creme pumps

Judge My Drink: Ristretto Edition 2

Judge my drink? Haha. A grande one bag, 1/3 water, half sweet, half 2% half whole milk, free poured earl grey tea latte

Yo, I dont know you but I bet you own at least one visor. 

are you still judging drinks? I get a venti chai creme frappuccino, 4 pumps chai, 2 pumps vanilla, only a tall scoop of ice, and caramel drizzle on top of extra whip (I also work at Starbucks)

How’s that first summer job working out for you?

Judge my drink… Trenta Iced Coffee with 3 pumps White Mocha, 3 Pumps toffee nut, 2 espresso shots, and cream, stirred.

You’re the type to scream your own name when you cum. 

Judge my drink; Venti Valencia orange refresher, lemonade instead of water, and 4 pumps of raspberry layered to look like a sunset

You’re gonna be a hot mess when you get to college. 

Judge my drink - In summer, a grande peppermint mocha. In winter, a grande peppermint mocha frappucino

You’re a socks-with-sandals kind of guy. Even worse, you know how awful that footwear choice is so you wear it defiantly. Fuck the haters, right?

Judge my drink? Venti cappuccino w/whipped cream. Nothing special.

You know you’re not nearly as cool as you’ve convinced other people you are. Dont worry, your secrets safe with me. 

Judge my drink: iced decaf venti americano with 10 equal and 2 teaspoons chocolate powder.

You’re type of person who, at 35, still thinks the breadsticks meme is funny.