that i’m trying out a bunch of themes. I got tired of all the anons that were being dumb twats and complained about my theme. I’m looking for an obnoxiously pink theme and I might even make Barbie Girl play automatically (i know how much people hate auto playing music)

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Haters to the left.


I just want to let you guys know that I try really hard to add credit to the pictures I post. Whenever I take pictures from Flickr or an artists website or Tumblr I add a click through link to their page. The only time I don’t add credit is when I find the picture on some random website from google. It really bothers me when people take the pictures I post on Creepy Barbie and they post it on their Tumblr with no credit. 

Don’t be lazy. Adding a click through link only takes a few seconds.


On the Origin of #CreepyBarbie Species.  After a painstakingly long gestational development in the womb that is The People’s Republic of China, Gloria was unpacked to a house full of sugar and spice and everything nice.  2002 was a good year.  Where did it all go wrong??

(Thanks to my aunt Evelyn and cousins Jenna and Joanna for indulging me with these photos!)