The abandoned Sanzhi UFO resort in Taiwan, which halted construction in the early eighties due to lack of funds and apparently numerous accidents, deaths and suicides on site.
Some reports claim that the chain of misfortune was due to the resort being built upon a cemetery, others say it was a result of disturbing a sacred statue.
The UFOs were photographed by before being demolished in 2008.

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It's me again lol. What are everyone thoughts about Hanji? (Sorry for bothering you, idk how many ask I sent you)😅💙

Mikasa: Good leader
Reiner: Scary
Bertholdt: Weird
Annie: Oh my god
Eren: Cool and clever and awesome!
Jean: Creepy af, but also pretty cool
Marco: Okay
Sasha: Awesome! 
Connie: Awesome but please let me live
Historia: Good head of the survey corps, clever thinker, thank
Armin: Good!!!! but creepy…
Ymir: Who dat? lol
Levi: gross
Erwin: reliable and loyal!
Nanaba: Amazing
Mike: great soldier
Moblit:a pain in the ass

RWBY volume 4: Finale thoughts

Okay then! This volume is finished huh? Coulda fooled me..

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good episode… If it was in the middle of the volume. Idk I’m just a little underwhelmed..

Start with the bad!

- I think the fight could have been a little shorter. Don’t get me wrong I loved it! Just you know in a 30 min episode with 5 mins of credits a 10-15 min fight is a tad much.

- I love monologues as much as the next person but omg even I got bored during Ruby’s.

- Ruby, why don’t you use your scythe anymore? It’s like the animators forgot that’s even s thing.

- Lets play “how many times can we tease the to Ruby or to Raven ploy” like yes we get it Yang has a decision to make, but c'mon it’s so obvious she’s going to Ruby.

Alrighty now that I’ve got that off my chest, the good!

+ Jaune was very brave being Qrow to safety, that was really nice.

+ Ren baby calm down its okay! Also side note when Ren got trapped against the wall and Nora dove in front I swear my heart stopped.

+ The renora moment under the building warmed my heart! Everything about it was beautiful, Nora diving into Ren, refusing to let him go, crying at the thought of losing him! I swear Renora both platonic and romantic is perfect.

+ RNJR working together to kill the creepy Grimm was awesome.

+ I’m really glad RWBY is using and respecting characters like Nora and Ren now, that they have done well.

+ Yang looking hot af in her new outfit.

+ The moment with the last of team JN_R was really cute and sad.

+ Everyone heading to Mistral, good set up for volume 5!

Okay that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this finale, and yeah you might disagree with me but I just expected a bit more. I shoulda learnt my lesson really, considering how slow this season has been.

Hey I’m not losing hope tho! The next season is well set up so maybe it’ll heal what’s been done!!

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i didn't know what liminal spaces were before and your midnight hotel post was the most awesomely creepy thing and now im balls deep in a liminal spaces google search and i need more about this

oh thank you so much!!
Liminal spaces are absolutely my most favourite thing and i have a headcanon that it’s a classification of magic to be able to sort of cross into them but anyway

I’ve been thinking about the midnight hotel liminal space thing so much and just like

random flickering shadows everywhere?

weird violet mist seeping out from under doors and sending icy chills up your spine

guests dreaming of skies opening and blood rain and shadowy eldritch horrors seen through windows and out of the corner of their eyes

Anton looks out of the window and oh! i guess there are two moons tonight that’s fun

glitches in time - thought you were listening to music for 10 minutes? well nope! that was 7 hours.

sleep paralysis but was it really sleep paralysis or was there actually something in my room last night?

But then the people are the worst. Sometimes you can’t tell at first but you talk to them for a little while and something is just….WRONG with them. like their dimensions are off or they just seem a bit hazy around the edges. sometimes they speak more like they’re mimicking human speech rather than it coming naturally. Their smiles are a little too sinister to be normal.

Shudder’s a hardened war veteran and his guests can be wanted criminals but these people are scarier than anything they’ve ever spoken to. The dawning realisation that the woman you’re making small talk to might not be a fucking person??? Terrifying.


Bill’s monster form is just awesome. So creepy! We did a few sketches oh him and Dipper. It’s better run, my dear…
So much <3 to Gravity Falls characters. This show gives you pure inspiration. 

Ребятки, мы из России, если что, так что ищите нас в вк под именем Lingrimm, если вдруг решили что-то репостнуть х)