creepy truth

My thoughts during Accepting Anxiety part 2
  • Roman can talk very quickly damn
  • “And that’s what you missed on…” “ME!”
  • I want that cat plushie
  • Roman’s offering to destroy spiders, but did get scared of one potentially being     behind him in Losing My Motivation hmmmm what is the truth?
  • Creepy Crawley Death Dealers
  • Anxiety has the same reaction as me when people enter my room unannounced
  • Poor Roman. Hope the brush didn’t hurt too much
  • Quack quack
  • Poor Anxiety :(
  • “Except for you Patton. You’re a funny guy.” “I love my dark strange son.” Same.
  • “Cotton headed ninny muggins” now I’m thinking of Christmas in July thanks Logan haha
  • It seems that me and Roman share distaste in oatmeal raison cookies
  • “I’ve just got a lot of feelings” HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE
  • Logan going on tangents is honestly so me
  • BY THE HORN OF A UNICORN I am so using that
  • I am bitterly (?), jittery and not very glittery
  • E = MC SCARED A level physics flashbacks aaaggghhh make them stop
  • Yes Roman!!!!! “You make us better” *cries*
  • The Great Spider Threat of 2017 I’m proud of you too Patton
  • Patton’s been theorising he’s one of us haha
  • “You are nothing compared to the others” I highly doubt that that’s nothing Roman oooooooo speculation
  • “You can be a good guy” brb I need to find tissues
  • I want an Alice in Wonderland puzzle book now
  • “Greetings… friendo” why do I love the way he says friendo?
  • Roman has as many posters as there are Dalmatians and I don’t think that a coincidence
  • “He never really was good at art” shhhhhhhhhhh

y̨o͘ú didn't͜ a͢sk ͜f̸or ̀t̨h͢is, bųt he͟r̷e y͞o͝u go ̶a͜nywa̢y͠s͞.

Two demons are bored of trying to kill each other constantly, so why not a simple game of truth or dare to help pass time instead?

No script is available, for this was done via improv on Skype.
Art credit to Tumblr. If you have a link to the exact artist and such, that would be appreciated.

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What a thought, though. What if it had been just Sam? Is it so weird that he might ‘pop out of Hell wrong’, after his stint in the Cage? (6x06)

thecatempire  asked:

Where did you get your inspiration from for Liar Liar and Little One?

(( OOC: Liar Liar was inspired by a conversation I had with Jess where she said “Hey, you know what would be terrible? Fenrir playing a creepy game of truth or dare with Remus.” … And Little One was just kind of a natural progression from there (and a continuation of the HC’s I already had established for Fenrir). )) 


We had a very creepy experience on our drive back down to Florida. We were passing through Richmond, VA and I was already feeling tired. Luna wasn’t feeling too hot, so they didn’t feel like driving. They found a really nice looking welcome center with high ratings right off the high way like an hour from Richmond. We make it to the exit and start heading to the place. And like this is in the middle of nowhere. We start driving down a pitch black road with fog. I’m like this is a really weird place for this to be cause like I keep seeing houses every so often… And nothing else. Usually welcome centers are like right off the highway.

We get to a stop sign and my phone tells me to go right down route 667, and we’re like haha to the left is route 666. So we take pics for the aesthetic. We turn right and my phone tells me it’s four miles down. At this point I’m getting suspicious of the way we’re going, cause it shouldn’t be this far away. Needless to say we’re like trying to stay calm and making jokes.

We start passing really creepy barns and houses that are far and only have one light by the window, if any. And we pass through the creepiest church with a cemetery in the back!! Well more like speed past haha. We get to the next stop and my phone tells me to take another right!! This is the third right. Which means we’re heading the same direction we came from!

I check the phone and it’s not even keeping up with how far we’re going. I’m like babe, my phone has gone wacko. We’ve gone in a circle. Try it on yours. We keep going cause we aren’t stopping out here in the middle of nowhere this late at night. That’s how scary movies start…

They like check theirs and it’s saying to keep going and make a left. I’m like, okay well that’s something different. That’s when when we realize it’s throwing us back down the road we first went it, and we’re like haha it just like made us turn wrong. Phew. We’re like half way down the road or so and it tells us again to turn left at the end. That’s when it hits me! That’s the first stop!!! It’s telling us to go down the route 666. We like lose our shit, and turn the fuck around and navigate back towards I-95.

And like the thing is that we never saw the place anywhere along the way. We double checked the address afterwards and it still says it’s in the same place. I don’t think we could even find the town on the map… It doesn’t make sense because it wasn’t just my phone, Luna’s did the same thing. We’ve decided to go back during the day, and find the truth!