The Cricky mood.

A serious condition.

When you get into that mood, you’ve got a few options.

First, AO3, of course.


Okay, let’s calm down.

Second, tumblr. Obviously.

There, you’ll find a whole lot of material. Pics, gifs, heated anons trying to cancel your opinions and most of all, NEW FRIENDS.

Hi @cr7cky & @cricky-renaldo :)

Few examples.


So like, you get into that good vibe, yeah ? You start feeling like this :

And then you see this :

And you literally squeal. And probably look like this :

BUT.. it’s never enough, alright ? So you just wander through Cristiano’s IG posts. 

(Nobody forced him to.. HE DID IT ON HIS OWN.)


And you see those pretty faces every-fucking-where together, laughing, smiling, taking care of Junior (!!!!!). Working or not, they’re attached at the hip.

(Daddy and papa.. DON’T FIGHT ME.)

(Breathe, Cris.)

But then. THEN comes the real deal. Then comes the moment you go back to twitter, you type your own @ in the search bar and the # with it..

Oh how you freaked out about it when it happened..

.. again ..

.. and then again in the finale. You’re not sure you’re over it just yet. (Not sure I’ll ever be anyway.)


(Can you see him saying OBRIGADO ?!)


And you end up looking pretty much like this.

But you end up HAPPY. Happy crying because honestly.. aren’t they gorgeous ?


Got To Spend Some Time At The Morgue

I can’t wait to cut open the bodies and see all of those once living organs nesting peacefully in their rib cage. They probably tell the story of how graphic their killing was. I just love speaking for the dead.

Maybe one day I’ll be the killer and see one of you resting on this steel cold table. I would smile as I cut through your once living flesh.

I woke up at 2:30 AM from my guitar strumming ON ITS OWN. I got so scared I couldn’t move. Happened again this morning. So now I’m gonna put the guitar back in its case and ask the insects or spirits that played it to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, thank you very much.