creppy art


“Why would you wear that, Val? Why would you wear that when you DIDN’T KNOW I WAS WEARING THE MATCHING SHIRT???”

When I saw this thing I knew these nerds would own them. TBH Tanith probably gave them separately in the hopes this would happen. 

done with Suujimatsu Bookmark, will sell at CF2016
im so tired. OTL

and of course i’ll do the rest too later slowly bz this took me the whole day and im crying… O)—(

The Nightmare Before the Opera: 

Past the Point of No Return pt. 1


Angel of Music

Phantom of the Opera

Music of the Night

Stranger than you Dreamt It.

All I Ask Of You


Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again and Wandering Child

Past the Point of No Return pt. 2