The 'Hug Me' Virus

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It’s not the end of the world, but the way people are acting makes it seem so.

It started like any vaccine would; careful work, day and night, in a lab. Funded by the government, that’s funded by people that pay taxes for some measure of security. Months of work and hundreds of vials. Half a dozen donated human brain tissue samples and comparative slides. Blood work, and lab trials that led up to clinical trials that led up to… something amazing.

A vaccine, created to fight, and in time, cure, the debilitating mental illness of clinical depression.

Not the cure for cancer, but a breakthrough! It worked. It honest to god, one-hundred percent worked. Daily medication and weekly visits to the shrink were traded for fun days off and nights on the town. All thanks to a bimonthly vaccine, cooked up in a little lab, for a big, government paycheck.

Yes, after some time, it backfired. The clinical trials were fine! That’s because the scientists and doctors behind them knew what to look for. They only had people diagnosed with some form of depression, by professionals. They didn’t just pluck someone off the street, they wanted actual, legit test subjects. There was too much money riding on the vaccine being effective for mistakes.

Yeah, the vaccine worked. But, the illness had to be present inside of the human brain for the vaccine to work.

Do you know how many people get misdiagnosed every day? Because too many psychiatrists see a paycheck, instead of a patient? Because people don’t realize what depression actually is, or how it works? Psychiatrists know how it works. That’s why some of them throw a prescription pad at a frown, instead of taking the time to do their jobs and listen.

Six months of injections, of bliss, of breakthrough moments all over the country. Six months, before the first incident hit the news. A mother of two had picked her toddler up from daycare, and greeted her with a hug. The mother, overjoyed, hugged back, and shortly caved in her little girls ribs. She smiled, and snuggled her screaming little girl, and didn’t let go until the police came. The mother attempted to give a cop the same hug. She left behind a husband, and a five year old boy.

It wasn’t anything major, it was tragic, but nothing too terrifying. You can find worse things on reddit, for gods sake. It was a thing that happened, but it was one, isolated incident.

Until the next one, four months later. Elderly man hugged his wife to death. They were both in their eighties, frail things. While she died of crushed ribs and internal bleeding, he fractured an arm, and a few ribs. But he never stopped smiling.

It became a trend. Only adults were doing these hugs of death, but then, the rare teenager hugged their BFF to death. We were looking for patterns that weren’t there. Hunting for links that weren’t available to the public.

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Have you ever stared at yourself in a mirror, for a very long time? It sounds weird I know, but I’m sure at least half of you reading this will have done it.

If you stand, in silence, staring only into your own eyes for long enough, you’ll get this… feeling.

Those that have done it will know what I’m talking about. It is hard to give a definition of the feeling, as almost everyone has their own way of describing it. Some will even go as far as calling it an out-of-body experience. One thing that everyone seems to agree on, however, is that, if done for long enough, staring at yourself in a mirror does not feel right. It’s pretty much unexplainable, but eventually something deep within your human mind will scream out that something is wrong. Very wrong. Different people take different amounts of time to reach what you may like to call the “peak” of the feeling; but when they do, they almost have to stop staring. It’s like every cell in your body is urging you to get away.

But what exactly is it that you so desperately need to get away from?

This is just about everything that anyone knows about the feeling. Or, to correct myself, just about as far as anyone has dared to find out.

If you decide to take this experiment to its most extreme, you’ll find out a little bit more. Heed my warning though, the few people who have gone this far have not come back the same. All of them strongly refuse to report what they saw or experienced.

All I can tell you is that what happened to me was extremely disturbing.

I’d recommend all of you who do not wish to take this any further to stop reading here.

It doesn’t take much preparation. All you’ll need is a room with a mirror, obviously. A bathroom is probably the easiest. You must be alone, and there must be total silence for this to work. You’ll need to make the room as dark as possible. Turn out all the lights, and draw the blinds if there are any. Preferably, this should be done at night.

Now, go as close to the mirror as you can without your image becoming distorted or blurred. Stare into your own eyes, and smile. Nothing over the top, but make sure your teeth are showing. You’ll see why later. Yes, I know this is a pretty odd request and it’ll feel silly to do, but nobody’s watching, right? Now continue smiling and staring into your own eyes and nothing else. Do not look around the room, not matter what you begin to see or hear. When you get the feeling, you’ll know that you’re doing the right thing. Continue staring.

Now, this is the hardest part. When you reach the peak and get that undeniable desire to get out of that room and run as far as you can, try to resist it. You may be overcome with fear, but just push that emotion away and continue to smile and stare into your own eyes. There’s no going back now.

You’ll know that you’re past the peak when you get the next feeling. This one is very different and will not be like anything you could imagine experiencing in real life. This whole experiment will now seem quite unreal, almost dream-like. But that means it’s working. I guess the only way to describe what you’ll feel next is a feeling of unity. Unity between you and the figure staring back at you in the mirror. You see, it will not seem like you are both the same entity anymore. You may have experienced this during the peak, however now you will not feel scared of what’s in the mirror, but one with it. I cannot say how long it will take for you to feel this, maybe 5 minutes or half an hour, but when you think you do: close your eyes.

Continue smiling, but keep your eyes closed. It’s almost over.

When you’re ready, open your eyes.

And you’ll see why you needed to get away.