crenshaw high


I’ve decided to re-write the prologue, because the other one was corny, lame and created years ago. So, this is the new version. Enjoy :)  -Bri


It was a beautiful sunny Monday morning here at Crenshaw High, yet I still didn’t want to be here. I don’t know if it was because I hated Mondays or this school. Probably both. I was just ready to graduate already. All four years at this school has been hell for me.

Walking down the dirty hallways filled with trash and nappy weaves, I rolled my eyes as I received dirty looks from the girls and disgusting stares from the guys. Nobody liked me here and it was because of Chris. I could never hate anyone, but he was slowly earning his way to that category.

He’s been humiliating me, and making me look stupid and weak ever since we were freshmans and we’re now seniors. Everybody in this school acts like they’re blind every time I try to tell someone about it. They’re always under Chris’ nuts like he’s God or something and it’s honestly annoying. If you ask me, Chris isn’t that cute and he’s very arrogant and immature. Did I mention he’s an asshole? He thinks the world revolves around him and he always wants someone to feel less of him and obviously he’s doing a good job at it because he makes me feel like shit. I was terrified of Chris. Believe it or not, I’ve tried standing up to him plenty of times and that has just made matters worse.

Fresh into high school, my self esteem was already low because of my father. The constant bullying and humiliation from Chris has just made it non-existent. He’s made my confidence level a 0. I guess since everyone saw what Chris does to me, they felt like they could do the same thing.

It’s not like I cared that anyone didn’t like me, because I had a case of social anxiety. I enjoyed being by myself, because people are annoying and so judgmental. Being around big crowds of people kills me, seriously.

Killing my thoughts, I started to look at the numbers that sat at the corner of the classroom doors. The underclassmen were testing, so I was looking for the room that I was assigned to go to since I wasn’t. This school was ridiculously big for no reason. We had about 6 or 7 different buildings plus portables. I don’t understand how teachers think we’re supposed to make it to class in less than 5 minutes. It’s impossible even if you run. There were more than 5,000 students here.

Realizing that I was about to pass a big group of guys, I felt as if I were about to be sick. This was my biggest fear. I looked to see if there were a different route and there wasn’t. Great just great.

“You got this.” I mentally coached myself as I tried to walk with my head held high. My brother always complained when I walked with it down.

As more guys crowded around, I began to grow more nervous. “Ok bitch, you don’t have this.” I mumbled lowly.

Grabbing my phone from my purse, I unlocked it and pretended to be texting as I walked through them. Not even a second later, I heard a male voice. Fuck my life huh?

“Yo,” A familiar voice called out but I kept walking. I knew it was Chris, so I kept walking. I heard his heavy footsteps pick up behind me, indicating that he was following me.

“Yo, I know yo orangutan titties having ass heard me.” He said as he turned me around and backed me into the lockers. He was forever making lame ass jokes.

We weren’t too far away from his homeboys. He was always making me look stupid in front of them no matter how much I tried to avoid him.

“I didn’t actually.. you see, I got this hearing problem. It’s a lot to explain..” I laughed awkwardly, as he just straight faced me. He wasn’t buying it.

“Oh yea? You should get that checked out.” He said sarcastically as he put his arms above my head and rested them on the locker. I don’t know why he’s this close, he’s always treating me like shit.

Just last Friday, he poured water in my seat and I had to walk around looking like I peed on myself.

“Damn, you got some gum stuck to the bottom of your hair..”

“Really?! Could you get it.” I panicked. I paid a fortune for this hair, I couldn’t afford to be cutting gum out of it.

“Yea, be still.” He instructed as I nodded. By now, I had looked up and his homeboys had their eyes on us with a goofy grin on all of their faces. Eh, boys are annoying.

Feeling my hair being lifted up, I was about to thank Chris until I felt my shirt/bralette being untied. Before I could react, Chris took off like he was in at a track meet. “Dumbass!” I heard him laugh loudly. I should’ve known.

Meanwhile, I was here topless while all his homeboys were snapping pics, whistling and saying inappropriate comments. Boys are so disgusting.

“Ugh!” I yelled loudly as I held my backpack over my boobs and ran to the restroom. I ignored the girls that were in the mirrors and went straight to the stall to tie my shirt back up.

Once I was done, I left the restroom and noticed that my assigned class was right next to it.

Walking in with my eyes on nothing in particular,  I noticed that the teacher was late. Shaking my head in annoyance, I started to walk to the back but in a swift move, I had fell flat on my face. The class was filled with unnecessary laughter.

“Fucking jerk!” I spat as I managed to get up and grab my things. He winked at me as I flicked him off and stormed out of the classroom.

I couldn’t wait to get the hell away of this school and most importantly, away from Chris.

Why I don't like cops

I was on Crenshaw and slauson waiting for the bus. There were black kids behind me walking to the gas station from Crenshaw high school. When I say kids I mean they looked at least 14 or 15. Then while they are walking minding their own business. Here come this random ass cop on his little scooter. He starts harassing the kids(you obviously can tell that they just came from school) asking them questions and they weren’t answering him because they are minors and they didn’t have a parent present. But any ways it was about 5 kids two girls and three boys. The cop takes one of the boys pats him down and hand cuffs him and pushes him down on the ground. Then he started yelling at the kid. But the lets that kid go and handcuffs another just for the hell of it. While the cop was doing that the boy who was handcuffed at the time sister was standing near and the cop was yelling at her telling her to go away. She said she wasn’t going no where because that was her brother. He eventually uncuffed them and let them go. But the point I’m trying to make is rather than actually doing shit that is meaningful. You want to fucking bother some black kids who just got out of school. So fuck the cops tbh. They are awful. Don’t come at me saying not all cops are bad. Because all I’ll say is idgaf and suck a dick tbqfh.