

neil packs away his homework. “it’s an invitation now.”

andrew shoves him back and gets his shirt up over his head. neil’s arms get tangled there and andrew lets him struggle, already sliding down his chest. he picks a spot high on neil’s ribs and sucks. neil whines and fall flat and still, straining up into andrew’s bite. 

“good boy,” andrew rasps. he scrapes his teeth along the edges of the new bruise he’s made. neil squirms. andrew narrows his eyes at the reaction and reaches out, curious, to press on the bruise meanly. 

neil shudders and moans, long and loud. 

“oh,” andrew says, “you like the hurt.” he pinches the bruise, just a bit, and watches neil fall apart






everyone feel free to add to this and add your own hickey headcanons because lbr these boys would mark each other up ALL THE TIME. they have enough marks made from hate, so now they make new ones with love


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand after a long time, I have finally completed the Whispmon evolution line! Have a bonus size comparison.

Species name: Whispmon
Evolved from: Bomon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers
Type/Attribute: Virus
Azure Shredder: From her oversized sleeves, blue flamed claws are summoned.

Will o the Whisps: Generates a circle of blue embers, which she can use to attack.

Spectral Whisperer: Uses her ghost-like abilities. Not really an attack. 

Species name: Adertamon
Evolved from: Whispmon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers/Wind Guardians
Type/Attribute: Virus
Hell’s Lament: With a flap of her wings, Adertamon summons a large wall of fire towards her opponents. Alternatively, if the environment around is already covered by her fire, she can make the flames even worse the more she flaps her wings.

Spectral Mesmerism: Those who stare into the eerie azure eyes of Adertamon, when the ability is activated, are bound to either fall asleep or swap allies and enemies. Works effectively on lower levels and/or those with weak minds. If it only partially works, then the enemy is either really drowsy or they sometimes lose control of a body part.

Searing Lapse: If her talons OR beak is covered in a strange purple flame, and it’s coming towards you, RUN. If hit, then whatever was hit will start deteriorating a for only a limited time. 

Species name: Lunumbramon
Evolved from: Adertamon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers/Wind Guardians
Type/Attribute: Virus
Midnight Dance: Performs a series of flame-covered kicks, finishing off with a powerful crescent kick.

Blood Moon Rising: Generates a scythe made entirely out of blue flames and attacks with it.

Forbidden Inferno: Summons flaming skulls that chases after the target(s)

Species name: Nyxmon
Evolved from: Lunumbramon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers
Type/Attribute: Virus
Rise of Night: Envelops her foes in a dark dome filled with stars that home in on the desired targets.

Lunar Eclipse: Hurls a large phantom moon at her foe.

Dawning Ray: From the large flame up above, she fires either a large beam or several smaller beams.

EXTRA: She has a joke move called “Good Night”, where Nyxmon, in her 30-ft glory and majesty, will try to squash her opponents with her heel if she’s pissed enough.

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Scenario of Shinsou's crush helping him get stronger since their good at MMA and can help train him physically

The sound of pads smacking pads resonated throughout the gym; this was the third time this week that Shinso had asked for your help in practicing his martial arts. You were all too happy to oblige. With him being in the gen ed course, Shinso didn’t get training in combat like you did in the hero course, and you were happy to help him train for his goal.

Shinso landed a solid crescent kick to your shoulder and you winced. He might not have the advantage of learning from a professional, but Shinso was picking up things almost as fast as you taught them. That didn’t mean you’d let him win, though. With a well-executed hooking kick turned into a throw, you quickly had Shinso on his stomach, his arm pinned in a lock.

“Alright, alright,” he conceded, “you win. Let me up.” You laughed and pulled the purple haired boy up with you, both of you panting and sweaty. “Impressive as always, (y/n), although I think I’m starting to put together combos more naturally.” He smirked lazily at you. You grinned back at him.

“You’re doing really well, Shinso. I’m impressed.” You had long since gotten over your aversion to responding to him. Really, Shinso didn’t use his quirk on you unless the two of you were already teasing each other, and even then he only held you for a couple of seconds. You felt completely safe with him.

“Thanks,” Shinso’s breathing had evened out, although that didn’t explain why his face had gotten redder. You chalked it up to the exertion. He headed to grab his water bottle, drinking in thick gulps. He tossed the bottle to you and you drank gratefully. By the time you were finished he had already made his way back to you. Shinso quirked his brows.

“Thirsty?” He teased, easily ducking as you lobbed the container at him.

“Back to work.” Was all the warning you gave him before you lunged, continuing your training.

➥ Vocabulary Tips - Verbs Part 1


  • say -  speak, utter, pronounce, give voice to, declare, state, announce, tell.
  • answer -  reply, respond, retort, sass, react.
  • ask - request, demand, solicit, seek, call for, beg.
  • whisper -  murmur, mutter, mumble, speak softly, breathe, hiss, susurrate.
  • yell - cry out, call out, shout, howl, scream, shriek, screech, yelp, squeal, roar, utter, exclaim.
  • sing - treble, harmonise, croon, utter, choir, vocalize, quaver, intone, intonate, harmonize, descant on, hum, vocalise, warble, chirp, chant, sing along.
  • laugh - chuckle, crack up, cackle, giggle, guffaw.
  • mock - deride, scoff at, sneer at, make fun of, poke fun at.


  • walk - stroll, saunter, amble, trudge, plod, dawdle, hike, tramp, tromp, slog, stomp, step.
  • run - sprint, race, rush, dash, hasten, hurry, jog, speed.
  • drag - haul, pull, tug, yank, force.
  • jump - leap, hop, skip.
  • dance - sway, whirl, pirouette, gyrate, boogie, shake a leg, belly dance, tap dance, foxtrot, twist, tap dance, mambo, disco, conga, samba, square dance, boogie, tango, bump, grind, kick, waltz, break-dance, waltz around, quickstep, shake, twerk, wiggle.


  • frown - scowl, glare, grimace, make a face, look daggers, give someone a black look.
  • observe - look at, observe, view, gaze at, stare at, contemplate, glance at, watch, keep an eye on, keep under observation, make eyes at, have/take a gander at, check out, size up, behold.
  • wink - blink, flutter, bat.
  • smile - beam, grin, smile from ear to ear, dimple, twinkle, smirk, smile smugly, simper, snicker, snigger.
  • cry - weep, mourn, wail, burst into tears, snuffle, sob, sniffle, blub, tear, bawl, pule, snivel, whimper, mewl, blubber, weep, wail.


  • fight - exchange blows, attack each other, assault each other, hit each other, punch each other, struggle, grapple, wrestle, scrap, have a set-to, roughhouse, engage in fisticuffs, battle.
  • punch - inverted punch, uppercut, jab, cross, front punch, kumite bunch, concussion strike, hook, bolo punch, and my favorite, the haymaker. 
  • hand strike - backfist, tiger mouth, tiger claw, thumbknuckle, snakehand, palm smash/palm heel, inside outside down back hammer fists, 2 and 4 finger eye strikes, single interknuckle strike, middle interknuckle strike, inter knuckle (4 finger) strike, inside outside shuto, spear hand, uppercut wrist strikes (usually to the jaw and temple).
  • kick - snapping front, Teep, snapping side, breaking side, back kick, spinning side kick, 3 variations of roundhouse (striking with the chin (breaking roundhouse) striking with the instep, striking with the ball of the foot). Inside and outside Crescent, Axe kick, Stomp, butterfly, half moon (inside, outside) heel rake.
  • elbow - 12-6 elbow (Down elbow) uppercut elbow, 45 degree uppercut angle, 45 degree downward angle, inside elbow, outside elbow, rear elbow, lunge elbow.
  • knees - uppercut knee, drop knee, thrust knee, roundhouse knee, inside knee slap, outside knee slap.

➥ Vocabulary Tips Masterlist

if you have other verbs that fit this topic, just send me a message.


Two karateka throwing Ura-Mawashi-Geri (Spinning Hook Kick) simultaneously, with one landing for a knockout.

In the slow-mo, the bald fighter seemed to have thrown it at a shallower angle (almost like a crescent kick) while his opponent threw his wider. They got their kicks off pretty much at the same time, but the one that landed had much less distance to travel, which let it reach the opponent’s face sooner.

Having less distance does mean a weaker kick, but the bald fighter is bigger, so he has more mass to put into it, making it enough to put the other guy’s lights out.

I’m not an expert; that’s just my two cents on it.

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there were nerfs? wasnt it just the pvp and pve tool seperation? so only skills in pvp was nerfed?



I cant bear to repeat myself again so here’s a conversation I had:

Friend: Anyway, wanna do something together?
Me: you might
Me: not feel like
Me: doing anything
Me: if I told you what happened last night
Friend: What happened?
Me: check the patch note.. that they didnt even bother to write out properly in fear of what players will say…………

Me: literally says “check the detail in game after maint
Friend: …..this is scaring me
Me: and so everyone had to search and dig through elwiki and namuwiki elsword to compare how much they nerfed everything both pve and pvp
Me: lol
Friend: ….well shit
Friend: okay, FUCK YOU KOG
Friend: FUCK YOU
Me: lol yeah thought you’d react that way
Friend: Low kick and back kick nerf
Friend: Airelinna nerfed again
Friend: let me guess, our passive gutted even further
Friend: and crescent kick probs nerfed too
Friend: dkb nerfed…
Friend: god they nerfed literally everythin
Friend: what the fuck
Friend: and let me guess monsters are just as strong as before
Friend: god dammit KOG
Friend: what are you smoking
Friend: are you TRYING to make people quit?
Me: pvp and pve skill separation they said
Me: when in fact it was basically
Friend: I don’t mind the pvp nerfs, it’s that they fking nerfed pve for NO DAMN REASON
Me: I know right, I mean the whole purpose of pvp and pve separation was so that pve will be left untouched lmao
Friend: exactly
Friend: and they fuck it up anyway
Me: dude they didnt even post the details of the nerf lol
Me: like how they always do for balance patch
Friend: how is it possible that you can’t even do a damn separation correctly without fucking that up
Friend: yeah cause they knew they were fucking the players
Me: lol
Friend: I’m so upset right now
Friend: You can probably tell
Friend: I wouldn’t curse like this otherwise
Me: ya know whats even scarier
Me: this is just for the 1st job
Friend: what 1st job
Me: I mean this isnt all
Me: theres more
Friend: I mean I’m completely not caring about Ain at all right now, I’m too pissed. And what do you mean this isn’t all? My WS unique skills got nerfed too
Friend: wait a second
Friend: holy shit you’re right they didn’t..oh dear god no
Me: 던전/대전 스킬 툴팁 분리 & 밸런스 개편 - 기본 전직에 이어 캐릭터별 1차 전직 스킬 툴팁 분리 및 밸런스 개편이 진행됩니다~!
Friend: -beats poster to death with exclamation point-
Friend: -logs off in frustration- you were right
Friend: they’re going to gut airelinna and nature force, I can feel it
Friend: the only two things that make us still viable
Me: a lot of people were saying
Me: they “balanced” with +11 users in mind???
Me: and I was like
Me: what is this, LoL, where they balance around pro players? lmao
Friend: That’s what itfeels like
Friend: how the hell is an aspiring WS supposed to deal with this
Me: yeah cuz people kill things too fast, oh no, better nerf everyone and screw over 99% of the population
Friend: you know, let the people who paid shit-tons of money to you to kill everything STAY AS THEY ARE SO YOU DON’T PISS OFF YOUR INCOME SOURCES
Me: do you know how many people dont even have a +7 weap .. I dont think KOG realizes it
Friend: And the people who don’t? pfft
Friend: going to be damn near useless
Me: everyone died lol
Me: quite literally everyone, I dont think Ive seen a class/char whose name wasnt shouted all night on the megaphone
Me: most notably uhh
Me: IP, DW
Me: who else
Me: WS?
Me: CA
Me: oh
Me: how could I forget
Me: MM
Friend: So, basically, half the classes I actually care about
Me: rip MM
Friend: and MM AGAIN
Me: and they buffed some of the USELESS skills lmao
Friend: DiE took the bullet first, guess it was his turn to die
Me: they increased the damage from Queens Throne and Force Field upon activation
Me: and this MM on megaphone wa slike “what the fuck?? do you expect me to kill things with a buff???
Friend: IKR
Friend: all our special actives are literally worthless shit now
Friend: like..they take more MP and longer to do less damage than active spam
Me: our WS guildie was like
Me:I guess I have to use phoenix to make a living as WS
Friend: I don’t think we have to stoop that low yet
Friend: at least not until they nerf WS actives too -_-
Me: I knew KOG dont have employees who actually play the damn game
Me: when we said “please separate pvp and pve skills” we meant, “give our old skill strength back for pve and leave the current ones for pvp
Me: but what they heard was
Me: -slips 20 bill- “hey. nerf everything.
Friend: yeah that’s what I was about to say
Friend: they CLEARLy don’t play the game themselves and actually farm their own gear
Me: the game-breakingly stronk people are prob like
Me: less than 2% of entire user population
Me: and quite frankly
Me: theyre the ones paying them their paycheck lol
Me: so uh why piss them off? why piss everyone off??? idk
Me: weird logic
Friend: exactly my point

Note: They did the separation and the balancing together at the same time

the-brilliant-loser  asked:

If a character has been training in capoeira for 5 years, would he have enough skill to take on someone who has studied a more practical martial art (I'm thinking either judo or boxing). I guess what I'm asking is your thoughts on modern capoeira.

Well, I’m not an expert in any of these martial styles but unless the characters were specifically trained for modern combat i.e. real world combat or street combat, I don’t know if I’d call any of the styles “practical”. A practical style is going to be like Krav Maga, Systema, M.A.P., Michael Janich’s Martial Blade Concepts, U.S. Police and Military H2H (CQC, CQB), and any variant of any style that specifically trains its students in real world strategies and for the threats they will face outside the dojo or training hall. Your looking at styles that aren’t shy teaching its student how to disable, maim, and kill someone upfront and in the quickest amount of time. I only list self-defense in this category if it’s a long term commitment as opposed to an eight week course.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your martial art is that all combat styles have their drawbacks, they all have the points where they are weak. Good all around styles usually incorporate strikes (hands and feet), wrestling, and joint manipulations to cover all the bases, but most styles have certain key aspects that they focus on. These will change depending on the humans in the equation, their skills, and the focus of their training. Judo, boxing, and capoeira can all be used as self-defense styles, but your character has to find someone who can teach them to use it in that way to give them an advantage in the scenario you’re suggesting.

From S.A.S and Elite Forces Guide Self-Defense:

If you decide to learn a martial art, keep in mind what it is intended for.

As an example, Taekwondo is a striking-only martial art with rules against certain strikes. Taekwondo fighters often become very good at fighting one another in a formal sparring match, but can develop ‘blind spots’ regarding many of the things that are not permitted in their competition rules. This does not make taekwondo bad. Far from it - it is an excellent sport for building fighting spirit, developing balance and fitness, and learning some powerful kicks. What it is not is a complete self-defense system.

Similarly, Judo teaches awesome grappling skills, is excellent for fitness, and allows players to develop a deep understanding of how to keep their footing while sending others crashing to the floor. But it does not teach how to defend against strikes, because these are not allowed in a Judo match.

Both Judo and Boxing are sport martial arts, they are highly specialized martial styles that are primarily geared toward fighting in an arena and with specific rules. The way they train and what they’re training to do is also important. Judo is a form of wrestling, it’s strongest in takedowns and on the ground. One of the main Judo drawbacks is that most of the throws are geared toward using the gi as a grab point. While this is fine in a period where wearing a similar clothing style is common place, it’s a drawback for fighting someone in plain clothes. The gi is much sturdier and stronger than the average cotton shirt. If the student is used to using the clothes, trained on throws that have been modified to account for it, and trained to fight from a starting position that doesn’t involve holding onto the other person then they’re going to have a better chance. If the judo practitioner is unused to catching and defending against strikes from kicks or punches, they’ll be at a disadvantage against an opponent that primarily uses kicks like Capoeira does. Capoeira is a style that hides it’s techniques as a form of dance (whether they’ve trained in a school that also incorporates Brazilian jiu-jutsu is also a good question) and cloaks it’s attacks in those movements. To someone whose never seen it before, it looks really weird and their opponents confusion may lend them an advantage.

Boxing is another good one, boxers are used to dishing out and receiving hits but their primary sparring experience is probably going to be with boxing gloves. The boxing gloves are there to protect the hands and govern most of the targets like the face. Unlike MMA fighters who may face a variety of styles in their matches, boxers train primarily to fight other boxers. In a situation where they don’t have the hand protection and the rulebook, they’re going to be at a disadvantage against someone who throws techniques they haven’t trained for. It’s also important to remember that the face is the most well protected parts of the human body in terms of bone density. It’s much easier to break your fist there than anywhere else on the body. If they’re not used to fighting barehanded, then they may accidentally hurt themselves just by executing a technique.

What you have access to an what you’re expecting will change combat priorities. The light, fast jab works exceptionally well as a bread and butter technique when clothed in a 24oz glove, will it work as well without it? That depends on the boxer in question and how much time they’ve spent building up the bone density in their fists.

To get your answer on capoeira, you’re going to have to dig into it’s focus as a modern martial art and it’s history. But capoeira for self-defense is going to look different from capoeira, the performance art and capoeira for sport.

Ultimately though, it’s going to depend on the characters in question. There are tons of factors to consider and are much more important beyond  “which is the most practical?”. Where they’re fighting, the conditions they’re fighting in, etc, are much more important factors. Here are others to consider.

1) Who is the most mentally prepared?

In the real world, the aggressor in any situation usually has the advantage. They’ve already reached the point mentally where they’ve committed to the idea of hurting their victim and aren’t caught up in any extraneous thoughts. They’re there, ready, and mentally prepared. Their victim is still playing catch up, they have to overcome the shock of being attacked and get to the point where they’re willing to hurt their attacker. However, they’ve lost the first few crucial seconds of the brawl and by the time they’re mentally ready the fight is already over.

You don’t need to be trained in martial arts to do this, taking the initiative is a common human instinct and muggers with no martial training do it all the time. Good self-defense programs should have a discussion on how to notice the signs and leap frog your mind to the point where you’re willing to strike first or ready for the attack when it comes. The one who gets the initiative on their side of the engagement is usually going to be the one who keeps it.

2) Who spends the most time practicing against a variety of martial arts?

Practice, experience, and a flexible mindset are going to be more important than how well one martial art stacks up statistically against another. What you’re prepared to face is what gives you a helpful advantage, a martial artist who spends all their time training to fight only in their own circles is going to be at a disadvantage when facing someone who practices a different style and changes up their practice partners. If the boxer spends a lot of their time sparring kickboxers, taekwondo artists, sambo practictioners, and judoka then they’re probably going to be more ready to fight someone using capoeira even if they don’t know the style. They’ll have built up strategies and modified their techniques, maybe even branched out their style to fill in the holes. If they spend all their time fighting other boxers? They’ll probably only know how to fight boxers.

3) Where are they fighting?

Fighting outside, on concrete in an urban environment, in a field or a forest is going to be different from fighting inside a dojo, in a ring, or on a training mat. The footwork is different, whether you’re wearing shoes or not is important. How used are you to uneven surfaces, soft surfaces, slippery surfaces, and different kinds of friction? How much room do you have? A fight in a classroom between the desks is going to look different from a fight in a gymnasium. Amount of room determines which techniques you can throw. Tight spaces will lock out a lot of kicks, especially ones that require sweeping arcs like roundhouses and crescent kicks.

4) What are the stakes?

Fighting for your life is different from fighting with a referee in the room, fighting on camera is different from fighting behind the bleachers after school. What’s at stake will change how the participants view it and the lengths they’re willing to go to win. By the way, the one who wants it most is usually the one who does because they’re willing to work hardest for it in the preparation leading up to the fight. Individuals’ styles vary significantly even in a single martial art, most professional sports fighters study their opponents before a match. They get to know their style, their habits, their strengths, their weaknesses, and what they like to target. This can be video recordings of their previous fights to develop strategies and training regimens for countering that particular opponent.

The parts of sports movies where the coach spends a lot of time studying old sports reels is a real thing. Knowing what you’re up against and who you might face is an important part of preparing to face that thing.

It’s very difficult to switch up mentalities on the fly, what you’ve been preparing for and training to do is more important than what you’ve been trained in. Martial artists who train for practical combat in the real world will do better defending themselves on the street than someone who trains only for the ring. On the other hand, a martial artist who trains for a specific set of rules in the ring will do better there than someone who trains purely in self-defense. Someone who trains for performance will put on a better show than someone who trains only for sparring. You don’t have to look much farther than the public reception of the gun battle in Michael Mann’s Heat to know that audiences find real world combat tactics boring and unrealistic on the big screen.

This is pretty much why the answer to every question starts with: “well, it depends”. There are no universal solutions and while the one with the better odds stands a better a chance, random chance can turn a lot of dire situations into victories and that’s why we gamble because there’s never really a sure thing. (This is how you can tell the writers who have done the research and internalized this from the ones who haven’t. Anyone who says their characters will have 100% victory 100% of the time is…well…full of it. You don’t even need much to beat the guy with fighting superpowers, just a solid work ethic, a good plan, and a willingness to bend the rules of engagement.)

My thoughts on modern capoeira is that it’s a beautiful form with a rich and interesting history. As a performance art it’s very fun to watch and the footwork is fascinating. It doesn’t really draw on either European or Asian martial arts traditions, so the techniques have always been difficult for me to personally follow when I watch. We’ve had some discussion on capoeira in the past, so you can probably find them in tags. (I think… they need cleaning, we’re working on that.)

I hope this very long answer has given you some help.


Things I’m excited for in Ava’s Demon

  • Maggie’s backstory
  • How did Maggie and Ava stop being friends
  • Ava and Maggie becoming friends again maybe
  • Ava and Odin becoming friends
  • Odin’s backstory
  • Odin’s family
  • Nevy getting her memory back
  • Gil learning about the different side of the followers
  • Gil learning more about the crueler side of life
  • Star Guy
  • Crescent girl
  • Friendships
  • Kick ass fights
  • Pedri and Wrathia reuniting 
  • More Pacts
  • Ava forming friendships with people
  • Ava being happy
  • Just Ava