creepycute fashion


Never too many bandages~💔🔪
Okay…well maybe at some point it’s too much..=∆=°..

Aaah finally I drew my babies together~ Guri and Yuzu,I really want to draw them more >u< I want to give them more life~ and I need to make more ocs as well xdd I only have these two bakas❤ 

They are part of my closed species Yukurushis, please do not use this species without my permission, if you want to find out more details of my species,visit my Deviantart page Remuchii)💞💞

Hi there lovelies~ I’ve opened up a RedBubble store,you can find all kinds of goodies there, from shirts to skirts to pillows and stickers!~ And much much more. Right now I only have a few products available but soon I will be making even more of them ;u;; . If you’d like to support me please check them out here: