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Lunar Phases page from my Guild Book

God created the Moon on the fourth day to be used, along with the Sun and stars, as markers for days, holidays and special events. As a Christian Witch, I don’t praise the Moon, but I do appreciate her and thank God for her.

It’s also no secret of the powerful properties the Moon has and how it affects us. Here’s my connections to the lunar phases for you lunatics. And yes, I start with the Dark Moon.

Phases and their Meanings

🌑 Dark Moon - Cleansing : a time to clean, plan, prepare, and organize. Cleanse your crystals, your body, soul and mind, pray for your goals and your friends & family. This is the time when God’s spirit was hovering over the face of the Earth, which was dark, formless and empty. Darkness means possibility and opportunity to create.

🌒 New Moon - Beginning : the first crescent moon marks the beginning. It calls us to start, take action, to keep our resources close for the rest of the way. It also marks the beginning of challenges and obstacles. The sliver of light illuminates the path to begin our journey.

🌓 First Quarter - Strength : this phase requires our strengths and endurance to keep going. The challenges get stronger and try to weaken our will but we have to break through the obstacles. Resources are meant to be utilized at this point whether it’s financial, friends & family, community and God. Reading the Gospels in the Bible can also help inspire one the way Jesus carried His cross.

🌔 Waxing Gibbous - Creativity : when our strength begins to feel like it’s fading, it’s time to get creative in our tactics. Use the metaphysical realm to help you push forward and maneuver through obstacles. Use your psyche — knowledge and ideas — to outsmart the system. Burn incense to help connect you to the higher realms.

🌕 Full Moon - Potent : this is it, the peak of full potential — the climax to your journey. And to reward you, the Moon provides it’s strength, creating a strong bridge between the two planes of existence. Energy flows from her providing us with hope and manifestations. Bathe your crystals, charms, tarot decks, Bibles, devotionals, etc. in the Moon’s glow to charge them with purified energy ready to place intents on them.

🌖 Wanning Gibbous - Harvest : this phase celebrates our hard work. Harvest your hard work and enjoy the fruits of you labor. Collect all you’ve achieved and remember to share your experiences, the knowledge gained and the benefits reaped. Avoid being boastful, however. Offer guidance to those less fortunate. And remember to ration appropriately so your harvest lasts for as long as you need it.

🌗 Third Quarter - Gratitude : now that the adrenaline has faded a bit, it’s right to take some time and show gratitude towards your resources and to God. Pray thanks without asking for anything other than humbleness. For non-Christians, this is an excellent time to set up altars and offerings to the ones you pray to.

🌘 Waxing Crescent - Recuperation: on the 7th day of the existence of light, God rested. Similarly, the 7th phase of light asks for rest. Rest you body, mind and soul. Take time away from non-pressing matters. Enjoy good company and fun activities. If appropriate, don’t work unless the work brings you happiness or peace. This is not a time to worry about cleaning or preparing anything for the coming cycle — the Dark Moon offers you that time.

🌙 There it is, my interpretations of the Moon. By the way, I capitalize names and refer to the Moon as ‘she’ to show respect. Let me know what you think. Questions, comments and criticisms are welcomed. 🐟

waxing crescent moon. (10.23.2017)

The moon is coming into its waxing crescent phase as the Sun moves from Libra, into Scorpio. Moving from a lens of air, to a lens of water could mean a shift from an intellectual emphasis to an emotional one. The moon is sextile to Venus, so new relationships and romances may seem ideal, but out of reach- and it’s likely that both are accurate; relationships that have been flourishing may be working themselves into a rough patch. With a little patience, a little effort, matters concerning Venus have the potential to be worthwhile.
A negative aspect with Neptune may cause a stagnance, or blockage, in the supersensory areas of our lives; reality may seem more dull, perhaps boring. Dealing with spirituality may be more difficult, especially as the Moon in Sagittarius may be craving philosophical satiety. But the Moon is in a waxing state, a state of “taking it all in,” - this could be seen as an opportunity to ground yourself in the real, physical world, and take time to rest, and refocus your energies.


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Crescent & Friends Community Pub Crawl!

When: October 21st @9pm EDT

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Look for the official flier in the next week! Get hyped!