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~ Midnight

I'm not exactly sane

I am 14 and living with my mom. We live overall a very nice life. Nothing too bad happened until…um… recent events. Everything is fine at home, I wish I could say the same about school. I have one or two friends but most of the time everyone hates me. They don’t physically damage me but they mentally break me. The teasing ranges from silent whispers and pointing, to public humiliation, to cyber bullying anonymously. They would say things like, “omg she’s crazy!” to “Freak” “looser” one time a girl drew an- inappropriate- design on my locker. That led me to spiral into depression. I hid it well at home. Never telling mom how it actually was. My only escape, was my sketchbook. I never let anyone see it. It was my safe place. I didn’t even let my mom see it. One time I caught her looking through it and nearly died. So basically I lived an alter ego. I was happy cheery straight A student, at school I was the lonely goth tortured fag. I drew things. Odd things, nice things, funny things…..horrifying things. I drew those the most. I was obsessed and I mean, OBSESSED with creepypastas, I loved the dark. I drew characters. They were the creepypasta characters. I drew Jason the Toymaker, Laughing Jack, Jeff the killer, and my own character Raven. She had black hair, wore the NightGuards uniform, and had a style of hair where you could only see one eye. She was nice, but the thing was, I focused mainly on the gore. Raven was possessed. She killed people, tortured her coworkers, but I loved it. Somehow, those characters, those stories, those movies, those wonderful wonderfully horrible things, became my friends. I drew them everyday. I read stories and every time I read a new creepypasta I make another friend. And the thing was, the main ones, like BEN drowned, Play With Me, Bloody Painter, they didn’t scare me no, the ones that scared me were the ones no one heard of. Like, The Showers, Dead Connection, Facebook Friends, Russian Sleep Experiment, I read them till 2:00am and sleep with the lights on. Anyway… on one particular day of teasing, I started wishing. I wished I could be the the one in the stories. The main character. The killer. I wanted that so bad. But I couldn’t ACTUALLY do it… no I-I couldnt. I got in the car completely silent. Mom questioned me but I ignored her. That day, well they found my sketchbook. They said “aww the little FREAK is a killer” and “don’t feel bad LOTS of pigs can’t draw.” Well that one really hurt. The moment I got home I grabbed an ice pick ,ran upstairs, and locked the door. I didn’t hesitate. I rolled up my sleeve and dug the pick into my arm. Blood seeped from my arm. I cut and cut and finally stopped. I cleaned up, put my head in my knees, and sobbed. My mind raced. I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t knowing this was my fate. That night, I snuck into my mom’s room and stole her sleeping pills. I grabbed some water and chugged them down. I closed my eyes and the, nothing. I woke up a week later in a hospital. The heart monitor beeped away. I heard the steady drip of a sink, I also saw my mom. She was crying. I looked at her. “H-hey mom” she looked up with a start, “ Oh baby, baby are you ok?” “Y-yeah,” mom looked at me for a bit. “Was it some thing I did?” “No!” I screamed. “Well you’re ok that’s what matters.” A few months passed I started seeing a counselor. Mom watched me constantly. The teasing stopped. Summer came and went, and soon I was back in school. It started getting weird now. Due to my problems I developed severe social anxiety. I didn’t socialize with other kids. I didn’t WANT to be with them. I didn’t WANT to be near them. I walked in and sat at my desk. I immediately recognized the girls who tormented me. I slumped down in my desk and automatically started drawing Laughing Jack in my sketchbook. I started feeling an- unpleasant, aura approaching. “Hey Mental Case.” Emmy said. I didn’t respond. “So enjoy your dance with death? Weirdo probably fantasizes about dating demons” I didn’t budge. “Hey what’s so important about those-” she stopped. I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to what I was drawing. But there in front of me. I was drawing Jeff alright, but he was killing someone, the hair and clothes were a dead give away. It was Emmy. Jeff’s knife was pierced through her heart. Blood gushed from the wound, Jeff’s crooked smile grinning madly, laughing almost. I was.. not scared just, confused… “O-Oh my god! Y-you’re a freak! Mental Case!” Laughs erupted from the fellow students. “Mental Case! Mental Case! Mental Case!” They chanted. I just stared at the picture. Not moving. Not acknowledging the chants. Not breathing. I just stared. The picture was unusually detailed. I didn’t pay attention to the lesson, or the bell. Jeff’s eyes stared at her, cold, dead eyes. I ran straight home. Sat down on the desk and drew again. It was like the pictures were from a new person. They were beautiful. It was unusually amazing. So, I gave my try at another creepypasta picture. I drew Laughing Jack. He was amazing. The balloons he was holding were floating off the page. His pointed nose stuck out. I drew till the next day. Mom found me passed out over a picture. She must have snuck the pictures out because I awoke to her eyes wide with fear. I didn’t know why. She saw a vast majority of all the creepypasta characters. She looked at me. Terrified. “Mom… wha-what’s wrong?” She turned the page around and, I stopped. The picture was of Raven, she was killing Emmy. Laughing Jack and Jeff were in the background. They weren’t doing anything though. Just staring at the scene. I was now scared. “M-Mom..I-” She still just stood there. Holding her hand over her mouth. Suddenly, a smile crossed over her face. “No no! It’s fine, um, just, just wanted to tell you that school was.. cancelled! So yeah, just stay in here I’m headed out on a errand. Just stay in here while I’m gone!” She gave me a nervous smile pretending to be normal and left. I snuck out of my room and heard my mom downstairs on the phone. “Yes H-hello? Um I-i need help m-my daughter, I-I think she’s going to kill someone. Hm? Yes um, I live at 2785 Wentled Lane. Yes ,an hour?! Ok… just hurry. im scared” The call ended. I just sat there. I knew I was going to be put away for life. I ran up to my room grabbing my black hood, sketchbook, pencil, and money. I opened my window and jumped out. I ran as fast as I could and didn’t stop till night. We lived in Phoenix so the town was pretty bright after nightfall. I went down an ally and ran into someone. “I’m sorry” I said walking away. I felt a strong hand grab my shoulder and neck. “Ok just for that give me your cash. And I won’t kill you. I gave him my money but the he pinned me back up on the wall. He held a knife up to my face and slit a cut on my cheek. Tears formed in my eyes. But then they stopped. And the blood dripped down my cheek, I made a wonderful realization. If my art was that bad, how could I actually react? Fright suddenly turned to, joy… I smiled madly and started laughing. The guy just watched me with this terrified look. I freed my arm and grabbed the knife. Laughing madly I turned it around and plunged it into the mans chest. He released me and stumbled back. Holding his chest he started gagging. He ran but I followed. I jumped on his back and stabbed him again. He fell and I jabbed it in over and over again. I didn’t know how long he’d been dead. I sat there looking at my victim. Still laughing wildly. And clutching the knife, in my hand. I don’t know how long I sat there. Taking in my beautiful art. When I felt I wasn’t alone. I turned around to see and man in a suit he had long arms and was very very tall. He also had a specific feature that would terrify most, but not me. He hand no face only white. Until then, I thought those stories were fake, but I recognized the creature immediately. I stood up slowly, walking over to him. He seemed to have been watching me as I came forward. I stopped right before him and smiled, “About time you showed up” June 28 2017 “Man’s body found extremely mutilated by unknown murderer in Phenix ally way
June 30 2017 "Janet Kim age 14 filed missing after mother had called mental hospital” July 5 2017 “Body of Miley Kim mother of recently lost daughter found strangled to death and stabbed by murderer” July 8 2017 “Update on missing teen Janet Kim: Bloody clumps of hair and clothing found. Presumably dead.” July 9 2017 “Omg Shaley did you here Mental Case is dead?” Emmy said to her best friend in her bright pink room. Her mom was on a date with some dude she hated but she didn’t care. “I think she killed her mom. Lady tried to put her where she should have been, next thing they know she’s dead.” Shaley commented. “I say good riddance, creep gave me nightmares.” She replied “The worlds better off with one less fag.” They both laughed at this statement. A noise came from downstairs. “Uh hey Shaley I’m gonna have to call you back.” Emmy hung up the phone and opened the door. She heard a noise, like someone…singing. “I can’t even remember how it started. A nagging voice. My normal then departed from me. Primal urges spiriting my senses away, Foggy glimpses of the girl I used to be…” “H-hello?” The singing stopped. Emmy walked to the light switch, clicked it on, and screamed. Standing right in front of her was Raven. Covered in blood, with the knife of her first kill. July 10 2017 “Body of Emilia Carlton found hanging in her shower by phone cord, she had been stabbed mercilessly and had the words, ‘mental case’ carved into her head. Killer still a large.”


Hey everyone, I’m back with a new addition to my commissions!!

I recently got Battle Block Theater from Steam and lo-and-behold, you can add custom faces! So I’m opening up mini commissions for custom made BBT Heads!!

The ones posted are as follows:

My oc Podgemoss, The Goat, Bohg,

datpastaasylum, litterbot, creepypasta-raven,

wellheyproductions, trinathewolf, themrcreepypasta,

and the Five Nights at Freddy’s Cast, which are free! Simply save the PNG to your Battle Blocks Theater UserFaces folder and find the custom head from your player settings menu!

ProgramFiles(x86) > Steam > SteamApps > common > BattleBlock Theater > GameData > UserFaces

Start Menu > Help & Options > Player Setup > Blueprint Head Box

Send me a message if you want to buy, thanks guys!!

*Tosses up hands in triumph* AW YIIIIIS.
Note: Edited the previous rows a bit. Some more noticeably than the others.
(If you are a narrator and want a sprite like this PLEASE contact me with a ref, pose/emotion of choice, and a username. Thank you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REBLOG AND GET THE WORD OUT. I DON’T WANT TO MISS ANYONE. )


I was doodling and decided to doodle some Creepypasta Narrators/Artists.

Some of these guys follow me and I don’t even understand why but I hope this shows some appreciation ^^ <3

They are all great at what they do and I suggest following them~


Here it is, folks. The newest row for “Narratorstuck”. PLEAAAAASE CHECK OUT ALL OF THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

If you are a narrator (or have a friend who is a narrator, tell em to) send me a message with a reference, a username, and a pose/emotion of choice. Enjoy. ~ Midnight


Great youtube channels with Creepypasta audio

1. Chilling Tales For Dark Nights- My top favorite channel with amazing narrators. I especially enjoy Otis Jiry’s readings. He’s actually got his own channel titled- Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt.

2. MrCreepyPasta- Probably the largest collection of readings on youtube. With over 600 stories, there’s bound to be something worth listening to.

3. CreepsMcPasta

4. CreepyPastaJr

5. KingSpook

6. Scary Story Time With Liam- By my understanding, this man writes and records his own stories and offeres to read any stories that are emailed to him. Highly recommended.

7. Natenator77- Don’t be put off by the name, their are lots of great creepy pasta readings on this channel.

8. GettinSpooky

9. Moon Raven- Not a creepy pasta reading channel; instead, these are stories read out of Alvin Schwartaz, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series though with amazing imagery.

10. MoonRaven09- Same person as Moon Raven though on a new channel.

11. Lupus Creepus

12. That Creepy Reading

13. TheCreepsWork

All narrators are amazing and the music and sound effects that are present in many of the videos really add to the horror of listening to these stories in the dark. 😀

Also, if you’ve got a youtube account, i’m sure these narrators would enjoy your comments. 😄

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