creepy tegan


Okay I know I am a super creeper but like I was in SHOCK and could not believe my eyes so I needed to check the photo evidence you know anyway I toates wanted to say something and get a picture with her but after I followed them down that escalator they DISAPPEARED and I literally sent out a search party after them but to no avail I never saw them again :((((((( (but really wtf is tegan doing on that escalator so cute ^.^)

Sara likes it at night
  • Sara: When we play in the daytime, it's like - playing music is something that's supposed to happen at nighttime. So sometimes when we have it in the daytime, it's like other things that you do at nighttime that feel weird when you do them in the daytime, if you get my...
  • *cheering*
  • Tegan: Why -
  • Sara: There are younger people here, and I -
  • Tegan: Why does that just have to be at nighttime?
  • Sara: Well, it doesn't just HAVE to be at nighttime, but if you mostly do something at nighttime and then suddenly it's broad daylight
  • Tegan: What a very - you just gave them a huge piece of information about yourself.
  • Sara: Listen, I've always thought that nighttime is better, it's more mysterious. The only people who like to do that during the daytime are college students and people in French films, no offense. No one else is interested in taking that close a look at your know, you know where I'm going with this and I think it's important that I leave a lot open to innuendo and just, my eyes going like this. *creepy face*

(Disclaimer: this is totally another “super creeper” post I know but I’m literally a TnS girlfriend magnet like I cannot make this shit up what am I to do?)

 Okay so minutes before Tegan and Sara came out at fresh in the park Stacy and Tegan’s mystery girlfriend (yes the same one I saw in the soho forever21. I fucken knew it, I’m not crazy) decided to sit two rows away from me. Like they were directly in front of me. Let me say, just like T+S, they are so beautiful and cool looking and stylish and very low key and anyone who wasn’t into Tegan’s gf before pls look again because she’s fucking attractive. So obviously with nothing better to do while waiting for tns to come on and with them directly in front of my fucking face I took notice. One thing I noticed was that Satcy’s iphone background was that picture of Sara in the grey hoodie (How fucking cute I would make that my background too if I was her), which means it was vintage when Sara posted it the next day (U can’t fool me Sara) and I’m pretty sure Tegan’s girlfriend’s background was a picture of Tee with a cat :)) Then when the show started they were dancing and singing and smiling and they looked so happy ugh so sweet. Every now and again Tegan’s girlfriend would look back at me and smile and laugh (presumably because I was jumping up and down like a lunatic and screaming at the top of my lungs) Then after the show they disappeared backstage (after having quite a hard time with the security guards.)