creole girls

Bad Patient

Pairings: Benny x Reader

Characters: Benny, Reader, Dean, Sam and Cas briefly

Warnings: Like 2 seconds of angst, Benny being a huge teddy bear ( this should be a warning)

Summary: The reader is injured on a hunt and Benny tries to take care of her stubborn behind, which isn’t easy when she can’t have her addiction.

Word count:1600-ish ( I’m a wordy bitch I know)

A/N: This is really bad, but the longer I stared at it the worse it got until my roommate threatened torture if I didn’t hurry and post the thing. Also, the line Benny says at the bottom is traditional french, not creole french. Had to use google translate but if anybody knows where I can find some creole slang HOOK A GIRL UP!!! This was for ravengirl94′s challenge and my prompt is is more than welcomed just don’t murder me ok?

Prompt: That’s stupid and youre stupid.” “Impressive rhetoric as always.” 

Tags: @ravengirl94 @the-queen-unitato @bcr36

The hallway of the bunker was empty as you crept along the wall. Slowly and quietly, so you didn’t draw any unwanted attention you made your way towards the kitchen. Coming to the door of the library, you peeked around the corner. Books lay piled on the table, Sam’s laptop was open, but there was no sign of either Winchester brother. Good, two less obstacles to dodge. You didn’t feel up to dealing with the lumberjacks right now anyways.

Careful so you didn’t make any noises, you scampered as best you could across the floor towards the kitchen. When you made it without incident, you mentally high fived yourself and moved to the fridge to get your much deserved reward. Busy pushing around the various cartons of milk, pizza boxes and bags of kale ( seriously Sam needed to get a mini fridge for his rabbit food) you were hunting for the treat you’d stored in here before leaving on your last hunt.

“ Lookin’ for these, cher?”

“ Sweet Mary, Joseph and the Saints!” you screeched jumping up and instently regretting doing it. White hot pain shot through your lower abdomen, making your vision go blurry for a second. You tried to grab onto the counter to steady yourself, but instead was met solid muscle covered in a well worn Henley.  “ None of the above, shug. Try again.” The Cajun vampire flashed a smile that would usually have you swooning. Then again, you usually didn’t have twenty-three stiches in your stomach from Crowley’s lap dogs using you as a DentaStix.  Your body broke out in a cold sweat and Benny heard your heartbeat pick up speed and saw your face go death white.
“ Easy there, Sunshine. Deep breathes. That’s it.” Benny’s honey dipped voice soaked into you, making you relax subconsciously. He picked you up and set you on the counter top next to the sink. By the time he had a cool wash cloth pressed to your clammy forehead, the pain had dulled and you didn’t feel like an alien baby was trying to crawl out. “ What were you doing prowling around in the dark, Latiffe?” you snapped, pushing back his hand, “ You almost gave me a heart attack!” Benny snapped on the light, flooding the kitchen with brightness that had you squinting. Damn, this place needed windows.

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January 17, 2017

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