creepy terry

I once asked Mr Lipwig why the train did not continue back to Ankh-Morpork via the coast.  Part of the reason was the difficulty of laying more track through the Netherglades.  But the other reason is more curious.  Apparently a rival company decided to run a railway along the Circle Sea coast and build a modern holiday resort there.  They made good progress for the first hundred or so miles.  But then the trouble started and it was reported that workmen on the dawn shift found several pretty girls in filmy clothing tied down to the track who, as the mists lifted, seemed to melt away.  There were rumours that these were girls from the Pink Pussycat Club, in the pay of the AM&SPHR.  Mr Lipwig said he could not possibly comment and that everyone knew the old legends about a place called Holy Wood where a great city disappeared into the sand overnight.
—  Georgina Bradshaw (as told to Terry Pratchett), “Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook”
(Holy Wood continuing to do its creepy thing…)

anonymous asked:

Grace can you explain what happened with Terry, I'm confused-

OOC: Aight, basically. An anonymous person figured out about Terry’s mother suicide and began taunting Terry himself. So…..similar to when Finnick snapped, only more cruel and playfully creepy, Terry completely lost it as the memories of seeing his mother’s corpse sprawled in the dark bathroom with the broken switch, laying motionless in the bathtub, came back to him. A majority of the horrific event in Terry’s past had rushed back to his mind which has now caused his spiral into self-pity and madness like the original broken man he was, only now more cracked. :3c