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The Start of Something

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: based on the songs Honest by Shawn Mendes and Ivy by Frank Ocean.

“It’s that I hate to hurt you, but I got to be honest. I can’t give you what you need. You deserve more than I can promise”

“I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me, the start of nothing”

The start of something.

The sky was pitch black as the stars danced around and glimmered. The air was cool and our cheeks were flushed. Pointing out the different constellations, lost in our own world. This is how I always want it to be. The 2 of us, enjoying each other’s company, alone. Laughter filled my ears as we laid down on the grass, cracking jokes and being ourselves. The feeling was ethereal. It was almost like I was in some type of dream world. I could dream all night. The feeling deep down is good.

I glanced up at Shawn as I watched him laugh. The way his smile reflected the moon light, how his cheeks would gradually become a deep pink, how his eyes gleamed with joy. I couldn’t help but watch and smile. I guess he had noticed, as the laughter had died down. Shawn looked at me and smiled a weary smile, as if he were trying to figure something out.

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large, lonely moon

last night,
seems you were close enough  
to reveal your flaws

you allowed me
an intimate view of yourself 
which was unexpected, 
something i hadn’t seen
in quite a while

casting you in a totally different light 
to my eyes.

i must say,
it changed my evening,
giving me plenty to ponder upon,
even today -
seeing you that way

wondering how & why,
& what you expect of me, now
seeing that you’re leaving - 
being a mere crescent,

perhaps you were lonely, i think -
just a large, lonely moon,
in wane -

3/17 - lebuc - large, lonely moon

Here’s an in-depth analysis of the ED Theme for One Punch Man, in regard to the theory that it’s implying Genos’s feelings towards Saitama.

‘Hey, won’t you come home soon?’

This line may not be entirely directed towards Saitama, or said by Genos, but it does feel something along the lines of something Genos would say.

Saitama frequently leaves, and requests that Genos stays at home as he leaves the house, in order to not direct any attention or have Genos receive any recognition for his work. When Saitama is home, Genos is always sat near him, or beside him- watching his moves and actions and writing them down as reference of how to gain Saitama’s powers. But besides this and a small scene in which Genos is shown cleaning Saitama’s bathroom, it’s unknown to what Genos does whilst Saitama isn’t there, he has no personal hobbies or interests, besides being Saitama’s disciple. Knowing this, when Genos is at home he would most likely not be doing anything, or would most likely be simply waiting for Saitama to come back- ‘home’ in which Genos has indeed referred to Saitama apartment as their home, in which Saitama has done the same.

‘One nights my sighs sway away the crescent moon,

I close my eyes and think of nothing but you.

I’m in the mood to see you- in the mood to cry- in the mood for romance

So I hope these feelings get to you!’

Again, He’s implying he wants to see Saitama, he wants Saitama to be around him, he wants to study Saitama and wants to be with him regardless. ‘I hope these feelings get to you!’ the chance that Genos would ever reveal his feelings to Saitama is insanely low- the latter is that Genos would simply wish for Saitama to understand his feelings, or realize them for himself.

‘After all, I always know,

The many ways… that you’re trying so hard!’

Genos has stated himself, that he respects Saitama, and that he thinks Saitama is amazing and incredible. Genos is fully aware more than anyone else how of how hard Saitama tries with everything he does, and Genos observes all of this- not a single character has been with Saitama long enough- besides Genos to actually understand how much Saitama tries to become the best at what he does.

‘The person I love is so strong it worries me,

So show your weakness to me alone!

I’ll find you before the stars do,

So please come straight home!’

Need I say much for this part? ‘The person I love is so strong’ It’s obvious here that this implies Saitama, ‘It worries me.’ Genos admires Saitama so much and is afraid that he’s almost too strong, Genos may be the only person who is aware that Saitama finds it boring to be as strong as he is- that Saitama’s so strong he gets hated for it, which worries Genos. ‘I’ll find you before the stars do, so please come straight home.’ Again- Genos has said that where they live is THEIR home. Not just Saitama’s.

‘Even if were far away, our feelings will nestle close,

So I can feel it - I sense you may be lonely right now.’

During long fights, when they are apart Genos will usually think about Saitama, and how he is, or what hes doing at that moment, Saitama has even referenced several times regards to how Genos is doing or if hes okay.- even if they are apart.

In episode 07 after being told something, Genos instantly relates it with Saitama, and its the first thing that comes to his mind. Bang never once mentioned Saitama in his sentence, or even gave any relation to the watcher that it was anything to do with Saitama in the first place, yet Genos INSTANTLY thought of Saitama.

You may think it may not be Genos saying this as it is said ‘Our feelings’ and that Genos may love Saitama, but Saitama may not feel the same. A similar situation with Genos’s with being reminded of Saitama happens again, but with Saitama relating something to Genos. It is not directly shown though. After picking up Mumen Riders phone, Saitama is told that a Class S hero was taken out. Only after finding this out does Saitama feel at duty to attack the monster, he planned on doing so from the start- but only after finding out that SOMEONE was taken out by the monster, he felt determined to do so, and why was this? It was because Genos was the one who was taken out by the monster. No other S Class hero was near the monster, as it was believed to already be under control, but after realizing it wasn’t there was not any S Class heros willing to do so. Except Genos. No signs or signals of any S Class heros going there by choice was proven to Saitama, and Saitama only knows one S Class hero that would risk their lives so recklessly like that. He instantly thought of Genos, which is why he became to determined to defeat the monster. Because the monster had harmed Genos.

This was confirmed afterwards as after finding that Genos survived and was fine, Saitama was shown as relieved.

Its also known that Genos is able to sense certain situations, ‘So I can feel it - I sense you may be lonely right now’ 

especially those in which may cause danger for Saitama, and hes also the only character that has this ability. 

“Just call for me, I’ll come flying to you!” That’s what I want to say,

But I don’t want to get in your way…”

Honestly, what character would be willing to risk their lives like that, and state that they would ‘Come flying to you!’ and what character respects Saitama enough to state that he doesn’t want to get in his way? Obviously Genos.

Genos is the only character that has ever stated that he doesn’t want to ever get in Saitama’s way. He wishes to simply observe Saitama and do everything he can for him, not cause any issues.

“But… you know…

 I really want to see you- I really want to cry right now…”

Despite Genos wanting to stay out of Saitamas way, and wanting Saitama to chose what he does for himself, Genos still wants to be around him and see him, and it pains him to do so. Linking back to the part with Genos hoping his feelings get to Saitama, without Genos troubling him in any way.

Also might add how it’s canon that Genos can cry oil? and has also cried in front of Saitama before? I don’t know, that part just seems oddly specific to me. 

“I know… You’re doing your best, I know.

Ahh, look just how much you mean to me!”

Saitama is so important to Genos, and Genos looks up to him so much. As I said before, Genos is well aware of how much Saitama is trying and that he’s doing his best as a superhero, and is well aware of how much effort Saitama puts into it. Saitama means so much to Genos, he was even willing to move in with him, risk his life for him- and is near enough willing to do anything for him. ‘look just how much you mean to me!’

“I’ll be waiting for you… I’ll always be waiting for you!”

This part seems pretty obvious. Genos is dedicated to Saitama, and it’s obvious that he will wait for Saitama and will protect him at all costs, and will also defend him with everything he has.

“The person I love is so strong it worries me,

So show your weakness to me alone!

I’ll find you before the stars do,

So please come straight home!”

Genos wishes to know everything about Saitama in order to become as strong as him, It would make sense for him to be aware of his weaknesses as well?and even so, Genos would not care if Saitama was to show any sign of weakness before him, Genos had stated that no matter what he would stay by Saitama’s side and always be there for him, no matter what Saitama would do, he would wish for him alone to see Saitama’s weaknesses, rather then the public to see his weakness.

“I’ll find you before the stars do,” Genos would be willing to do so, and would be determined enough to find Saitama in dire situations before anyone else.

“Where is the person I love right now?

Staring into the night sky, I’m in the mood for romance!

I’ll find you before anyone else does,

So please come straight home, Hey, please come straight home!”

‘Where is the person I love right now?’ Genos is usually unaware of where Saitama is, especially when he is out fighting, but is able to find him a majority of the time.

‘I’ll find you before anyone else does.’ as I said before, Genos is his disciple and wishes to be the only person Saitama teaches and shows his teachings to, Genos is willing to find Saitama, all means necessary and would be willing enough to try and find Saitama before anyone else.

‘So please come straight home, Hey, please come straight home!”

What person would say that to Saitama? Who lives with Saitama? Who considers where they stay to be home?

Honestly, I believe that it should be up to your interpretation of the song, or how you see it.

As a huge Genosai shipper, that may have been an influence on some of my ideas and thoughts.

But honestly, it’s up to you, do you think this song is about Genos’s feelings for his Sensei? or is it just a simple love song?

You Can’t Start A Fire Without A Spark

Summary: Dex slammed the notebook closed as if he had opened Pandora’s box. It wasn’t like him to snoop, but, this was about him, so it wasn’t so bad right?

Or, In which Dex is on Nursey Patrol and finds a poem, also, cuddles and kisses.

Length: 2.3k


“But Dexyyyyyyyyyyy!” Nursey whined.

“Nursey, we have to get you back to your dorm, now c’mon,” Dex urged.

Dex was in the midst of practically dragging Nursey across the Haus to get him back home. He would have been less insistent on leaving if Nursey hadn’t just interrupted a game of beer pong, ruining poor Lardo’s perfect shot.

Why did he alway have to be put on Nursey Patrol anyways? He knew why, of course, it was because he had to “take care of his fellow D-man”, but he and Nursey weren’t Ransom and Holster. They fought while Ransom and Holster cuddled. As much as Dex hoped that they would become as close as Ransom and Holster, he knew it would never happen. Dex was too hot while Nursey was too cool. Sure, they had brief lapses of friendship, but they were never meant to last. Even so, he was stuck taking Nursey home.


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jellylovesfaith  asked:

Hello! This is just speculation but they could have had Mary use any perfume but they chose to invent one that literally translates to 'light of the moon'. We all know John is Sherlock's conductor of light meaning that John is the light of the moon. He is the sun to Sherlock's moon. Mary wearing it suggests that Mary at the moment owns John. But it's a crescent moon, not a full or even half moon. It could suggest that at most, John can never completely be Mary's in the way he's Sherlock's (1/2)

(2/2) also I find it interesting how Sherlock portrays John as being unable to recognise Mary’s perfume in TAB considering it was John who (out of no where and to his mind completely randomly) suggests that Mary wears the same perfume in HLV. In reality John can recognise Mary’s perfume but mp!John cannot. Perhaps this is Sherlock wishing John wasn’t so observant about Mary in real life?

Okay you know what? You have just… made me go “AWWWW” out loud because it’s so true… Sherlock loves John and vice versa SO SO much and I just love the moon and sun analogy for them… they’re their own little world, and they are each other’s light. I love the analogy you did there with the crescent moon, OMG, that is so brilliantly lovely.

As for the perfume, I think it’s latent guilt on Sherlock’s part for the discovery of Mary in HLV. He SHOULD have been able to pick up on it, but he didn’t, and she ended up killing him. I see it as Sherlock knows immediately by the smell of the perfume that it is Mary, ergo he SHOULD have figured that out immediately in CAM’s office because he SAW all the signs of Mary’s deception prior to finding her out, but he ignored them in favour of John’s happiness. But John not realizing in the palace, could symbolize Sherlock’s own blind spot when it comes to John. It’s early in the episode, and Sherlock hasn’t “realized” his love for John’s particular brand of intelligence… but as the episode go on John becomes more assertive and clever, because Sherlock is coming to understand just how much he believes in John. 

Another thought is that Sherlock is upset that he missed another chance to impress John, since he feels like he’s zero for infinity in S3, that he’s no longer good enough for John… if only he can impress John JUST ONCE, John will come back to him. Maybe on a surface level it could be this.

And perhaps, he may be just a teeny bit jealous of Mary. Just a bit.

Day 1: I found out you had another girl last night. I’ve made my decision to leave. I think I’ve left without my heart though because I can’t feel its presence in my chest.

Day 23: I gave in tonight. I texted you hoping you had missed me as much as I had been missing you— you hadn’t. You talked about your new girl; you were also so mean to me. You made me feel sick for ever loving you.

Day 57: For a while it got better but now it’s bad again. I’ve been clawing at myself at night; I can’t even cry because when I think of you I cannot breathe.

Day 65: Liar. You were nothing but a liar and I hate you for it. I hate that I love you so much that I feel broken beyond mend. It’s so bad again and I want to break things and scream at you.

Day 72: Today I lay on my bed all day with the curtains closed. I feel far more dead than alive and the dark helps comfort me more than the light these days. I felt you touching me, even though you’re no where near me. I hoped this meant you were thinking of me.

Day 73: I woke up in the middle of the night crying. I grabbed the pen from next to my bed and wrote your name all over my body. ‘It’s his, it’s his.’ I thought. I picked up my phone and I texted you. I was angry at myself for doing this. ‘You’re pathetic.’ I thought as I sat on the floor crying. I hurt myself again and I felt far more sick afterwards.

Day 75: I can’t seem to stop shaking these days. I thought it was supposed to get better with time but it’s not. I’m deteriorating and I don’t know how to stop it.

Day 78: I miss you, still. I text you again and you make me cry. You say such cruel things, but to me, it’s better than nothing. I crave your attention— even if it’s the wrong kind— my entire soul reaches for it.

Day 82: I still can’t breathe and my bones are crumbling. I feel like a permanent crescent moon— I don’t think I’ll ever be whole again.

anonymous asked:

I have an analysis. 1) the flower camila is holding in the BT mv (yellow rose with pink tips) is the same type of flower in lauren's twitter header 2) camila wearing the sun ring and mgk wearing the crescent moon earring 3) The crown thing, I keep thinking about lauren calling Camila my pink princess on insta.

Me too it reminded me of that.

I’m in love with you.
And you don’t even exist.

I still remember the day I made you up;
a tear-strung afternoon in a dusty attic,
my lips still bruising, still rimmed with
stardust from all your ghost kisses, we
could be a universe of our very own,
I will drown myself in your stars,
a castle of clouds; the rainstorms in
your heavy ocean eyes, darling
we could be the horizon,
darling love songs are so cliché,
let’s become mythology,
they’ll write us into their history books,
and if it ends in blood, atleast
we know ours runs the same,
upstream and fervid.

Sometimes I think I see you,
sitting on a crescent moon with your
fishing pole, and your sugar icing smile.

I’m going to meet you someday,
between waves,
on the foothills of hills green as emeralds,
through a coffee shop window.

I’m in love with you.
And you don’t even exist (yet).

—  He’s Here Somewhere

I haven’t cut or filed my nails in like 10 years because every time they reach a certain length they just fall off in perfect crescent moons and aren’t jagged or anything usually?? I think that I’m literally Evolved? are there any scientists I should call to discus my weird finger nails with… what would Darwin have to say about this one

Everything is Perfectly Imperfect

“where you are now
is where you should be
and it won’t make sense
until later”, he says

a slight alteration
between the fall
and forever

a constant weight on my shoulders,
the ache in my back
and hands from this-


staring at a crescent moon
thinking of places I may never see
hearts I may never hold again

the sky emptier from what I remember
my gut smaller
but not any wiser

I would eat
the same poisoned fruit,
gasp like a fish,
and return to this very spot
if I had it
to do over

repeating patterns,
I scream into the night:

what have I done?

a light goes out
in a house I can see
across the street.

crollalanzaa  asked:

23 and ... iwaoi :D

The way you said “I love you”

23. Through a song

“Hey, won’t you come home soon?”

Hajime stirs. He scrunches his eyes shut and brings a hand to scrub his eyelids and then he sighs. Hajime’s back feels stiff and he sits up on the sofa, paperwork scattered on the table in front of him, television on mute and rolling some kind of korean drama.

“On nights my sighs sway the crescent moon,
I close my eyes and think of nothing but you.”

The soft voice barely reaches his ears, clinking of keys when Tooru places them in the bowl on the drawer next to the door. He doesn’t put on lights, Hajime notes and closes his eyes again, listening to the melody Tooru is humming almost absent-mindedly, it seems. It must be late, if Tooru is coming from practice already. Footsteps, familiar, muffled by green alien-slippers, leave the hallway and tap to the kitchen; the sound of running water tears Hajime’s eyes open to the ceiling that stares back, uninterested.

“The person I love is so strong it worries me,
So show your weakness to me alone!”

Hajime chuckles and yawns, tears forming at the corners of his eyes from the strain. Tooru’s head pops from the kitchen to peer at him with a huge grin on his face, flushed and hair plastered with rain.

“I’ll find you before the stars do,
So please come straight home!”

Hajime reaches his hand over the backrest, towards his drenched boyfriend and gestures for him to come closer. Tooru keeps singing all the way as he dances to him, steps light as if the strain in his muscles has been forgotten by the sight of Hajime.

““Just call for me, I’ll come flying to you!” That’s what I want to say,
But I don’t want to get in your way…”

Their hands stroke lightly, quickly on the way and Hajime gives Tooru’s fingers a quick squeeze.

“The person I love is so strong it worries me,” Tooru sings and comes over the sofa in front of him and as Hajime opens his arms for him, plops down on Hajime’s lap like he belongs there and winds his arms around Hajime’s neck.

“Where is the person I love right now?
Staring into the night sky, I’m in the mood for romance!”

Tooru’s voice breaks a little and Hajime laughs against his shirt, the looks up in the brown chocolate eyes and for a moment forgets to breathe.
“That’s from an anime,” he whispers and slips a strand of hair behind Tooru’s ear, gently, softly.

“It is. Fits a brute like you.”

“Watch your mouth.” (There’s a smile forming on his.)

“I will,” Tooru giggles against his lips and Hajime hums in the kiss.

//lol i’m sappy. I hope you liked, @crollalanzaa

hahaha the song is from One Punch Man anime’s ending :DD i love it a lot.

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