creepy yet amazing

Nacchan~... ♪
Hanae Natsuki & Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Nacchan~... ♪

Tosshi sings a song for Nacchan as a present~ 

Hanae Natsuki (Nacchan) - Kaneki Ken
Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Tosshi) - Nagachika Hideyoshi

Tosshi: Nacchan~ ♪ … Aaa~~


Tosshi: Naaacchaan~~ ♪.. the 23~~ year old~~~ Nacchan~~ ♪

Both: -laughing-

Another deep thought that made me shed a tear.

I might be overacting but sometimes, I’d like to talk to famous people’s past selves and let them see or know what their future would be like. Jack, for example. I’d approach his past self, hand him a picture that he took in let’s say… 2015 and tell him: “Keep it,” and walk away.

And then as the time goes by and that same day on the picture arrives, he would go make a vlog about it.

“Years ago, I’ve met this random guy on the streets and gave me this,” he smiles as he holds a picture that the stranger gave him. “I don’t know how he got this, or where did he get this from. But I’m telling you, it’s fucking creepy yet amazing at the same time knowing someone’s out there who knows what you’re future would be like.”

He laughs, then his face turns into a slight sorrowful look. “I wonder where that guy is right now, but if you’re watching this. I just want to say thank you for the ‘heads-up.’ I was scared of how my future life would be like but after seeing this, I wasn’t that frightened anymore. So whoever you are, thank you.”

While I sit on my bed, watching the video and crying because I know I was that stranger. I was the one who gave him that picture. I was the one who gave him a sneak peek of his future.

You’re welcome, Jack.”