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Love at first note

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 part 2

•Harry wanted to get rid of the cycle of stillness and silence that his life was slowly turning into.
•Except the time when his friends come over, he seemed to do nothing other than watching time pass
•It was Luna’s idea really, to learn something new.
•She had suggested several activities like languages, painting, martial arts (no thanks, enough violence for a lifetime) and music amongst other things (things which didn’t include her creatures)
•Music seemed to strike a chord though…
•With some help from an elated Hermoine, he found and joined a music class called The Magic of Music (creative -_-) which boasted of an impressive number of instruments taught
•He could have chosen any of the instruments that people regularly played like Guitars or drums or something but no…
•He didn’t really dislike these instruments or anything it but it just seemed common to him 
•He wanted to do what seldom people did so he chose the Harp because he had noticed that there were just about 6 or 7 people learning this instrument
•So only 6 or 7 people staring at him. He could deal with that.
•And that was how he found himself sitting before Mrs. Twune and listening to her explain the most basic things about the harp
•Usually such lectures would bore him to death but the way she explained the notes and all, she made it sound like flying on broom in spring in a cloudless sky
•She said that today they would just be practising the basic of the basic things like which string to be plucked by which finger, how softly or strongly do you pluck it… and so on
•Harry decided that he really liked this because the music coming from the harp did something to him
•It was like it was not his ears that were listening to the harp but his heart
•So everyday he came to the classes right on time, mind, and left as soon as his session was done
•He was always so eager to go and practice the new things he had learnt 
•And for two whole months he was perfectly content with the knowledge that he was doing something new and wonderful with his life until Harry saw or rather heard HIM
•That day Harry had stayed back a bit more and played a bit longer than he ever had 
•It was so late that the entire place was almost empty and his friends had already left (yes he had made friends with the other harp players. They were nice once they got over the Saviour image and saw that he was not that perfect after all)
•And so he had been packing up, ready to leave when he heard the beautiful melody of a violin
•The tune it was playing was so sad and lonely that Harry didn’t know if he should comfort the violinist or break down himself
•he decided to do neither and instead look for the source of this heart wrenching tune
•He followed the sound till he reached the attic where all the music supplies were kept
•There he found none other than Draco Malfoy 
•Mrs. Twune was there too but he paid no attention to her, Harry’s eyes fixed on nothing but the sight before him
•And what a sight it was! Malfoy was so lost in the music, so engrossed that he was swaying with it
•It was as if the music had possessed him and that he wanted to be possessed…
•Malfoy looked breath taking…
•The pale skin of his arms and face was shining with a layer of sweat (and were those tears on his cheeks?)
•His expression was full of so much peace and melancholy that Harry was lost
•Lost in the music
•Lost in the melancholy of the song
•Lost in the expression of Malfoy’s face 
•Lost in Draco Malfoy himself
•As Malfoy reached the crescendo indicating the end of the song Harry realized that this is what they meant by magic of music
•This was magic in one of it’s truest forms
•Magic that spoke directly to your heart
•He also realized that though he was lost in Draco Malfoy he didn’t ever want to be found.


Do you want me to go on??

H4 - Charum Hakkor (Legacy variant)
Neil Davidge
H4 - Charum Hakkor (Legacy variant)

“Know this, relentless enemy, killer of our children, Lord of Admirals…

Soon we will face the enemy you have faced.

And we are afraid.

The Sound of Music - Part 2 (Teaser)

Chanyeol takes a moment to adjust his eyes to her handwriting, and then his fingers flit across the piano keys – and Sehun listens to the girl’s musical interpretation of him.  

The Boy on the Bus is completely different from her other works. It starts off light and playful, all trills and happy staccato, and he can almost see her smile behind the notes, the light casting a halo on her hair as she assembles the melody. This soon melts into a slower movement, a daydream. A hazy summer’s eve watching the sun set over the Boston harbor as the streetlights flicker on and people slow down. Sehun imagines her twirling in time with the languid rhythm – and he blinks when he realizes that he also imagined himself holding her hand as she spun.

Chanyeol stops playing for a moment, acknowledging the fermata – the musical pause, and when he resumes, there’s a shift in the mood. The key has changed and the tune reflects a sense of…searching. Confusion. Desperation. The harmony resurrects the ghosts of what once was, and they chase at her heels as the girl flees. It builds and builds, a battle anthem, a war cry, and Sehun holds his breath as the climax approaches, ready for the key to change back into its original carefree melody, ready for the triumphant chord –

But instead of a grand finale to the crescendo, it ends in a soft little whisper. The most heartbreaking minor chord – and he watches in disbelief as Chanyeol draws away from the piano.

“That’s it?” Sehun demands. That can’t be all of it. How could she – why would she end it like that?

“That’s it,” Chanyeol nods. “Tell your friend that she’s very talented – and I hope you apologize for breaking her heart.”

“What?” his head snaps up. “What makes you say that?”

“Because you’re ‘The Boy on the Bus’ remember?”  

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Feedback is always appreciated, loves! (It also motivates me to write faster hahah) 

Crystal Music: Gem Musical Motifs

Each Gem in Steven Universe possesses a certain musical motif that plays during certain parts of the show. When Gems fuse, their musical motifs merge into a completely different genre of music. We’re going to look at each one in detail today. Since we’ve only seen detailed dances from the Crystal Gems, only there dance motifs will be looked at. When “Cry for Help” reveals Sardonyx in her entirety, I will update this post with her musical motif.

EDIT: Updated Lapis Lazuli’s motif to include her String themes!

EDIT2: Updated many character’s motifs, added pictures to all segments, added Greg, Sour Cream, Lion, Sadie, Ronaldo, Desert Glass, Dogcopter, Sardonyx, and Stevonnie.

NOTE: When selecting a track to listen to, please right-click and select “Open Link in New Tab” so you don’t lose your spot in the post!


Garnet’s Motif: Hip-Hop (Waka Waka) Bass

Garnet’s musical and dance themes are very much centered around hip-hop movement (specifically the Waka Waka style of dancing). Waka Waka is characterized by very thick and bouncy bass tones and robotic movement of the limbs with fluid motions in between dance poses.


Take a listen to some of Garnet’s tracks. Here’s “Future Vision” from the official Steven Universe OST. Note that very present bass and “funky flow” of the tracks.

Pearl’s Motif: Classical and Swing Piano

Although Pearl has been shown playing the violin, her main musical motif is a piano played both classically and in the swing style. Both styles are played at a slow tempo in the show (around 90 to 110 BPM, depending on the song), giving Pearl an elegant, classy musical feel. Her dance theme, fittingly enough, is classical ballet as evidenced by her propensity to strike graceful poses both during fusion dances and combat.


Give one of Pearl’s most important themes, “Pearl’s Room”, a listen. Take note of the transition from classic piano to swing piano at the 0:11 mark. During this scene, Pearl is performing swan-like ballet poses in the privacy of her room, matching the grace and form of the piano.

Amethyst’s Motif: On-The-Floor Drum Beats (On-Time and Off-Time)

Amethyst’s motif consists primarily of drum beats that can either follow a time signature or occur erratically and randomly depending on the song. Amethyst’s reckless party-girl attitude is reflected both in her energetic drum motif and her simplistic club-like dancing style. Amethyst’s musical motif also utilizes strike and sting samples erratically (think 90s era music or, more recently, Splatoon)


Here’s one of the more fun musical themes, “Gimme Gimme”, heard when Amethyst is chasing Steven down to eat his Together Breakfast. The use of loud drum beats and sting samples can clearly be heard as she tries to get her hands on those panned cakes.

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A Golden Proposal

A/N: Another Otayuri prompt I wrote out for my friend. I’m really proud of this one, Otabek seems to bring out some serious descriptive writing in me haha. Quick FYI, this is placed in the future, seven years after the end of Season 1, so Yuri is 22 and Otabek is 25. I tweaked the times/ages that she gave me a bit.

Prompt: Otabek and yuri have been dating for a year (ever since he turned 17) and one competition they do together otabek actually wins gold and yuri silver and happy bf is really happy for Beka saying “I’m really happy you won gold after working so hard and finally got what you wanted.” And then beka looks down and is like “but I don’t have you” and yuri is like really confused especially when otabek gets down on one knee and fishes out a box from his costume and then yuri is like too shocked to speak and then otabek is like “I know I don’t deserve you but I know that I love you more than anything else in the world and that I’d want to spend the rest of my life with none other than you. So.. will you marry me Yuratchka?” And so yuri starts crying and nods with his hands covering his mouth CUZ ENGAGEMENT ON NATIONAL TV

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Eruri Fic: Follow

This fic is for @momtaku and @hedera-helixwriteseruri.  It was originally inspired by chapter 5 of @hedera-helixwriteseruri​‘s beautiful fic Dresden, where Erwin dances a tango with Lillian to Carlos Gardel.  Safe to say I would sell my soul to dance with Erwin Smith and I am intensely jealous that @momtakualready has!! (Levi ships Erutaku ;) Of course the dance Erwin is teaching Levi is Argentine tango, but it makes no sense to say that in canonverse.  Also this is pretty much how I learned to dance :}  

c. 3400 words.

Levi gazes blankly out the window of the carriage, weighed down by the black mood that inevitably descends on him following enforced attendance at gala events at the capitol.  Since being promoted to captain, such events have become an increasingly frequent occurrence, and not one that Levi welcomes.  It’s not so much the attentions of the politicians and the aristocracy that irk him, he may despise them, but he has learned to tolerate their fawning hypocrisy, inbred arrogance and predictable duplicity, however tolerating the long journeys to Mitras alone with Erwin Smith is another matter altogether.  It’s not that Levi dislikes the Commander’s company, quite the opposite, any hatred he once felt for the man has long since burned out, to be replaced by something infinitely more dangerous, something that lights a spark in Levi’s chest, something that gives purpose to his every waking moment, something that he struggles to control.

“You didn’t dance,” Erwin comments amicably, as the carriage passes out through the Sina gate.

Levi can just make out the blue of his eyes in the dim glow of the swinging carriage lantern.

“Of course I didn’t dance,” he snaps, making no attempt to hide his irritation.  

“Can you?”

“Can I what?”  

Levi knows he’s being wilfully obtuse, but right now, he really is not in the mood.

“Can you dance?”  Erwin persists, refusing to rise to the bait.

“What the fuck do you think?”

Erwin doesn’t need to say what he thinks.

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I’m looking at the Azure sky of deepest summer
And remembering what you said
The sweet little words you whispered filling up my head
And it’s a shame I can’t forget them now that you’re dead
You made flowers grow in my lungs
And although they are beautiful
Now that you’re gone I can’t breathe
My broken heart strings play your swan song over and over
A never ending crescendo that drives me mad
I’m slipping from my reality into your
And it’s all just pills and potions
The half-hearted attempt to fix the broken
But a half-heart can’t fix a problem in your frontal cortex and amygdala
Which is where your problem lay
Hidden by the smiles and cheery jokes you cracked
No one saw the broken shell of a person underneath
And you liked the pain
Because you thought you deserved it
But the truth is now that you’re not here
You’re pain has become mine and it’s so much worse
Knowing I wasn’t enough to keep you here
And you’ll never know how much it hurts to just think of you
And all the lies you told
And you’ll never know how much I loathe you
Because you’ll never know how much I love you
Exo Scenario: A Possessive! Jongin ~

A possessive Jongin scenario would make me so happy! If you could please? I simply adore your writing!

Thank you lovely, for sending this in :) Hope you like it and please be sure to let me know what you think of it!

The two of you had decided to go out dancing for your date night that week, and with a stressful few days behind you - stressed from work and just those around you in general - you were more than ready to just dance the night away and lose yourself in the feel of Jongin’s body close to yours, proving how much he cared for you.

The night had started off slow with a drink in your hand and sitting with him at the bar while he leaned closer to you, making you laugh and smile up at him. One of his hands was pressing gently into your waist, a possessive hand that told all the other guys in that bar that you were taken and that he was the one you belonged to. You didn’t mind the gesture, and actually leaned into his touch, loving the feel of his fingertips brushing your skin through your dress.

It was when the two of you finished your drinks and headed out onto the dance floor that you enjoyed the most, especially as the two of you seemed to take up the entire floor. People were getting out of your way to see how the two of you danced together and you felt a little guilty for those that didn’t know how to dance.

Here there were, two professional dancers, and all these couples were just here trying to have fun.

“Don’t mind them, you’re mine.” Jongin whispered seductively in your ear as he pressed you up against his chest, eyes half lidded and his voice getting deeper with each word he used. You couldn’t help the grin that pushed your lips up, revealing teeth.

You didn’t respond to him, just let yourself get lost in the rhythm of the music and his body heat, his muscles pressed up against yours before he was dragging you away and your combined movements turned into a faster pace.

There’s cheering behind the two of you as the DJ pumps a faster beat into the music, changing the tempo so that you and Jongin have to change your stances ever so slightly. As the dance gets more and more complicated between the two of you, in comes more people to watch at your backs.

When the music is at its crescendo, nearing it’s end, Jongin pulls you in close and dips you down, nearly on the ground. Your grin tells him just how much you’ve enjoyed this right here and his teeth make an appearance in his smile, as well. Just like before, he’s whispering seductively into your ear, keeping you fast to his chest and keeping you close to the ground, all the audience members waiting for something to happen.

“I don’t like them all staring at you.” he whispers and your eyes widen at that. He’s always been a bit possessive of you, especially when the two of you first met - you had been teaching a dance class and he had said he wanted to get rid of all the other students in that room to just have you to himself. 

It was what made you fall for him in the first place. His confidence and honesty.

“Ignore them.” you murmured back, right before he picked you back up again and spun you up in the air, a daring move that you couldn’t help but feel elated that he was risking here with everyone watching.

He was talented enough - as were you - that neither of you messed up. And when your feet touched the ground finally, the dance and music ending, everyone behind you started clapping and cheering. It was like this grand thing and you couldn’t help but smile. The two of you hadn’t come out here to create this entire scene, had just come out to have a good time.

But both of you definitely liked being in the spotlight. Jongin pulled you away from everyone when the next song played, leading you into a corner of the bar as everyone congratulated you for your dancing skills. You nodded and bowed your head in thanks.

When the two of you were alone, he pulled you to his chest, foreheads touching as he backed you slowly into a wall, eyes looking down at you through his lashes and freezing you there with a dangerous, seductive glance.

“You’re mine.” he murmured, “No one is allowed to look at your body like they did. Only me.” and then he’s kissing you, lips burning yours with a passion.

His kiss lasts a long time, but when they finally pull away from his, your fingers find purchase in the hair at the back of his head and you pull him closer so that your lips are at his ear. His eyes open wide for a few seconds and you hold back a giggle.

“I could say the same exact thing, Kim Jongin.” you whispered, “You’re mine, and I hope you know that.”

When he pulls away, he’s grinning extremely wide as one of his hands comes up to cradle your face and turning your chin up so that you’re staring up at him properly.

“Always.” he whispered before he soldiers his lips to yours once more.

the duet and the aria

I spoiled myself and listened to the duet ahead of time but it really couldn’t be helped. I thought it would be this grandiose production of a song and actually find myself more blown away by the simplicity of it.

In the aria, we have an entire ensemble. Brass, winds, percussion, strings, the whole crew. It’s a big performance because it’s by Viktor Nikiforov. He has a lot of this emotion built up from all these years of loneliness. He needs all the power possible to convey his message because he’s been doing it all on his own for too long. Yet, the song still sounds lonely. He’s still isolated. A solitary figure on the ice, putting on this extravagant performance.

And then we have the duet. It starts with the piano and on the same note and key as another familiar song. The airport reunion scene song. I realized today that although that song sounds like Serenade for Two, there are parts that actually sound like a softer version of the Stay Close to Me aria. So now we have a connection between these two songs. This gentle piano accompaniment. Note that the aria never had piano in it originally.

(Btw, what else uses piano? Yuri!!! on Ice (the FS program) does.)

We also have the string instruments playing here. And that’s it. No other instruments. Why?

Because this song is not a cry for help anymore. This song is between two people who have grown to love and cherish and respect one another. It is not for an audience. It is for each other. It is the sweetest melody sung from one heart to the other.

Notice how the singers are singing the same melody. It’s not really a harmony. They don’t have to complement each other. They are singing the same feelings to one another.

Did you notice how the aria ended? Building crescendo with blaring horns and pounding percussion and tinkling of bells. Everything gets louder toward the end. Louder and louder and it’s like Viktor is screaming from his heart. And then it just cuts off and he’s left there. Hanging.

And how does the duet end? On the softest note. Fading. The two people are not calling for each other. They are sure of what they have. They are right there, at each other’s side. They will stay close to one another. They are ready to go. Together. 


Favorite Choreo Sequences: Satoko Miyahara, Miss Saigon (x)

I don’t know how it happened, but yesterday I was listening to Creep by Radiohead a little obsessively, I don’t know why. Actually I do but I don’t want to say why cause it’s embarrassing. ANYWAYS. After about an hour I realized how sexy the song is. I don’t think it’s meant to be at all but god, it’s hot. That crescendo near the end of the song is the peak and just takes it to the next level. So yeah, I added it to the list of songs I need to get laid to

Sometimes I annoyingly rant on how this show could use more background music, since there are lots of long “silent” scenes. My New Wand!, for example, had an entire scene with Star and her Mother talking about the wandless magic without any kind of musical score accompanying it.
That’s sad because Brian H. Kim’s music is fantastic.

I tried to use a (slowed down) beat from The Other Exchange Student to prove my point. It’s extremely subjective I suppose, and the music in this case doesn’t really fit the mood of the scene (it’s my fault, not Brian’s) nor the character’s clashing personalities, but I liked the crescendo at the end, underlying Star’s crazy idea / misunderstanding.

So yeah, in the end, it’s just a quick, fun edit.

anonymous asked:

omfg beckwatney high school au! chris saying yes to watney asking him to prom! and watney being completely over the moon (over mars) about it heh.


Posted by awesomebotanist, April 22nd, 2017

“Yes!” He said “Yes!”

I haven’t been this excited about a ‘yes’ since… No, I have never been this excited about a ‘yes’.

I’ve never been so excited. Period.

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I never thought I’d say it, guys, but...CITT has too much In Ho.

I’m as surprised as you are, considering I’ve long been the poster child for painfully doomed SLS and bitterness. But it became dreadfully obvious in episode 13 that In Ho’s arc has cut itself a huge slice out of the plot cake and judging by the preview it’s planning on going back for seconds.

^^I mean, are the actually going to pull the “I’ll just spend *arbitrary time limit* with the person I love and quietly slip into the night. For their own good!” thing? Don’t…don’t you fucking dare, show.^^

I can see from a quick glance over the first few screens of results on the CITT tags, that I’m not the only one who’s noticed this is happening. Jung, the primary love interest and ostensible hero, has receded into the background of his own story.

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Disney Princess Mizar--Let's Make a Deal

Just a little diddy I came up with.  Feel free to skip ahead if you don’t care for my upcoming rambling.

I took a bit of inspiration from Set It Off’s “Why Worry” for a big chunk after the first five lines (which are pretty much just dialogue with intro music in the background), but the second half fits into quite a few rhythms, so just make up a tune for yourself, I guess.  The ending crescendo happens in the penultimate line, with the last being spoken normally.

Unfortunately, the song doesn’t quite fit the original idea of the Princess Mizar movie, but what can you do?  I guess there could be a few in-universe adaptations.  Seems like it could be popular enough.  I mean, princesses, magic, demons, secrets, betrayal, I feel like the movie could warrant a few remakes.

As for the song itself, I envision this taking place a few scenes after a…shall we say unflattering first meeting between our two protagonists.  Mizar doesn’t quite trust Alcor (for good reason.  I mean, he’s a demon, for crying out loud!), and Alcor thinks Mizar is a bit full of herself.  I’m not sure quite how much that came across in the lyrics.

In regards to reading, Mizar’s lines are italicized.  Alcor’s are in bold.  By the way, did you know that advisor has two accepted spellings?  The more you know.

Well, without further ado…

Why hello there, Princess Mizar
Looks like you could use an…advisor
That rhyme was pathetic.
And I don’t need a demon’s help!
Well let me tell you, missy
I have seen it all
Your nations are a joke
They rise and fall
You simply have to learn
You’ll only crash and burn
Without my help
I’m not fool enough to trust you!
Don’t be absurd
I’m only here to help
You have my word
But if you doubt it’s real
I just suppose a deal
We’ll have to make
I’m listening
You do me a simple favor
I’ll give you the power to rule
Try again and this time please don’t
Take me for some sort of fool
Then name your terms
You help me get back my kingdom
No cheap tricks and no betrayal
I’ll do you a single favor
And I get right of refusal
So do your worst
Well, here’s my first
There’s someone I’d like you to help me kill
His name is…Bill
Really?  Bill?
Don’t let the name mislead you
There’s a reason that I need you
So here it is
You help me take him down
And I’ll give you the crown
So, do we have a deal?