23-year-old Katarzyna Zowada lived with her mother in Krakow, Poland. She studied religion at the Jagiellonian University and spent much of her time alone. After the death of her father in 1996, she fell into a deep depression and started to see a psychologist. On the 12th of November, 1998, her mother became concerned when she didn’t show up for one of these sessions. She was reported missing.

It was a cold winter morning on the 7th of January, 1999, when the propellor of a barge became stuck. As the operator opened the hatch to remove what had become intertwined, assuming it was a tree branch, he was horrified to find something much more gruesome: human skin, in fact, a human skin suit. It was determined that the skin suit had been in the water for two or three weeks. It was also determined that the skin suit was that of Katarzyna Zowada. She had been decapitated and dismembered before her killer cruelly fashioned a suit out of her flayed skin. Other than her leg, no other body parts were ever uncovered. The pathologist determined that Katarzyna had also been tortured before her death. 

Despite an extensive manhunt and a re-examination years later, the killer was never identified.


Khovrinsky hospital (also known as Umbrella) is an unfinished hospital in Moscow that was abandoned in 1985 and became the last refuge for many people. An infamous graffiti inside the hospital reads, “The hospital is the land of miracles, you are entering it and disappear there.“ At the end of 80’s an old lady that was living near the hospital lost her dog. She entered the hospital to look for it and found it dead. The legs of the dog were tied up and it was clear that the dog was brutally murdered, as were many other animals that the old lady found there. She would come back to the building, hoping that she will find the killer. However, she broke both her legs there and couldn’t get any help. Her body was found only weeks later. Just as her dog, she died a very horrible and painful death. In 1990, a girl was murdered in the hospital. In 2005, a 16-year-old teenager that went by nickname Edge committed suicide there. Those cases were just one of the many deaths the hospital has witnessed. The exact number of bodies found inside of the Khovrinsky hospital was never released, but it’s clear that the count goes on dozens.