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The same golden tiger as before, this time quite calm and resting on his platform.

On March 29th, 1995, Deanna Cremin (17) called her mother to let her know she wouldn’t make it home in time for her 10 pm curfew, but shortly after. She was studying at the house of her boyfriend, Tommy LeBlanc, who lived fairly close to her in Somerville, Massachusetts.

But by midnight, Deanna hadn’t arrived home. Her mother tried paging her, with no results. She believed that the teenager had ended up staying over at her boyfriend’s and was planning to give her a lecture when she showed up the next day. But instead, on the morning of March 30th, the partially naked body of Deanna was found in the back of a senior housing complex, barely a block away from her house. She had been strangled.

It’s been over 21 years since Deanna’s murder and the identity of her killer remains a mystery, despite police saying every year that they are close to solving the case. Since the start, there have been three persons of interest in the case. One was a local firemen who, according to Deanna’s friends, had become interested in her, despite being twenty years older. Another is an unidentified man in his 40s (at the time) that was seeing by some witness in the area where Deanna was found, around the time of the murder.

The third person of interest is, of course, the boyfriend, Tommy. He claimed that the night of the 29th, he walked Deanna halfway to her house and left. Deanna’s family, however, has said this is odd, since he always walked her right to her door and then called her when he got back home. Yet that night he didn’t call. According to an article I found in the Boston Globe, two months after Deanna’s murder, Tommy’s mother got a restraining order against him, claiming that he had mood swings and bad temper after his girlfriend’s death.

None of these men have ever been charged and the case remains unsolved. 

-Si depilano
-Si fanno ciglia e sopracciglia
-Vanno in palestra
-Si fanno la manicure
-Si mettono le cremine antirughe

Ah.. Questi uomini.