kennyboyslay: “CL got bars! Where did she get her "lifted” bars from? Full video on my channel. By the way Method Man enjoyed Lifted! Wu-tang gave it to her as a gift.

Just something silly I noticed when looking up Nino and Adrien interactions, but…

Adrien says his dad is stubborn, Nino gets this sad look on his face.  Like ‘yeah, I can get that bro.  That’s upsetting…’


When Adrien continues, when he says its easier to just go along with his dad and pretty much that he won’t fight for what makes him happy, it’s then that Nino gets this really indignant look on his face.  Like “what the heck, who makes my best friend this sad???”

Just look at this boy.

He’s so concerned.

He wants Adrien to be treated fairly.

He wants Adrien to have a good birthday.

He wants Adrien to be happy.

Nino, you’re a beautiful and wonderful friend.

Well said, Nino.

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Something Happened 63 Years Ago That's Haunted Me My Entire Life. I’ve Never Told Anyone About It—Until Now.

by Sergeant_Darwin x3

It’s official: I’m an old man.

For the last couple years, I’ve comforted myself by saying I’m in my “early 70s,” but math is simple and unforgiving. Today is my 75th birthday, and God, the years do fly.

I’m not here for your well wishes; this is hardly a milestone I’m excited about. I’m glad to still be here, of course, but I find I have less and less to live for with every passing year. My bones ache, my kids live far away, and the other side of my bed has been empty for just over eight months now. In fact, once I cast my vote against that goddamned Trump this November, I may have nothing to live for at all.

So spare me your “happy birthdays” and your congratulations, if you please. I’m here because I have a story for you, and it’s one I’ve never told before. I used to think I kept it inside because it was silly, or maybe because nobody would believe it. I’ve found, though, that the older you grow, the more exhausting it becomes to lie to yourself. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve never told anybody this story because it scares me, almost to death.

But death seems friendlier than it used to, so listen close.

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  • Tomoyo:You’re pregnant.
  • Sakura:Oh man, Kerberos told you?
  • Tomoyo:Nope. You’re drinking decaf coffee, which you usually only do in the afternoon, you’re wearing an empire-waist dress and loose shoes ‘cause your feet are already swelling. I’d put you at nine, maybe ten weeks.
  • Syaoran:Merlin, you’re observant.
  • Tomoyo:Yes, I am. Yes, I am. By the way, when did you make the switch to boxer briefs?
  • Syaoran:Yesterday...

Traditional art and Digital art are not “better” than one another. Both take mastery & both have amazing & skilled artists ♡

And snootiness on either side does no one any favors >__<