I’m not quite sure how I feel about the idea of Star-chan, since I sort of have my own ridiculous headcanon about exactly what that symbol is. How Gideon copied it from Journal 2 to make himself seem more powerful and mysterious, how its presence combined with Bill’s ability to interact with people exclusively through dreams could be tied into a particular mythos…

But on the other hand, damn do I like the idea of a character who can talk shit right back to Bill without having to worry about having their teeth ripped out. 

I have a mini headcanon that all evil flowers are the same species, but with insane (heh) amounts of polymorphism due to mutation by nightmare fuel. So the same parts of the flower, like the stamens, sepals, and petals, may retain their color, but look very different depending on the individual in question. 

Who says science and magic can’t get along? 

Transparent for your convenience, so feel free to chop it up and stick them anywhere you like so long as you leave credit somewhere. 

I’ve been thinking about how many Lovecraft references there are in Don’t Starve, and decided to give the throne a smidge more…biology in the way it corrupts. Nothing quite like a good old Lovecraftian lounge chair to relax in after a long day of torment. 

When they talk about the throne eating away at you…well. Only enough to get to your spinal chord, of course. From there, it’s a whole different kind of fun, now isn’t it?

How I imagine da house looks at the moment. Luckily for Baman, there’s an amazing lineup of stretch goals, so he’ll get out of there eventually. Probably. 

If you haven’t already seen the show, Baman Piderman is a fluffernutter for the soul: very squishy, incredibly sweet, and oddly comforting. Plus, both have peabnut blubber. Coincidence? I think not. I am so glad this show got the second chance it deserved, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Congrats, Lindsay and Alex! You deserve every penny. 


There’s no link from my main blog to my art one, since I didn’t want my IRL friends knowing where my doodles were. But I’m still very fond of some of that art, so I wanted to make sure some of it found its way here. I didn’t want to clog things up with a ton of reblogs though, so here they all are in one package.

It bugs me that people can’t find my art through my main blog, and I worry that I’ve missed out on making a lot of art friends because of it. There’s no way to link my asks and the art page that I want to interact through without “blowing my cover” and it bites.  But that’s the price of anonymity, I guess. 

A Mr. Skits, for the heck of it. Why is he a Mr., anyway? 

I can just see the other hallucinations thinking up their names for the book, getting really into it: 

“My name shall be the Terrorbeak, the one that rips into their sanity like a rabid dog”

“I will be called the Crawling Terror, and I will smother their dreams in the ecstasy of horror." 

"We will be the Night Hands, whose claws drag them screaming into the abyss.”

“I will be known as the Shadow Watcher, and haunt their campfires with my empty, hungry stare”



“…dude what the hell.”

Still chugging along on my DS tarot card. It’s coming along slower than I would like… but somehow I managed to finally fix the queen’s unwieldy posterior :D . This is just to solidify an idea of basic colors and positioning, but I’d really like feedback, if anyone’s willing to give it. (Also, blurry as frick, so clickity for a better version D:) Thoughts?