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Hey FTP,lisent,I Need to write a fic about Carrieline!!! But IDK if is Laney or Kim the lost twin and..ouuu,Kim is the list twin because of Konnie.wait.Konnie is the grandmother of Larry?! Gah!,I need information urgently! Please! I really want to do this fic ,I already watched Coraline like 27 times (Jaja,I love that movie)but I think I need more information…is Kin or Kon the black cat? If Mina is the ,"other mother/sister" what character is Trina? Please…send me information about this

everyone should call me ftp from now o k ok

so Laney is the lost twin while Kim and Corey are just the other ghosts 
although you could also switch it to have the entirety of Grojband as the ghosts and keep Kim and Konnie as the Amazing Kagami sisters? Whatever you want to do really this au could go a lot of ways

and i was thinking an older version of concept laney as larry’s grandmother

the cat would be mr purrs probably
or the angry one in the roller-skate whichever seems more fitting

and mina is carrie’s overworked older sister and nick is mina’s also very busy boyfriend and neither of them have time to hang out with her and it’s super lame
the beldam takes the form of mina and trina as far as i can tell does not show up in this au?? sorry trina