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OKay guys I just like. Hyperventilated for like 5 minutes hahahahaha SO.

I saw this post about Tyler Seguin during the 2010 draft and noticed he came from the Plymouth Whalers. Which I dunno I didn’t know because I never looked it up.

So I grew up in Plymouth. My sister’s girlfriend went to high school in nearby Ann Arbor and said she knew some Whalers that went to her high school at the time. I was going to ask my sister if idk her gf had any memory of names or anything and then I was like. You know what. He and I would have been in the same graduating class….I went to Plymouth High School…. I might as well check something.

So I pulled out my big fucking 2009 yearbook because he started playing with the Whalers in 2008? so I figured 2009 was a safe bet?  and I looked in the index to find nothing.

And I sort of lost hope.
and then I pulled out my 2010 yearbook. just in case. just to check. 

And this is what I find:

So I freak out and turn to the page of course.

And lo and behold. (and Idk if this crosses any lines Idk what protocol is regarding yearbook photos and respecting the privacy of NHL players but uh.)

There he is.

So yeah. I apparently graduated high school with Tyler Seguin.
Now I’m like…wracking my memory trying to remember if he was in any of my classes but like even if he was I would have totally disregarded him because at the time I was an artsy gothic theater kid and turned up my nose at “jocks” and “preps” aka anyone who didn’t wear tripp pants (jk but idk I was an ass and there were way too many Tylers to keep track of anyway) and haha jokes on me now I guess.

Still though like….
Man. What a trip.

Lmfao i feel like a damn idiot XD

13 Reasons Why: Let’s talk about Alex Standall

Do we only see what we want to see?

While we were all grieving Hannah Baker,  consumed with secretly hating everyone she blamed, we didn’t notice Alex and his kind soul. Warning spoilers below!!

Let’s be honest, the whole time we watched, we judged everyone in Hannah’s life, for not noticing the things that were changing about her, and how each of those things brought her closer to her death. Unlike Hannah’s people, we noticed the little things she’d say that—from our point of view—made it hella obvious she was suicidal.

I worried more for Tyler, the creepy photography kid. Everyone treated him like trash, constantly told to “disappear” and “go away”. Yet, in the end I found myself incredibly surprised Alex Standall tried to kill himself. After we hear the Principal tell Mr. Porter, Alex had shot himself— I found myself wondering, WTF did I miss?

The writers of 13 Reasons Why were incredibly clever in slipping his suicide in. It serves as a reminder that, it is NOT simple to determine if someone will commit suicide. More so, if they’ve never attempted to, leaving us with no reason to watch them so closely.

WTF did I miss?

If you go over 13 Reasons Why a second time— after knowing Alex shoots himself— you’ll see details you disregarded before, as anyone would. Take for example the small discussion Alex and Troy (from his band club) have. Alex is asked if hes alright by a girl in his band club. He responds Yes, and hesitantly says he’s overslept (a symptom of depression, btw). Less than a minute later he speaks about song choice with Troy:

Alex: If they want a spirit raiser how about “Gloomy Sunday”?

Troy: Are you serious? That song’s totally depressing.

Alex: Or it’s beautiful, if you have taste.

Troy: Or if you’re suicidal.

Alex then walks off. He takes a breath and runs his hands over his hair. We dismiss his reaction as one pertaining to Hannah’s own suicide, but in a second take, he might have already begun pondering his own.

Prior to this even, his clothing goes from colorful, to dark t-shirts. He repeatedly arrives late, and has been seeing a doctor regularly, as seen in episode 2 when the school office clerk makes a remark ( “another doctor’s note?”). He goes on to a physical altercation, and having bouts of anger as he rips “Suicide is not the answer” type posters from the school walls.

In episode 12, while Hannah’s reasons gather around to discuss why they must protect their secret and what their futures will lose, Alex says “I’ve got no plans, I’m good to tell the truth.”

He’s later seen at home, putting finishing touches on his newly clean and organized room.

All of his actions point to depression and suicidal ideation. Total plot twist and eye opener for those of us, *cough* me *cough* , who think they can pick up on suicidal cues.

*crosses finger for second season*

I know, the show did end rather nicely, but I’m attached to these characters now! There could be a whole separate story line for Alex Standall. We can assume he died, but what if he didn’t. I’m sure others will be affected by his act. I just want more okay?!

I wonder, what did you think of it all? Were you not surprised he shot himself? I’d love to hear about it!

I watched Thirteen Reasons Why; it’s quite an amazing show but with some pretty awful characters from the 12 (Clay doesn’t count) ((actually it’s 11 because Justin was mentioned twice)) that the fans seem to love. So me being me I’m going to go through the tape list and give MY opinions on them :))

1 and 10. Justin Foley… this character is the most justified character on the show. No matter what justification you have for him, whether it’s him being drunk or his abuse, he let Jessica be raped by Bryce. He could’ve broken down the door, he could’ve told someone at the party what was happening. He could’ve done something other than feel sorry for himself and continue to be friends with Bryce. He’s abused so he knows what it feels like but he still lied to Jessica and made her feel like she’s crazy. A lot of justification comes because he’s “hot” and that’s just sad and wrong.

2. Jessica… she’s a bitch but other than that she entered in a relationship with Justin - the guy who took the picture of Hannah (her friend) and let Bryce spread it around.

3. Alex… a lot have forgiven him but I can’t seem to do it. Ruined the friendship just to date Jessica and then put Hannah’s name on the list - which caused Hannah to become an object in the guys eyes - just to be seen as popular.

4. Tyler… creepy fuck.

5. Courtney… rapist excusing cunt.

6. Marcus… such a piece of shit. I’m very happy I haven’t seen any fans stanning him or liking him.

7. Zach… honestly he’s the only one on this list that I can forgive. He was just an idiot who didn’t know how to deal with rejection and does stupid shit

8. Ryan… he has one great line - telling Courtney to fuck off - but the dude is an asshole.

9. Sheri… she caused Jeff’s death - and he deserved soooooo much better!

11. (Doesn’t count because it was Clay).

12. Bryce… Bryce can fucking die. There’s a few things this Fandom can agree on: Hannah and Jeff deserved better and that Bryce is a disgusting cunt that deserves to die.

13. Mr. Porter… terrible at his job.

So yeah… those are my opinions on those on the tape list. If any Justin stans somehow stumble across this post know this: I don’t care what your justifications are :))

How I Met Your Mother

Tyler Joseph x reader

Summary: Tyler retells the story of how he met you to your kids.

Words: 1,767

A/N: Okay so this is in the style of How I Met Your Mother and is basically what the title of the show implies. So this is all going to be from Tyler’s POV. Whenever it says ‘Narrator:’ it means that Tyler’s voice is narrating it to the kids but at the same time it is in third person. This may sound a bit confusing but it will all make sense once you start reading (hopefully)

“Kids, did I ever tell you the story of how I met your mother?”

“If we say yes, can we go?”


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okay so some people were wondering what the drawings in tyler’s cell were. it’s apparent that they are drawings of a set of eyes with red paint around them. who normally has red paint around their eyes? josh does. (and mind you the eyes look petrified but i’ll touch on that later)

but in this video he clearly doesn’t.

what he has though is a pair of angelic runes, one on his neck and one on his shoulder (from shadowhunters - the mortal instruments series / the dark artifices / the infernal devices) which represent angelic power and in this case it seems to indicate that josh is an angel or maybe even tyler’s guardian angel that leads us to believe he isn’t real and is rather a hallucination.

which moves us onto the next point.

if josh isn’t real or is an angel, was he a figment of tyler’s imagination that Tyler killed off? (and because the terrified eyes lead us to believe that was the last state josh was in before his death)

because the pointing of the bass at josh clearly mirrors that of a weapon or rifle and josh has his drumsticks up high as if in surrender or as if to praise the heavens, maybe to protect tyler or to surrender to blurryface who may actually be the one causing tyler to imagine all this.

pretty deep stuff but I’d like to hear your theories on this rather perplexing video that had me crying and thinking so damn hard. (can i also mention josh rolling on by with his drum kit *nyoom*)