Don't go to bars alone.
  • I was at a bar with a few of my friends and some guy had been eyeing me up since I walked in. He walked up to me, and tried to talk to me. Before I could reply, My guy friends intervened.
  • Random guy: Hey pretty thing, What's your name? *puts a hand on my shoulder*
  • Daxton: Her name is No.
  • Kyler: *puts arm around me and bumps the guys hand off* Her number is also No.
  • Randon Guy: Can't I just talk to the pretty little thing herself? *reaches for me again*
  • Daxton: *stands up and stands infront of me, protecting me and blocking me from the guy* You need to let it go.
  • Random guy: Awe, these your body guards little thing?
  • Brock: (keep in mind Brock is 6ft4, 210lbs of pure muscle.. fucking intimidating) *Stands up and walks shoulder to shoulder with Daxton* I think it's time for you to leave. Either you walk out or we will make you walk out.
  • The guy walked out.. with the help of my two "body guards" and the bouncer. Supposedly the guy had been there since 5pm (it was about 11pm when we were there) hitting on girls and trying to bring them home. Moral of this story, don't go to bars alone.

Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985.