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is there anyway to see each instagram post with the caption and all (and not in a gif) from the Yuri on Ice ED? thank you!

You can actually see their captions if you can edit on Photoshop by importing the video into layers like how I did when I made the gifsets of their instagram feed. But if you can’t, here you go!! The captions were blurry so I just put the characters supposed to be Instagram usernames with the caption) 

christophe-gc “Reunited with bae”

mickey-crispino “Awesome day! Here were are in Florence. We are taking extremely fun time with my sis! @sala-crispino #Florence #michelcrispino #florencecathedral”

phicit+chu “crepe ❤️😘”

JJleroy!15 “Let’s party now! 😎 #Singapore #party #itsjjstyle”

seung-gillee “🐕”

otabek-altin “This escalator is so long. It’s been a long time since I last came to Almaly”

+guanghongji+ “New bicycleeeee 🚲✨✨”

yuri-plisetsky “#StPetersburg #Russia”

v-nikiforov “Nakasu in Japan! Everything is really great and delicious! #nakasu #Japan #ramen”

v-nikiforov “Time flies so fast.”

yuri-plisetsky “Lion”

sukeota3sisters (no caption)

Well, I hope that helps ^^ If only they were real, I will follow them in an instant especially Otabek >w<


Happy birthday to me!

I just got this crêpe maker as an early birthday gift for myself.
A crepe maker is pretty high up there with things you really don’t need.
If there was a fire, that is not what I would carry to safety.
To go and buy one is definitely not Zen.

On the other hand, it is pretty high up there on the list over things that makes me very happy. So I guess there will always be a sense of guilt mixed with joy with these things, until I one day evolve and realize things can’t give you happiness.

Having sad all that, it was a real breeze making large, lovely thin crêpes, and it was even more enjoyable eating them, and seeing that I can’t just waltz into a crêperie and order one because of the evil that is gluten, I would do it all again, god damn it!

This time, for convenience, I used a ready gluten free pancake (european style) mix, and added a bit more milk and one extra egg to make them more thin and moist. But I usually use this trusted recipe here ( if anyone would like to give it a go.