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8 Black Pastors Whose Net Worth is 200 Times Greater Than Folks in Their Local Communities - Atlanta Blackstar
Creflo Dollar Creflo Dollar is senior pastor of World Changers Church International with a net worth of $27 million. He leads one of the nation’s largest mega-churches, located in College Park, Georgia. Dollar also hosts a television show, Changing Your World, on cable networks. The New York Times reported that Dollar owns a million-dollar Atlanta home, drives …

we gon talk about prosperity gospel or nah?

We're accepting of the love that we think we deserve

This quote has been in my head for a long time (I think it’s from a movie or something), and I’m sure it wasn’t meant in this context, but it reminds me of internalized abuse.

Especially now with mega church pastor Creflo Dollar in the news for chocking and beating his daughter - an many of his parishanors speaking out against her calling the police on him… Its really telling to how women, especially black women, are just expected to remain in a certain place or risk physical and emotional abuse. Even with the quote I posted earlier with Beyonce’s praised motherhood vs Erykah Badu’s vilified motherhood - black women get degraded to unspeakable levels for stepping out of such narrowly drawn lines.

Imagine growing up in that life. With controlling fathers and mothers who co-sign that ideology. It’s hard to develop a legitimate belief that you DON’T deserve to be treated that way, or accept that treatment from lovers, friends, society. It’s hard to say “how dare you treat me that way” when that how you’ve always been treated. and its hard to feel safe when you’re used to those you care about hurting you. What does love even mean when abuse is almost always a part of the package anyway? These are things that need to be unlearned - but our society only reinforces these ideas everywhere you turn anyway.

It takes a village to raise a child but if that entire village promotes toxic relationships, abuse and the emotional manipulation of you girls… She’s better off on her own.


Now this is theology done right!

A GREAT idea from What About Our Daughters blog....

If you’re outraged by the crucification of Creflo Dollar’s daughter, please take time to write a brief thank you note to Sheriff Wayne Hannah thanking he and his deputies for answering this young woman’s distress call.

A Black girl was in crisis. They responded.

They didn’t ignore her or throw her under the bus and now they are catching grief about it from the Civil Rights Industrial Complex . It doesn’t have to be a long note just a “Thank you for responding to Creflo Dollar’s daughter’s call for assistance. The Georgia NAACP is wrong.” and leave it at that.

i sent my thank you email this morning :)

Dear Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, and every money preacher

it seems that you are always short on money even though some of you earned $100 million last year. It must be tough on your back walking around with big pockets.

I hear your pain. My daughter has Epilepsy, Autism, and dyspraxia. Just the other day I had to find $400 for her orthotics. Also we pay $150 a week for her speech therapy. Don’t worry coz Medicare covers half. Also we regular have to travel down to the children’s hospital for appointments so I can understand having to come up with extra cash for unexpected expenses. If that wasn’t enough, I had surgery for Testicular Cancer 15 months ago. I still get regular pain and find it hard to sit down sometimes even though the doctors say that the can’t find anything.

Wait a minute, listen to me raving on about myself. How selfish of me. It’s nothing compared to the trouble you guys are going through. Stuff like having to find funds to purchase a Citizen X jet, paying $10 million for your 50 story mansion, and other unexpected expenses like staff and lawn maintenance and figuring out which Caribbean island to spend your vacation.

You keep asking for people to send ‘faith seeds’ so you can send them “real anointing oil” from the holy land in a little vile for $5 when you can by a whole bottle of extra-virgin for $10 from Coles.

It’s time for you all to put your money where your mouth is. I have an answer to your financial need so you can make another $100 million dollars in this financial year.

You seem to talk a lot about the parable of the sower where you sow something and you’ll get 10 or 100 fold back so here’s what I want you to do…. Please send me $1000 and you can have the $100,000 God will send you in return.

Yet Another Reason why the Church is Irrelevant

“Sensibilities toward violence have changed so much that religious people today compartmentalize their attitude to the Bible. They pay it lip service as a symbol of morality, while getting their actual morality from more modern principles.” - Steven Pinker, The Better Angels of Our Nature

And just like that, people forgot about Creflo Dollar almost as quickly as they did Eddie Long.

Yet Creflo Dollar is Creflo Dollar. He is flamboyant, unwavering, arrogant, and bullheaded. If you don’t believe me, do a google search on the audio he flaunts that is a recording of people being tormented in hell. Everyone in his congregation bought it.

The crazy thing about is alleged domestic violence charge is that like Eddie Long, Dollar doesn’t deny anything. Dollar actually says that he should have never been arrested. While it is true that none of us were present and it’s his word against his daughters, Dollar and many religious leaders who not only preach the prosperity gospel but stick the evangelical side of things, believe that no one should mettle in their family’s business. Like many religious leaders and community activists, Dollar feels that family business should remain family business. No one should be airing dirty laundry.

In both Long and Dollar’s court cases, the church as well as the Black and Brown community had an opportunity to discuss sexual and physical abuse, but lost this opportunity in faux black nationalism and religious patriarchy. While both cases have yet to be fully explored in a court of law, both parties have refused to even acknowledge the crimes they have been accused of. Their supporters refused to question anything and the rest of us have forgotten these crimes.

My point isn’t to prove that Long and Dollar are guilty but that we should discuss these issues. We should challenge the church when it comes to abuse and misogyny. Instead we are drowned in outdated scriptures and platitudes. Dollar’s only explanation is to blame the “culture” on individualism and selfishness. We are given parables of false prophets and told that it is the forces of Satan that are invading our homes.

I am clear on the idea that the church was never created to allow debate and criticism. That’s why the leaders are called preachers and the congregants are considered sheep. The church wasn’t built on debate only the consolidation of power. Again, this exclaims that the church is outdated especially in the 21st century whether white or black. Here we had two opportunities to really challenge the church. Instead many of us accepted the nonsense or the church just redoubled their efforts to silence the criticism.

Well, welcome to the terrordome.