Lipliner 101

the 3 general purposes for lipliner:

longer lasting lip color
when you apply a layer of lipliner all over the lips before you apply lipstick, that helps the lipstick hold onto something, which makes it last longer. if you’re looking for a lipliner to make your lips last longer, I recommend a shade that is similar or exactly the same to your lipstick. (feel free to message me for specific shade matches!) Also, lip liner can avoid feathering; when your lipstick starts to bleed out of your lips.

if you’re dealing with a super matte lipstick, or even a super glossy slick one, it can sometimes get messy and go over the lips. you can clean it off but if the lipstick color is a dark vamp or a bright red, it’s harder to take off and can stain your skin. if you use a freshly sharpened lipliner, the dryer (than lipsticks) formula will help outline the lips so you know exactly where to apply lipstick afterwards. 

fuller looking lips
of course this had to be put in here since last year was a huge hit in the ‘overlining the lips’ department. this works especially if you’re using a MLBB lipliner shade. if you over line on the cupids bow and the bottom center of your lips, you’ll end up with a poutier lip look! the shade of the lipliner should be very similar to your natural lip color but a shade or 2 darker to get a shadowy appearance for more dimension.
you can see my favorite everyday lipliners perfect for overlining here:

favorite lipliner brands:
• MAC (note- the cremestick lipliner feel more creamy and “sticky” compared to the regular pencil lipliners)
• Makeup Forever (my love for their lipliners are endless- ANY skin tone can find their perfect everyday lipliner in one of these shades: 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C and 5C)
• Urban Decay (a lot of neutrals)
• NYX (many MAC dupes!)