crepe truck

these two nerds are hilarious but i think my most favorite part (and it’s difficult to hear at first) is when craft services rolls up & gillian casually asks david if he wants a crepe–how sweet is that? And they’re both kind of indecisive but politely decline…and david says to himself ‘the old crepe truck’. Idk it’s just a simple but endearing exchange.

(in between) all the lines that we never made
Chris/Darren, PG, 2.3k
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Chris hasn’t known Darren all that long, but he wants to get to know him better. (asexual!Darren fic.)

Chris spends the first three months that Darren’s on Glee trying desperately to figure out if Darren is straight or not.

The very first day they meet, Darren takes him out on what is essentially a date. It’s even a pretty good date, the best first date Chris has ever had. They see a show that they both love, they sing their favorite songs from the concert in the car afterward, they get dinner and talk long past the time when the waiters are giving them a side-eye, wanting to the table free.

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Fushimi-kun’s Babysitting Diary (Part 2) by apoepo company

About 30 pages split into 3 parts. I had translated Part 2. This is my favourite. Overdosing with cuteness.

Previous chapters:

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

Translation below translated by myself. Pardon me if I didn’t interpret right. :P Enjoy!

No one messes with Fushimi’s “adorable little Misaki” or you get hell from him!

Edit: Gallery removed. Please buy the doujinshi to support the artist.

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