@sixpenceee i don’t usually make posts but when I visited a local Antique Mall in Oviedo, Florida and saw these items throughout the store I instantly thought “that’s some sixpenceee shit.” In addition, the creepy teddy bear kind of gave me the most paranormal vibes. It was the only item i actually touched to get better lighting for the picture. I feel like it didn’t like being touched. Now that I just left the store, I should have bought it! Who knows what would have happened once I got home with it?

Hitori Kakurenbo

It means “Hide and seek alone”

You can do this at home. It’s not recommended though.

you need:

-a name (everybody has one. Let’s say your name is OP)

-a human like doll (no teddy bear or other plushes) with a name. (Let’s say its name is Lisa)


-a needle and some red thread

-a knife

-a nail clipper

-a cup of saline water

First, open cut open the doll, empty it and put some rice and pieces of your nail. Then close it and stitch with the red thread. At 3 AM, take the doll to the bathroom, fill the sink with water and put the doll in it the say: “first tagger is OP” three times. Turn off all the light in the house,  go to your room and count to ten while closing your eyes. Go back to the bathroom and stab the doll while saying “found you, Lisa, you are now the tagger” Congratulations you are now cursed and the doll will find you wherever you are! To end it, spit some saline water on the doll and say “I am the winner” three times