creppy face

Pumpkin carving w/ Mark
  • happy halloween everyone!! <3
  • i hpoe y’all had a really fun day today
  • I said this before but here we don’t really celebrate this???? so it was more like a normal day to me lmao
  • and,because of that, it’s not a surprise that i’ve never did pumpkin carving before
  • but I saw some videos and seems pretty fun so I’ll give it a try anyways!!!
  • so let’s just start this :’)
  • so,,,
  • when you went to the dorms that day to spend the night with him babysitting the dreamies, neither of you expected to end up carving some pumpkins at 1 am tbh
  • it started like a normal night, with the smol difference that it was hallowen and y’all had to deal with the babies running around and constantly be asking you to make a spooky makeup on them
  • “it doesn’t matter if you’ve never do it before!!! if we’re late johnny woN’T GIVE US CANDYYyYYy.”
  • “just do whatever, y/n, it would be alright anyways”
  • and damn this bois were tiring, lmao
  • so much that in the end neither you or mark really wanted to go out to johnny’s cheap ass stupid halloween reunion and decided to stay inside
  • yep, that’s the halloween spirit right there woop woop
  • also, idk if in canda they celebrate halloween???? i don’t think so???
  • but even if hey do, i can’t see mark getting too excited over something like this tbh
  • so you two simply decided to do your small lazy night date routine where mark would search for a movie to watch meanwhile you would prepare some warm drinks
  • but as soon as you entered the kitchen you got surprised by pumkins of different sizes decorating different parts of the room
  • “guess who bought them”
  • *sigh* johnny , you gotta get your life together man
  • sorry if i’m naming him too much, since he’s american i cann’t help but see him being really excited for halloween
  • “he also bought them for the minis but taeyong said that it was too dangerous, so now we have like five pumkins in our kitchen”
  • “well… we could.. you know..”
  • and even if mark didn’t loved the idea a 100%, he was quite curious about it and hey, giving it a try wouldn’t hurt anybody.. hopefully
  • aND IT DIDN’T, bc both of you were extra careful with the knives!!!!
  • but even if you were being careful or you weren’t, mark would get really worried about it anyways and be constantly like:
  • “be more careful, y/n! that knife is huge”
  • “do you want me to cut it for you?”
  • “are you sure? that’s really dangerous”
  • “you’ll get hurt, let me do it”
  • and you probably had to let him do it, if not he would never shut up lol
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • anyways, y’all prepared everything perfectly first, placing a towel in the table to don’t make a mess with the seeds and then the pumkins over it
  • and the y’all started to work!!!!
  • both of you would make a conversation as you two emptied the pumkin, trying to think of a design to do later
  • but it was quite useless because i don’t think any of you would really go for something too crazy???
  • just the normal creppy smiley face in one of them and then writing y’alls names on other pumkin
  • and, once again, worried bf mark would barely let you hold the knife as you work on your art
  • so you eventually gave up and started to bother him or take selfies and cute candids of him
  • and as you played around in your phone, you suddenly look at the time and end up giggling because of how shoocked you were
  • “mark, don’t you feel… sleepy?”
  • “uh,, i actually do, actually, what time is it?”
  • and when you show him he gets shocked too bc damn did we seriously spent two hours carving on a pumking just for fun, wow we have lots of free time
  • but like a second later he would smile brightly and then look at you
  • “when did you take that picture? i never realized”
  • and you were like ???? at first
  • until you remembered that you just set one of those cute candids of him as your wallpaper
  • and you got super blushed and bOTH OF YOU GOT SO SOFT GHFJDSOH
  • “why don’t we go to sleep now, y/n? we need to rest"
  • and you clearly said yes because heLLo it was like 1 am you could barely keep your eyes opened at this time
  • after cleaning all the mess, you two place small canddles inside the pumkins and left them over the table, right were everyone could see them before going to sleep
  • you two cuddled under the blankets to fight the cold as y’all talked about how jeaous the dreamies would get once they see how they decorated the pumkins without them
  • “honestly, i wasn’t too sure about it at first but, as expected, you brought me out of my sheel and now i’m actually really proud of my work, y/n!”
  • “thank you”
  • and he couldn’t stop smiling as he looked at you and ghfjdksl
  • and the next morning y’all did got scolded by the dreamies
  • they were so offended that hey didn’t shared their candy with any of you lmao
  • and the end!!
  • this was souless bUT IT’S BECAUSE I JUST CAN’T RELATE OKAY
  • i never celebrated halloween before so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • sorry not sorry
  • anyways, good night/day babies, i’ll go to sleep now!!
  • byee~~
EXO reaction:when they realize that his girlfriend(you) sleeping naked.

SUHO:Come here, I will not bite.

SEHUN:*Sehun approves.*

KAI:Babe,You know how to provoke.

D.O:* creppy sexy face*


YEOL:(you are kai)omg,stop playing and get clothes ahhhh.~!!!

LAY:honey,and if a rapist enters the house, and then they kidnap you. better put on some clothes.



XIUMIN:I’m dreaming, or my dream came true.??

LUHAN:do you want to eat something ???. ohh you are naked.~!


I hope you like~
see ya~