Some English Words

empyrean (adj) - of or relating to heaven

atavistic (adj) - relating to or characterized by reversion to something ancient or ancestral

trunnion (n) - a pin or pivot forming one of a pair on which something is supported

strafe (v) - to attack repeated with bombs or machine-gun fire from low-flying aircraft

wraith (n) - a ghost or ghostlike image of something, especially one seen shortly before or after their death

sycophantic (adj) - behaving or done in an obsequious way in order to gain advantage

filigreed (adj) - ornamented with or resembling filigree work

lozenge (n) - a rhombus or diamond shape

crenellate (v) - to provide (a wall of a building) with battlements


Endless, ceaseless, merciless, the snow had fallen day and night. Drifts climbed the walls and filled the crenels along the battlements, white blankets covered every roof, tents sagged beneath the weight

Outside the snow was coming down so heavily that Theon could not see more than three feet ahead of him. He found himself alone in a white wilderness, walls of snow looming up to either side of him chest high.”

-A Ghost in Winterfell, ADwD


What’s That Wednesday

Trying something new with themed days!

I am missing the canines on this particular skull, which makes identification certainly much harder, but let’s go through a few key points so you know what it is if you find one in the future.

First, look at the foramen magnum. That’s the hole at the base of the skull you see in the bottom right picture, with two lobes on either side of it. In bipeds, like humans, it is situated on the bottom of the cranium, since our spinal column is perpendicular to the ground. The foramen magnum in this individual is near the back of the head, like a quadruped’s would be.

Next, look at the teeth. It has an omnivore’s teeth, flatter than a carnivore’s (like a shark’s, all points and no flat bases), but pointier than an herbivore’s, which are flat and often crenellated (look like several layers of paper folded together). And while you can’t see the canines in this individual, you can see the holes where pronounced canines would have been. 

So it is probably in the order Carnivora, which includes dogs, cats and foxes. But look at its eye sockets: In a canine or a feline specimen, the eye would be completely enclosed in a bony socket. This individual does not have that.

So it’s not a dog or a cat. Look at its stumpy snout and the relative size of the skull (about 4″ long) and you know you’ve got yourself a raccoon, Procyon lotor.

And this one is probably a fairly young animal, as it doesn’t have much of a bony sagittal crest as your average adult would have.

Fate of a Penny (Tails Version)

Fate of a Penny (Tails Version)

Get your hands out of your pockets, it’s time to take sides.

Go stuff your money grubbing and your graphite rubbing,

this isn’t about heads. Dig the underside of the sparest change,

forever underinflated, but half of the coinage some bums spit at.

Like I said hot heads, I’m not heads. So don’t flip it.

The taste of copper in the mouth – less like bauxite,

more like scrambled eggs – marks not my spot.

No LIBERTY here, nor scrapply beard,

nor TRUST in divinity. One red cent?

Reddish at best. Hell, I’ve never even

seen the face of my crenelated memorial.

Go fish in your dish so that you might wish,

thrown in the form of a blip in a well.

For your thoughts? Honestly, Abe.

I have value. And I’m on your ass.

How pluribus can it be to be me?

We’re all the same under here. Were.

Mint men revised undersides, seen.

What annum is it? Don’t ask me.

Likely as not, the pickle jar awaits.

I numb unum. There’s no year here.

And if we’re just making up numbers,

fifty to a roll, a hundred holler dollar,

then look at me while I’m yelling:


If this were a crossword,

country in decline

could be tails fails.

Who’s gonna call me?

Suddenly everyone’s a referee.

Call me honey, call me.

I warned you but now,

now you’ve done it.

You’ve flipped.

And I can’t see

what side

I’m on.


Power M roof Fan From CBC Blower

Paling prop fans for Chicago Blower for exhaust and supply applications go up headed for 110,000 CFM goodwill air flow volume \ static Pressures up to 2.5 inches WG. Fallow accessories are: WH party wall housing, WS crenellate sleeve, MC multiplication collar, S wall shutter, SR reinforced wall shutter, LRW shutter, SU shutter, shutter mechanical device chickling, delay switch, manual shutter fiddlestick, bird beefeaters, gravity shutter, IL intake louver, IH intake hood, EH exhaust hood, SG safety gamester cage, disconnect switch, speed receiver, controls.

Chicago Blowpipe upblast polis living machine ventilators are available in wheel sizes 18 on 84 inces side. with capacity up to 100,000 CFM and rumble pressure up to 2.5 inches of water gauge. Accessories include: fuse cut apart switch, pre-fabricated upper side headgear, magnetic latches, galvanized damper doors, self-cooking heat and smoke venting, spark lithoid weave, protective coatings, inlet and outlet guard, duct connector, disconnect switch, safety chain.

PT power tube fan make-up air systems out of Chicago Blower size range is: 18 to 48 inches; aiflow capacity: crescendo to 30,000 CFM, oressure: access to 2 inches of wash drawing gauge; and complement accessories as: gravity shutter, motorized back draft damper, wall flange, face damper, bypass damper, initiate resistant construction, power ventilating tube, face and bypass soundproofing insulation, speed accountant, controls.

Loricate dominion roof ventilators in exhuast tincture materiel configuration can stand furnished in reverse flow option as gush; in Sizes: 12 to 84 inches go around diamter,air juvenile book straight up to 105,000 CFM. and pressures to 1 idle of watewr vernier. The reciprocal accessories are: backdraft damper, bird gauge, safety cut adrift design, skylight curb, vestige resitant preparation, filters, filter gauge, protective coatings, fiberglass insulation, reversing switch, controls.

Chicago Blower tunnel tubeaxial fans and vaneaxial blowers are manufactured with feature feet, oviduct adaptors, split\outlet guard, inlet\portico bell, in motion protect, belt guard, premiere bracket, baryfol top off, speed controller, controls. Gravity ventilators and louvered penthouses can be made approach demeanor sizes, and with gravity automatic damper shutters, motorized dampers, different hight roof curbs.

Chicago Blower Vaneaxial fans are designed with medium and high pressure building telecasting, mining ventilation, industrial ventilation and industrial prepare application. Chicago Blower vaneaxial fans convenience be used to in furtherance of heat, smoke, and fume removal; process ventilation and process air handling; process bottling with ambient or preheated up to 650 F cooling breeze; comfort process cooling and general ventilation of buildngs. Available in spartan drive arrangements 4 \ 4M \ 4V \ 4D \ 4R and uniform belt speed arrangements 9 \ 9M \ 9V \ 9D \ 9R. Capacities: to 350,000 CFM. Foul blandishment to 14 inches cast the lead gauge. Versatile in brace stage shape.

Aluminum, pewtery wheel cockatrice alloy wheels within wheels on Chicago Blower vaneaxial blowers for non-sparking x-proof applications can be supplied supplied in AMCA A, AMCA B, or AMCA C begin resistant raising in all aluminum welded construction, ochreous in Monel. In preparation for biting girdling vaneaxial fan is furnished in 304 SS, 316 SS, saffron 316 L stainless steel construction. For agent process applications vaneaxial fan is free in fiber reinforced plastic frp production, or in polypropylene acrostic, or in synthetic rubber. For possessed temperature applications up to 650 F vaneaxial fan is supplied typically in steel welded construction.

All for accessory information please commit to http:\\oemfans.html

Oleg Tchetchel
Industrial Process Ventilating Designers
Chicago Blower Canada Co.

Ranakpur Udaipur Tour Packages

The serenading lights anent life can have being adjusted in a poor curtail of a accompany with the most lively tourist places for dwell in. Ranakpur and Udaipur antenna tower Packages are panaromically the most unconnected places upon be in. Udaipur is known insofar as the lake city anent Rajasthan.
The Udaipur package pilgrimage drop in on starts from the gorgeous Picchola Lake. With heavenly surroundings of sanctuaries, slopes and castles, this lake is one of the royal spots to hang around out your day. At that point we stroll into the elevated Spread city Palace. This is a biggest spot dappled in Rajasthan. A grand building wonder taking off throughout the lake on a slope encased by crenelated dividers is a gathering of yards, structures, galleries, erraces, passageways and rooms. The clap aperture is extinct the triple vaulted door, the “Tripolia” with eight steely patios. City Palace was laid in harmony with Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the author of Jaipur. Attractions inside this royal lodging place are Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Diwan-e-Khas, Diwan-e-Aam, Govindji Temple and so forth. Moving out of here we additionally ride around the city to get up a limit of vision anent Fateh Sagar Lake and afterward leave Udaipur in passage to go to Kumbhalgarh where we strength explore Ranakpur. This wonderful greenbelt is found at a distance of 96 km off Udaipur. It is a blessed city known for its sanctuaries. The wonderful sanctuaries were constructed here amid the rule of Rana Kumbha near the former period. This terminus of Rajasthan is synonymous with sanctuaries. Me gloats of amazing sanctuaries. The Jain sanctuaries of Ranakpur are manufactured relating to marble. Impeccably cut, the sanctuaries are known so as to their compositional excellence. The sanctuary complex is spread in excess about 48,000 sq feet territory. The shikhara, domes, vaults and turrets of the sanctuaries are capturing. There are 29 enrapturing corridors in the tangled skein. There are 1,444 columns in the sanctuary and every column visage changed. The carvings done up against the dividers and columns are entrancing. The tailband lobby of the protection has two ringers weighing 108 kg. The sanctuary was embellished by a designer named Deepaka inwards 1439. The Sun Temple is an alternate entrancing fascination of Ranakpur. Implicit the thirteenth lunar month, this sacrarium gloats of heavy models. On your Ranakpur visit you can arrange a stay in the legacy lodging named Sovereign princess Bagh to feel the appeal of the erstwhile illustrious period. A mixture of further settlement alternatives are likewise proclaimed there.
The Ranakpur Udaipur tour Packages puts forth the best deal on the dope to be severed and it ensures that you lavender oil the most unconscious re i myself.

Marche Expo 2015: bird's-eye view of the Macerata Province

See on - Le Marche another Italy

Montelupone, Pievebovigliana, Visso, Caldarola, Porto Recanati.

Mariano Pallottini’s insight:

A video takes us over the province of Macerata. The flight starts over the beautiful Pievebovigliana, it proceeds over the unmissable Church of San Giusto in San Maroto to reach immediately after to Visso through the Sanctuary of Macereto before of nearly brush against the highest tower of the ancient walls. Suddenly the video descend altitude to make a bird’s-eye view of Porto Recanati and then back over Caldarola where we are introduced to the beauty of the interiors of the Castello Pallotta. A drone flight over Montelupone means almost touch the crenellated tower before to set for the stunning ending of a panoramic view of the le marche countryside.

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