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Never Forget. Never Forgive.

Started some time ago as a warm up speedpaint and in between work, family and other rl things I slowly managed to make an actual full illustration out of it. 

Fanart of Nidhogg from Final Fantasy XIV as I really like the unusual design the important dragon characters got. Also I really needed something new for 2017 to finally finish, this year so far started very bad, with lot of delays and pretty heavy sickness. Hopefully can catch up now with everything and til then enjoy \o/


Middle Assyrian Chalcedony Cylinder Seal with a Lion-Dragon, 1300-1200 BC

This has the image of Ashur*, chief god of Assyria, on a winged solar disc facing a scorpion-tailed lion-dragon**. Above the lion-dragon is a recumbent crescent moon, a symbol of Sin, the moon god and alongside it is an eight-pointed star which represents the goddess Ishtar. Next are seven dots representing the Sebittu, seven benevolent gods whose power could be harnessed against evil by means of magic incantation. Astrologically these dots were identified with the Pleiades. There were temples dedicated to the Sebbitu at the Assyrian cities of Kalhu (Nimrud), Dur-Sharrukin (Khorsabad) and Nineveh.

*The god in the winged sun disc could also be Shamash, the sun god. Scholars are not all in agreement over which god is being represented within the winged sun disc in Assyrian art. Ashur is an indistinct deity with no clear iconography of his own. When he is represented in art his attributes tend to be borrowed from another god (in this case Shamash), which makes it difficult to definitively identify him.

**The lion-dragon is a beast which could be a reference to either the chief Assyrian god Ashur, the moon god Sin or the storm god Adad.

TLC Character Alignments

Sorry if it’s been done

Lawful Good - Kai, Torin

Neutral Good - Cress, Peony

Chaotic Good - Cinder, Winter, Iko

Lawful Neutral - Wolf

True Neutral - Scarlet, Dr. Erland

Chaotic Neutral - Jacin, Thorne

Lawful Evil - Sybil

Neutral Evil- Adri

Chaotic Evil - Lavana

Okay I know Dragon AU is a thing (and it’s wonderful I am 110% for dragons), but has anyone considered Inheritance cycle/Eragon/Dragon Rider AUs? (this works for any fandom but i’m using rwby because ofc I am). The grimm are beasts of dark magic, seeking to bring about an end to humanity. After The War the dragon riders are established both to promote peace between races and to help fight off the grimm. 

Ruby is the newest rider, but her bond with her dragon, Crescent Rose, is extremely high and she starts riding early, taking to it well. 

Yang has had her golden dragon, Celica, for a while and it’s already getting the hang of breathing fire. 

Weiss is the latest in a line of dragon riders, her thin white dragon isn’t the strongest, but it’s quick and she takes to magic well. 

Blake is a half-elf, traveling to Vale to train with other dragon riders. She wasn’t actually selected to be a rider, but was part of the White Fang who stole an egg. They never expected it to hatch for her, but when it did her life changed and she knew she couldn’t be a part of them anymore. 

His King in Check

Pairing: Alyce Lavellan x Cullen Rutherford

Link: AO3

Word Count: 3171

Rating: SFW

Tags: Pining, First Kiss, Making Out, Chess, Fluff

Alyce is stressed out and trying to hide her feelings for her Commander. Cullen sees that she needs a distraction, so he suggests they play a game of chess, neither one knowing just how the game will end.

This is my giveaway story for @crescent-kitsune ‘s win for my 600 follower giveaway! I hope you all enjoy it!

“And Dagna wants to study some of the effects of red lyrium, but I convinced her to do theoretical research first.” Dorian was peering down at a book in his hand, frowning and tallying off all the things that Alyce, as the Inquisitor, should be aware of. “I don’t like the thought of it around anyone.”

Alyce felt a tiny shiver of revulsion at the thought of red lyrium in Skyhold. Dagna was brilliant, but sometimes a little foolhardy. Dorian helped keep her grandiose ideas from increasing too dramatically. “Thank you, Dorian. If your research yields anything, please let me know.”

Dorian continued with his report, another flurry of things she just didn’t understand. Magic and its intricacies were interesting… but the complexities were just not what she studied. She was more interested in the effect wind had on an arrow’s ability to find its target than on the minutia how she was able to seal a Rift. She could close them, and that was the important thing.

She scrubbed at the freckles along her cheeks, tried to push back the feeling of pressure that had been steadily building the last few months. So much was at stake, and apparently she was the only one who could fix it. So much faith placed upon a Dalish elf; but with the faith also came scorn and contempt. And she was damned if she was going to let those who hated her because of her race be proven right. She was going to close the Breach; she was going to defeat Corypheus. There was no other option. But her determination didn’t always help with the feeling of being consumed by her role as Inquisitor.

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FFIX Week: Day 1 (July 01) → Favorite character

Freya Crescent was basically my first childhood crush? That’s not even a joke, I thought she was genuinely the coolest. I know she was broody, and I wasn’t 100% behind her arc in the story (the one with the boyfriend), but I can’t help that a deep, deep part of me finds something about Dragoons incredibly sexy.

singerofthelost  asked:

I'm a white author building a fantasy world based off of Egyptian and Fertile Crescent cultures, but with dragons. I went into this world initially out of my love of Ancient Egypt, but also because I wanted to create a fantasy world that was peopled predominantly by People of Color, to stretch my wings. Since it's narrated in first person and the cultural default is PoC, I'm having a hard time working in "This is not White People Egypt" subtext. I'm trying to be subtle but absolute. Any advice?

The Ancient Egyptians were Black and should always be portrayed and described as Black people. There’s no need for subtlety. Be as clear as possible.

~Mod Alice

A Hot & Sticky sort of Day

Cedric had somehow woken in the morning before Aylwin. Good thing, too. He was sure that if he had woken after Aylwin, he would have convinced him to stay, and he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. So, he’d dressed silently and kissed thee sleeping prince, leaving a little note that he had had to go home, but he did want to see him again.

He’d made his way to the stables, passing only a couple servants in the process of preparing the early morning dishes, and the Avani. It was odd that he was up. Perhaps he hadn’t even slept…But the man’s dark eyes had found him, and followed him as he moved around the kitchen to the door.
“…Ride safe, Nikkal.” he murmured, taking a long drink of his tea. The boy nodded and quickly fled to the stables, taking one of the horses that had been lashed to Aylwin’s father’s coach. Surely one wouldn’t be missed. They would probably be here for some time, and he would return it.

Cedric was an expert horseman. He had been as long as he could remember. It was, perhaps, his only talent. But the ride home was one he would have preferred not to take. The ships docked at the port, somewhere near the upper middle part of the crescent. Well past Dragon Roost. And Cedric had first seen Aylwin in town, which was just slightly further North. And he lived just over an hour outside of the town, making him roughly 45 minutes from the port markets, and exactly two and a half hours from the palace.

By the time he reached home, his thighs were raw and aching, and his back hurt from sitting so straight. His nice pants were covered in dust from the road. He hadn’t made it before the work started, but he’d made it in enough time that his father ignored him, irritated that he had been gone. But, hiss mother recognized the horse he road, and forced her aching son off, pulling the oldest of her daughters over, telling her that when the prince came to collect the beast, as surely either he or the king would, she was to do her best to impress him and win his favor. 

Cedric just shook his head, making his way upstairs. It had rained the night before, apparently. And everywhere was humid. Cedric hadn’t been sweating before, but it was warmer now with no wind burning his cheeks. And it was one of the warmer days. His servant, a tall gangly woman who was almost his mother’s age, brought him water and arranged a bath for him. Though, he was sure it would only help his thighs and his rear, and nothing more. As soon as he got out, he would be sweating and sticky again from the heat. He just knew it.

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Mal told Lily that she doesn't know who her father is? So, either she was had than multiple sex partners back then, or like Lily implied, her parents did the dragon nasty. I'm guessing neither of them stuck around for any big human revel or cuddling afterwards. Lily said her only clue to her father's identity was her dragon shard crescent necklace. I guess she thinks since she has both her parents' DNA within her, so does it, and she can use a tracking spell on it to find him?

Maybe a tracking spell would be their plan…