I was cutting some stuff today, then came up with these. I haven’t done any of these design things in awhile, but I wanted to try with these from my recent trips. What do you think of them?


So I’ve been working on getting ready to travel again. So I wanted to give you guys and gals something to look at while I do some stuff on the backend. Until then, here’s some photos from my travels that you can use as wallpaper!! CreeseWorks Wallpaper Series 1! DMV/LA/SEA. Enjoy!


Recent illustrations. thisfeliciaday (author of NYT Best Seller “You’re Never Weird On the Internet [Almost])& Kendrick Lamar (the creative force behind "To Pimp a Butterfly”)

“Thirst for POWER”. Illustration by CreeseWorks

The fact that he’s finally gone struck this image into my head, a parody of Kanye’s “Power” single. I loved the art style of George Condo, so I thought I would give it a try on this one.