Ah, here is one of my favorite Statues - Metropia. Named for the metropolis painted upon her silvery skin, she is as solid as the stone and metal of a city street. And yet, she is as graceful as a soaring skyscraper, as delicate as the fanciest of fine architecture. All crenelations and carvings, vaults and vents, tunnels and towers, bowed struts and burnished steel…she is a wonder to behold - a truly masterful feat of engineering.


Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad, India | Sean Patrick McAuliffe

The Golkonda Fort used to have a vault where once the famous Kohinoor and Hope diamonds were stored along with other diamonds including the current Crown Jewel. 

The Golconda fort was first built by Kakatiya as part of their western defenses. It was built in 945 CE-970 CE[1] on the lines of the Kondapalli fort. The city and fortress are built on a granite hill that is 120 meters (400 ft) high and is surrounded by massive crenelated ramparts. The fort was rebuilt and strengthened by Pratapa Rudra of Kakatiya dynasty.[2] The fort was further strengthened by Musunuri Nayaks who overthrew the Tughlak army occupying Warangal. The fort was ceded by the Musunuri chief, Kapaya Nayaka to the Bahmanis as part of the treaty in 1364 AD.[3] The fort became the capital of a major province in the Sultanate and after its collapse the capital of the Qutb Shahi kings. The fort finally fell into ruins after a siege and its fall to Mughal emperor Aurangazeb in 1687 AD.

After the collapse of the Bahmani Sultanat, Golkonda rose to prominence as the seat of the Qutb Shahi dynasty around 1507. Over a period of 62 years the mud fort was expanded by the first three Qutb Shahi kings into a massive fort of granite, extending around 5 km in circumference. It remained the capital of the Qutb Shahi dynasty until 1590 when the capital was shifted to Hyderabad. The Qutb Shahis expanded the fort, whose 7 km outer wall enclosed the city. The state became a focal point for Shia Islam in India, for instance, in the 17th century, Bahraini clerics, Sheikh Ja`far bin Kamal al-Din and Sheikh Salih Al-Karzakani both emigrated to Golkonda.[4]

Building Arkadia Castle part 1

Arkadia Castle is build on a swamp island quite close to the spawn point on Arkadia. It’s my personal home on Arkadia, shared with my daughter Freda; there is also a guest tower with room for visitors. It’s a fairly large structure; each tower is 8x8 blocks, and the long walls are 20 blocks long.

This is the basic layout.

Ground floor almost complete:

Putting in the first floor of what will be my tower:

Battlements nearly complete - hey, what’s that spider doing there??

Three towers almost done:

Beginning to look like a castle:

Central building done, all roofing finished, putting up the battlements on the towers:

Central building completed with a glass roof and crenellations.

It’s a castle!

At this point, it has taken about 6 hours of building, working entirely on my own. In the next post, we’ll work on the front grounds and entrance.

safrona-shadowsun asked:

✔ ❖ ✄

((Shulda known you would send me some of the harder ones! XD I’m going to try to write little IC things as well as more detailed OOC stuff))

✔: What did your muse want to be when they were a child? Did they go on to do this and if so, was it everything that they hoped it would be? Or has this desire changed since, and why?

Will could see it, the shinning moment of his future. He stood at the Northwest tower of the keep, staring out from the crenel to gaze upon his domain. The wind stirred his wheat-gold hair handsomely, and rustled his tabard which proudly bore his family crest emblazoned on a field of green fabric. Green as the ripe land he commanded.

The ogres had been driven out, nearly pushed beyond his borders. A few still took refuge in a cave to the south east, but they would soon find their end. None trod his shinning keep, its walls and buildings brought to full repair. He no longer permitted himself and his men to live in crumbling ruins. All stonework was mended, all wooden structures given their due. He now had a bustling city to run, thanks to their hard work.

The Horde outpost had been burned, the Alliance given their own escort elsewhere. Both certainly tried to reclaim what they once owned, making small camps now and then, raiding his lands. They were met swiftly with force. They were no match for him and his men. The elementals were his biggest trouble these days, but could be avoided and placated easily enough.

He was Lord. And he ruled them well.

((Obviously this boyhood fantasy did NOT come to fruition! My my, how things changed for Willaim… As a boy he could see only the good, knew only what he thought was owed him and his followers. He wanted to be the leader he was intended to be. Once he began to learn of certain alliances made, and what costs his people were willing to make, he began to question it all. He left, going into hiding, and has since carved a new path for himself built from his own hands and efforts. And yes, I am being a bit vague. There are secrets still that Will intends to take to his grave, save for a small handful of ones who have earned his unwavering trust! There is a reason he ALWAYS wears a mask and he took his wife’s name.))

❖: What is the attitude and appearance that your muse presents in public? How does this differ from the attitude they have in private, when they are alone?

There were such days he was glad to be rid of it, the familiar cloth that guarded him even when he could not. Years though it had been, it was now a way of life. A mask he felt too vulnerable to be without. Thumbs gently rubbed the supple black leather before he tossed it in a drawer within his dresser, one more color atop the pile. He had gained quite a few over the over the years.

Willaim sighed, relishing the comfort to be so vulnerable to have a home where he might forgo his mask, and speak more loosely with his words. For his tongue, silvered as it was reputed to be, was within tight control. He was ever aware of the weight and subtle meaning each of his words cost him. It was how he had escaped the Great Dark’s clutches, it was how he answered questions best left to mystery without slighting the inquirer. 

((So yeah, he ever strives to be the dashing mystery man when out of doors, guarding his secrets well and doing so in plain sight. When behind closed doors, he worries more, is more open, and sets aside as much of ‘the rogue’ as he can.))

✄: How does your muse perceive themselves, both internally and externally? How does this differ from how other people may see them?

((This one, I think I will skip the IC for now. Will would call himself steadfast and capable. It is as if nothing is entirely impossible to him. It can be done, it’s just the how, and how much one is willing to bend the rules and definitions to achieve it. He is always striving to do good, to better himself and those he hold dear. [Chaotic Good anyone?]

Yet he feels part monster of late, finding a failing in his ability to control the cursed blood in him and to properly protect his family. He was not expecting to be trapped away from them as he had and it is still something he struggles with. I think he perceives himself a protector foremost, and wrestles with being human and fallible amidst that.

I think others see him as that dashing young rogue. The clever man who can dance in and out of trouble unharmed. He has managed it a few times. He is also incredibly flirtatious, and it can and has lured women after him. Yet he remains loyal to those he has committed himself to. I’m not really certain that many think of him as a protector.

Thanks safrona-shadowsun! ))

Dark Age: #silhouette of #Alisby’s #Castle #Crickhowell with blank #lancet #windows and #stone #wall #coursing
Of course this #rough #texture would have been smoothed over with white #lime #plaster
#drumtower #crenellations #bnw #blackandwhitephoto #blackandwhite #noiretblanc #monochrome #ruleofthree #medieval #historic #fiftyshades_of_history (at Park @ Crickhowell Castle)

Samsung’s Milk VR Gets New Community Channel, Showcases Emerging VR Filmmakers

Announced at this year’s SVVR Conference and Expo by company VP of strategy and creative content Matt Apfel, Samsung wants to open its previously closed VR video app to showcase “high quality content from emerging filmmakers” and doing so on a regular basis.

Because Samsung is still keeping quiet on their exact judging criteria for their curated ‘community channel’, a few of the videos mentioned during the announcement might give us a better indicator of what to aim for:

“Beer with a Grizzly” from Dryft VR is a monoscopic 360 video where the cinematographers encounter a grizzly bear, and instead of making loud noises or curling into the fetal position, they invite it to their table to feed it grapes.

“Fractal Zoom” from Don Whitaker that features an extreme close-up of a fractal rendered in Mandelbulb 3D, moving you through an seemingly infinite series of crenelated fractals set to music.

“11:57” from Henrik + Sofia, a short horror film that was screened on Halloween of last year, that takes you through a nightmarish scenario in an abandoned basement.

Samsung has however set aside number of technical benchmarks that content creators will have to meet if they want to get in the Milk VR app.

  • Resolution: Minimum 4096×2048 (4096×4096 for stereoscopic)
  • Framerate: 23.976 to 60.00
  • Minimum Bitrate: 40,000Kbps (40Mbit)
  • Maximum Bitrate: for high motion, you can upload a higher bitrate, provided that you do not exceed the 25 GB file size limit.
  • Codec: h.264

This and other specifications can be found on the Milk VR FAQ.

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 “But who would even thought that IU and EXO’s leader, Suho would wear something like this in public? You’ll ruin your image once you get caught wearing this thing.” She stretched her arms wide to emphasize her point and the raincoat in a sickly hue of yellow she was wearing made her look like she was floating. Dropping them down to her sides, she briefly looked around and pulled the hood to avoid the raindrops from getting her hair wet. “It’s getting colder now. Should we find some warm place to stay at? A diner or a coffee shop maybe?”

Bewilderment outlined the young leader’s visage whist continuing to attentively watch the lady before him. Crenelated blonde locks were already drenched as droplets of water cascaded down the side of his neck. A pale hand had hovered over brown hues in order to keep himself from getting any more saturated. He could not help, but chortle and give her his infamous “thumbs up”. He had almost forgotten how hideous their raincoats looked. It would cause an uproar if people were to find the two. Although, it would not be difficult due to how radiant and blinding it is.

She seemed like a wee child to him. Pitter-pattering about in the puddles and joyous of the rain. It did not help that her frame was quite petite as well. He reached behind himself to finally grasp his own hood and pulled it forward, reluctantly in unison with IU. A shake of his head and a laughter escaped his lips. After hearing her sudden concern of the temperatures dropping, Suho nodded and immediately grabbed her forearm.

A glance to the left, then right. He cautiously gave her a slight tug to follow along and cross the streets before traffic were to occur.  

Taj Mahal: One Of The “New” Seventh Wonders of the World

Taj Mahal: One Of The “New” Seventh Wonders of the World

Clear Persian and Arabic, “crown of palaces” from the Taj Mahal, Agra in the Indian city located on the south bank of the Yamuna River is a white marble tomb. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, the tomb of his three home (reigned 1628-1658).

Construction was completed in 1653 and led by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri guidance of a board of architects had been employed around 20,000 workers. Domed marble mausoleum gardens and surrounded on three sides by a crenellated wall consisting of two red nsandstone buildings is part of an integrated complex.

The best example of Mughal architecture, the Taj Mahal is regarded by many as the more widely, “the jewel of Muslim art in India as” recognized. It is one of the world’s most famous buildings and rich history of India is a symbol of. 1983 UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, Taj Mahal attracts some 3 million visitors a year.

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