creole restaurant


Dinner at Restaurant Roux in Fremont. The best southern food in Seattle!
We got a mint julep, fries, cheddar and jalepeno hush puppies (drizzled in honey - the outside is crispy and it’s a little spicy, perfect!), shrimp and grits, buttermilk fried chicken (!!), and beignets. The buttermilk fried chicken was so crunchy on the outside, yet moist on the inside.

kiwicheekychica  asked:

Happy birthday, love!! Sending lots of hugs and hoping you have a fun and relaxing day!! xxxx

Thank you! My longtime best bud (this month-long headache) and I are going to take it easy today. Maybe paint my toenails, every single one a different color. Definitely write some fic. Maybe watch some Studio Ghibli. And then my beloved is taking me to a Cajun/Creole restaurant for dinner, after which we are going to watch “Moonlight,” because I’ve been begging him to watch it with me for weeks.

Certainly there is the argument — already frequent, predictable and boisterous — that it is a particular brand of tragedy that leads an entire generation of American children into the great outdoors while clutching phones before their faces.

Still, fads fade. Pokémon Go will no doubt go out of style. But I’ll still feel more tethered to my community and aware of all it offers — I’ll know that the Creole restaurant is indeed very good, and that the movie theater is rather charming, and that this place of dairy and agriculture is not Alaska but is no less lovely.

In the meantime, it seems far from terrible to see a father and son racing down suburban sidewalks. To spend an evening not sitting passively before a TV, but interacting simultaneously with both our media and the world. To share in an experience, however seductive or silly, that forces us to go out and explore together.