Captain CreepyCorn Spoilers for Scandal Ep. 216
  • Dorrett: Where do I go to find spoilers on Scandal?
  • TVLINE: Do not go to one of those “big box” stores; they’re killing the local mom-and-pop merchant. Instead, ask me – because I’ve got one! The long-lens photographer who’s snapping a pic of Olivia with Jake in the promo for the March 21 episode? He’s going to really regret doing that.
  • Sabia Says: As Shonda said, Jake will never be what he appears at any given time. His first episode he was a creeper. His second episode, they showed that he was acting under Fitz' orders to watch Olivia, and some people automatically assumed he was a good guy. This spoiler that the photographer is "going to regret" taking a picture of Olivia and Jake together spells another sinister turn. Why would the reporter regret taking the picture? Fitz isn't going after the reporter. That leaves Jake. Methinks Captain CreepyCorn is about to Sybil-out (look it up folks) and show a more sinister side yet again. I'm sorry, stroking a video screen is not romantic, it's psychotic. Also, we still aren't sure that Fitz is aware of the extent to which Ol' CreepyCorn has taken his "surveillance." Even on his worst day, do you really see Fitz telling anyone to put cameras in Olivia's bedroom? We shall see, but the JakeLovers and FitzHaters may soon be in for another Shondaland twist!

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