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Lifestyle of the Rich and Miraculous

Summary:  If Marinette’s life was a movie, it would be a straight to video cheesy drama. You want fashion, unrequited love, and friendship? Grab a camera and follow her around for a day.

Rating: Not rated! Not sure what direction I want to take this.

Words:  2000+

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except this story!! All credits go to the writers of Miraculous Ladybug!! I wasn’t sure if they announced the exact name of Gabriel’s fashion house so I went with something easy. I also know nothing of fashion and how fashion shows really work, but I tried to do a little bit of research. This is AU!!!



“What do you mean the shoes don’t fit?”

“We need the next model to go up now!”

“Get this poor boy over to makeup!”

As of right now being in a hectic room with over 70 models, 60 make-up artists, and numerous designers was not the most ideal situation to be in, but for Marinette Dupain-Cheng it was a normal day at work. Pushing pass production members, adjusting outfits on models so they could strut their stuff on the catwalk, and trying not to have a nervous breakdown was definitely normal. Fashion was Marinette’s life so she couldn’t complain. Even with the long hours, lack of sleep, and dealing with clients who might as well have been sent by the devil; Marinette wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You are a Dupain-Cheng! Hard work and determination will always pay off in the end.“ Words to live by thanks to her father. Without the love and support of her parents, Marinette wasn’t sure how she would have made it as far as she did in this world. Especially in a world where fashion made you “it’s bitch” as her best friend Ayla liked to put it.

While being in this industry had its negative moments the good times outweighed the bad by far. Tonight is a prime example of that. Tonight is where Paris’ Fashion Week comes to a close with one of the world’s leading fashion houses to put the cherry on top. Agreste Creations was known for bringing fashion to the next level. Agreste always pulled out all the stops for their numerous lines, which was why Marinette made it her mission to work there as soon as she was done with college.

After receiving an internship, Marinette was given the chance to showcase her skills for the head of the company himself, Gabriel Agreste when a designers had quit on him a day before they were to meet with Vogue Paris for a Fall shoot. It was one of those, don’t screw this up or you’ll never work in this country again kind of moments. A moment Marinette never took for granted.  Within a span of two years she went from being a wet behind the ears young woman with a dream to a senior level designer.

“Marinette, we have a problem!” A voice calls out causing Marinette’s focus to switch gears. Briskly walking over to one of the team leaders who looked as if she saw a murder, Marinette put on her best game face.

“What’s going on?” Marinette’s eyes glance behind the frantic woman just in time to see one of the male models running by in only his boxers. “What in th-”

“He says he had gotten sick earlier, but figured he could still do the show. He threw up all over his clothes and another model is suppose to take his place, but he isn’t here yet! I believe he just finished another show across town! The next group is suppose to go on in twelve minutes!”

The girl’s entire explanation was a jumbled mess. She was obviously new at this, but Marinette was like her at one point and understood what it was like to be in situations like these. “Do we have any idea who the model is?” The girl shakes her head and hands Marinette a clipboard. “I wrote down his information, but I was too busy freakin- I mean assessing the situation to get his name.”

Skimming over the paper Marinette starts formulating how she wanted the model to look. One of her many talents was putting together various styles in her head without having the model near her. Because of this Marinette quickly went up the ranks becoming a force to be reckoned with during photoshoots and shows as grand as this within the company. “Let me know once the model is in hair and make-up and I will take care of it.”

“Ten minutes! Group C, you have ten minutes.” Another person yells.

With that Marinette quickly enters a large room filled with men’s clothing on racks, grabbing as many articles of clothing as she could. The adrenaline rush she felt as she analyzed each garment was one of the things she loved most about this job.

One of the production managers walks in breaking Marinette from her concentration. “We got your model, Ms. Cheng.”  

“Send him in.” She felt the presence of a few people enter the room as she grabbed a pair of shoes. Figuring it was the model surrounded by hair and make-up artists she turns towards them with a look of determination. “Let’s get you fi…” Marinette’s words slowly trail off as she comes face to face with the man she was suppose to work with.

Adrien Agreste, her bosses son and the man of her dreams.

Adrien Agreste was a fine specimen who Marinette had the pleasure of meeting at the same photoshoot that got her a permanent job at Agreste. She knew of his existence prior to that. In fact the entire world knew the son of Gabriel Agreste. He’s been modeling since he could walk and made seasoned models look like Quasimodo. Marinette remembered seeing him at the age of fourteen on the cover of J-14. His big smile, golden locks, and bright green eyes were all it took to make most girls faint. Fast forward ten years later and he still had that effect on women.

When Adrien spoke to her for the first time he said he was glad that she was the only one around that wasn’t trying to get in his pants. Which she replied with “I wouldn’t be able to fit anyway.” She died from embarrassment and he practically died laughing. Getting tongue tied and saying the wrong things was a trait Marinette loathed to no end. The only good thing to come from that experience was receiving a nod of approval from Gabriel and a “Don’t make us regret this.” from his secretary.

She worked with Adrien a few more times after that and the end results were the same. More rambling, more laughter and Marinette still couldn’t muster up the courage to carry out a decent conversation with him. Ayla tried coaching her in the art of dating, but in Marinette’s eyes she was a lost cause. What young, insanely hot supermodel in their right mind would want to date someone who wasn’t equally as beautiful? Plus, she heard through the grapevine that a starlet by the name of Chloé Bourgeois, caught his attention. Can’t really compete with a pretty blonde who probably had daddy buy her way to where she is.

“Heard you needed an extra body.” Adrien smiles at her as one man tousles his hair from side to side and a woman dabs his face with some sort of powder. The most baffling thing about their uncomfortable encounters was that he continued to strike small talk with Marinette. He was so nice and the thought of that made him even more attractive. 

“Yours will definitely do.” Did that sound as bad as she thought it did? “I mean I appreciate the help! Put these on so we can make you more attractive than you already are. Which would be hard considering you’re so…” She was doing it again. Coughing awkwardly she hands him a cream plaid shirt, a navy blue vest and matching pants, along with a tweed grey coat. It didn’t take the man long to dress himself into the vision Marinette had created. With a couple of adjustments to the jacket and a few pulls and tugs later she takes a step back to marvel at her work.

He was truly a work of art that she didn’t deserve to lay eyes on. But something was missing. ‘A hat maybe? No, it would kill the look completely.’ Placing one hand on her hips and another under her chin she bites her bottom lip deep in thought. Then it came to her. Walking over to one of the boxes containing unused accessories she rummages through the large container in hopes to find the item that would bring the look together.

“Got it!” She perks up while pulling out a dark blue bow tie and makes her way over to him. “Just gonna add this…um..thing here and we should be done.” It was amazing how well Marinette kept her composure around Adrien. The one thing Marinette valued more than Adrien’s opinion of her was her job. While she was extremely awkward when he was near she still had to put in some level of professionalism into her interactions with him. That meant getting over her infatuation with him for at least a minute or two and doing her job.

Getting close enough to tie the bow tie around his neck, Adrien straightens himself so she could properly adjust the small accessory. Just because she had to act professional didn’t mean her stomach wasn’t going to do flips. On the outside she was cool, calm, and focused, but her insides were like a war zone. Not many women can say they were this close to him. They would most likely kill to be in a position where you could hear his heartbeat in a slow rhythm. The smell of him alone was intoxicating. “Pineapples…” She whispers under her breath.  “You say something?” Adrien asks, his eyes glancing down at her.  She curses inwardly and looks up at him with a nervous smile. “I was going to get pineapple slices at the…um… craft service table!” 

Before he could even respond another manager makes an announcement.

“Two minutes, people! Let’s get our beauties out there!”

Thank goodness for time crunching. Another few seconds and Marinette would have to add this moment onto her forever growing list of awkward times with Adrien.

“Looks like that’s my cue.” Adrien turns to face the large mirrors quickly practicing a few poses. He gives Marinette a thumbs up signifying the look definitely works and proceeds to walk out with his stylist team in tow. 

“Break a leg! Not really, but…” ‘Stop talking and just wave Marinette!’ She waves him goodbye with a wide smile in hopes to send him off before she said something completely dumb. As if she didn’t already do that at least twice tonight. “Mari!” Hearing the sound of a familiar feminine voice replaced Marinette’s awkward smile with one that was genuine. 

Heading out the vast room Marinette spotted her ombre haired friend. “Ayla!” Marinette practically pounces on her friend, giving her the tightest hug she could. Most of the events Marinette worked, Ayla was there as a publicist. From celebrity scandals to holding red carpet interviews, Ayla was well known for bringing the public in on the life of the rich and the famous. It all started when she created a blog back when they were still in high school. One post led to another and she was suddenly the go to expert on all things popular. “Whoa, girl! You’re lucky I love you or I’d smack you for wrinkling this $500 dress.” A small laugh escapes Ayla’s lips as she returns the hug. “If you were here thirty seconds earlier you would understand why I need this hug.”

“Let me guess. You accidentally set fire to a craft service table and blamed it on electrical wiring?” That happened once and Marinette has yet to live that incident down. 

“First of all, it’s not my fault the tables were highly flammable! Second, I am a complete spazz and I hate it.” Marinette frowns and hangs her head. Ayla picked up on the problem right away and gently patted her friend’s head. “Mari, I keep telling you that you gotta be confident. Take it from someone who has done stories on celebrity romance. Be direct, be honest and most importantly be yourself!” Why did that sound like some cheesy caption on an inspirational poster?

Taking advice from someone who wrote about gossip for a living wasn’t the brightest move, but taking advice from your best friend was a entirely different story. They tell you the things you don’t wanna hear, but you know deep down they are right. Marinette was grateful for her friend more than most realized. “You’re my own personal Jiminy Cricket, Ayla. I love you so much.” She smiles softly and pulls her friend in for another hug.

“It’s my job to help my girl out even when she’s a clumsy, spazz who is worth so much more than she realizes.” Yup, she definitely was her best friend. Who else had the ability to point out her bad qualities and still made her feel special. “Anyway, you’re still coming with me to Cataclysm, right? I heard that’s where everyone is heading to after this.” 

Cataclysm was a nice little spot if you liked loud music, crowded spaces, and overactive drunks. The only nights you would catch Marinette there were Fridays. Friday nights were always masquerade night. It gave celebrities the opportunity to dress up and party without the hassle of having their face plastered on TV the next day. It gave Marinette the chance to unwind and drink her lovesick problems away. Responsibly, of course. 

In all honesty Marinette wanted to head home and sleep for at least three days. In order to pull off such a huge event required months of planning, no sleep, and patience which was something Marinette had to quickly learn. But having bailed on Ayla two weekends in a row made her feel horrible. “Already have my outfit!” She gave Ayla a weak smile. “Perfect! I would have dragged you over there if you said otherwise.” It wouldn’t have been the first nor second time. If there was one thing Marinette learned about her friend was that, she says what she means and means what she says. “Meet me after the show so we can head home together! Now if you’ll excuse me, I see a Sean O’pry who I need to introduce myself to.” And just like that Ayla was gone.

The regret of accepting their little outing was gnawing at her. Just what had Marinette agreed to? 


Wrote this 3 days ago and I’ve been so nervous to post it. I swear if there is something wrong I will lose my shit. 

Why pineapples? I read that models who work back to back are often covered in random things like glitter or whatever…soooo…yeah!

If you don’t know who Sean O’pry is, he’s the model in the Taylor Swift Blank Space video. 

 I would also like to have someone edit my future work. I have trouble placing commas and semicolons in the right spot and I am infamously known for making typos no matter how many times I proofread. I am unsure if the next chapter shall be in Adrien’s POV, but we shall see. Should I continue? Should I just stop while I’m at it? Let me know!  

Cuddles & Movies ~ Dongwoo

Vibrant colors started to slowly fade behind the clouds while the sun descended lower and lower until it couldn’t be seen. Pinks, oranges and golds were brightly painted across the sky before the slowly started to fade, letting the beautiful moon to claim the sky as its’ stars started to twinkle. The beautiful azure sky started to slowly change into beautiful shades of grey, watching the amazing show that nature showcased.

Pushing your code slowly into the keypad of your door, you listened to the beeps after every button that you pushed before the door unlocked and sang it’s gentle song to welcome you home. A tired sigh escaped your lips as you stepped into the entrance of your apartment.

Pushing the door closed you slowly let your head drop forward until your chin rested on your chest. Allowing your eyes to close for a brief moment, you slipped out of your work shoes and relieved your feet from the confines that they were in all day. Peeling off your jacket from your shoulders, you carefully hung it up on one of the empty hooks by the door after you placed your purse on the bench below your coats.

Opening your eyes, shadows were lightly cast from the disappearing sunset light as you carefully padded your way into your bedroom. Pushing open your slightly closed door, you flipped on the light and unbuttoned your creme colored shirt, pulling the shirt out of your navy blue pencil skirt you headed into your closet to change into some slightly large and very comfy pajama pants and an old comfortable shirt.

Pushing the door open with your hip, you lifted your hands up to your hair with your fingers carefully undoing your hair that was in a tight bun. Unraveling your bun with your fingers, you smiled softly to yourself feeling relaxed and comfy at last.

Slowly heading out into your kitchen, you pulled open the door to your pantry as you tried to find something to eat. Tapping your bottom lip with your finger, you slightly cocked one leg while you decided on what would be good to eat. Picking up a bag of pretzels, your fingers found the little treats and lead them up to your mouth.

Taking the load off of your feet, you lifted yourself up onto your counter top while you hummed at the little snack that was slowly filling your stomach. A sudden knock on your door caught you off guard causing your head to snap around and look over at the door. Remaining completely still, you waited to see if the person behind the door would leave. However they just knocked again, slipped off of the counter, you made your way over to the door.

Fiddling with the locks, you pulled the door open slightly to see a familiar face snap up from looking at the ground.

“H-Hi Jagiya~” His sweet voice sang as it shook a little while he quickly shifted from one foot to the other.

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