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It’s a known fact that flowers make everyone smile, and that’s exactly what we did when we came across the talented Erica Garcia of Little Paper Flowers on Instagram who helped us create this beautiful flower garland- sure to make any space pop! Floral garlands are a festive and sweet way to add a dose to whimsy to any space or event! This particular DIY was also featured in the latest episode of #EricaintheHouse on TLCme, where Erica helps create a nursery for her best friend.  Watch the Episode HERE!

To create: Cut out a 9-by-1-inch rectangle from the yellow crepe paper. With fringing scissors, fringe ¼-inch from the bottom. Wrap the fringe piece around floral wire and add a dab of hot glue to secure. Cut out nine coral crepe paper petals roughly 1.25-by-1.75-inches. Shape the petals by pulling the center with both thumbs. Once you have a desired cup shape, stretch out the top to create a ripple effect. Attach the petals around the fringed stem with hot glue. Cut out a small ½-inch strip of coral paper to hot glue around the base for a clean finish. Repeat to create 6-8 flowers then attach all on a string and hang on a wall to display.


Corte 5-6 pétalas de lágrima e 15-6 em forma de coração pétalas da pétala papel crepom colorido.

MUITO IMPORTANTE: Papel de Crepom é direcional por isso importa o caminho que você está cortando o papel. Certifique-se que o grão é vertical quando você está cortando os pedaços de flores.


San Francisco-based artist and architect Tiffanie Turner creates enormous, elaborate paper flowers that look like something Alice might’ve encountered in Wonderland. Each beautiful blossom is made of countless layers of delicate crepe paper, measures nearly three feet in diameter and takes anywhere from 35 to 80 hours to assemble.

“My work in paper stems from my background as an architect, particularly my interest in how things are made and the use of repetitive elements, along with my lifelong obsession with flowers and botanical drawings. The exploration of scale plays heavily into everything I do, and the organized chaos and rhythms in nature make the heads of flowers an excellent case study for me.”

Turner has a solo show of her giant paper blossoms, entitled Heads, currently on exhibit at Rare Device in San Francisco through May 28, 2014. Assuming you live in the area, this sounds like a wonderful Mother’s Day destination.

[via Colossal and My Modern Metropolis]

Crepe Paper Peonies

supply overview for single peony:

  • scissors 
  • glue (quick dry glue recommend, but not required) 
  • (2) 9” floral wire (16 - 18 gauge for flower stem and 20 - 22 for stem of leaves are recommend) 
  • 2” strip of lokta paper (8” minimum length) 
  • 5” minimum wide high quality single ply (180 gram) crepe paper for petals (18” minimum length) 
  • 2” minimum wide high quality single ply (180 gram) crepe paper for leaves and stem (18” minimum length)

step 1 - fringe center:

  1. take a 2” strip of lokta paper (minimum 8” length) 
  2. fringe cut ¾ way down the entire strip 
  3. dab glue on the uncut edge of the paper & wrap around floral wire 
  4. move slightly up as you wrap so that the stacking of paper is tiered 
  5. tightly scrunch the fringed center

step 2 - petal sculpting

  1. cut (10) 1” x 3 to 3-1/2” inner layer petals (grain runs with height) 
  2. sculpt the inner layer petals just using cupping technique 
  3. cut (10) 1-1/2” x 3-1/2” outer layer petals (grain runs with height) 
  4. sculpt the outer layer petals using both cupping & fluting technique

step 3 - leaves and stem 

floral tape:

  1. take a 4” wide strip of crepe paper (height may vary & grain runs with height) 
  2. cut several 1/4” strips against the grain


  1. approximately 1” x 3” 
  2. sculpt using cupping technique

stem of leaves:

  1. dab glue on the neck of a leaf and securely wrap the leaf around the tip of a new floral wire (20 to 22 gauge) using a strip of floral tape 
  2. continue adding leaves as desired

step 4 - peony building

peony building:
1. inner petal layers:
• take (5) inner layer petals, dab glue on the neck of the petal and
stretch wrap around fringed center (make sure each petal overlaps the
adjacent petal)
• repeat with second set of (5) inner layer petals
outer petal layers:
• take (5) outer layer petals, dab glue on the neck of the petal and pinch
2. wrap around inner layer petals (make sure each petal overlaps the
adjacent petal)
• repeat with second set of (5) inner layer petal
once all (20) petals are securely built around the center, dab glue on one
strip of floral tape & stretch wrap around the neck of the petals
3. dab glue and wrap floral tape (firmly while gently stretching)
4. once the neck of petals are firmly wrapped, add a leaf or two using floral
tape to secure the leaves
5. continue to add leaves down the stem as desired (up to half way down
the stem)

Giant Crepe Paper Peony | Carte Fini

If you’re looking for decorations for a wedding or party with big impact, you can’t go past this amazing giant crepe paper peony! The big petals are layered around a paper mache base. Yes, it would take a while to create this, but if you are making it for a wedding or party, you can keep it afterwards to decorate with!


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