creepy teachers

So theses two things happened to me today...

SO first in biology my teacher walked over to my desk and saw a bunch of pics of Zayn on my binder (I have 5 binders so I have each boy on each binder) and she goes “OH IS THAT YOUR BOYFRIEND?!” So I look at her weird for a second not knowing what she was talkin about…then it hit me so I did this:

And she was like “No I know who he is. He’s from One Direction.” So either she’s a secret directioner or shes just a creeper. 

Then second I was in World History and my teacher is like a veteran and he’s been stationed all over the world. He’s kind of an old fart who doesn’t joke around. So I have my binder out with Niall on it and he comes over and goes. “Hey where’d you get a picture like that?!” Asking it like he wanted one too…the picture on my binder is a shirtless pic of Niall. It’s this one

So I can’t look at either of them the same anymore…

this is the type of shit that goes in my school system

i took this from an article about the case… THIS HAPPENED WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL THERE >:( … sick fuck had an asian fetish as he was getting pornography from the Philippines .. i was like the only asian in school… the funny thing is we all knew he was a pedophile because he had that white clammy skin and only let girls into his club….. and 6 years later we have proof lol

Forensic examination of his computers and other digital devices at his home showed that he used a computer to collect more than 600 images and 50 movie files of child pornography.

The examination also turned up “numerous images and videos …of his middle school students,” according to documents filed in court.

“While many of the pictures were related to the defendant’s duties as yearbook advisor, investigators discovered that he secretly photographed his middle school female students by placing a camera under a table that would record images up the skirts of the female students while they sat in his classroom,” the documents said.

The forensic analysis also showed that Hendricks magnified the pictures of students in an effort to enhance the images. Other images show that he took additional photographs and video recordings that attempted “to look down the shirts of female students in his classroom,” the documents said.

The forensic examination also turned up evidence that Hendricks had attempted to use a computer technique called “flesh meshing” in an effort to manipulate images of clothed female students in a way that made them appear undressed. The investigators found a document on the computer entitled “How to Use Flesh-mesh X-ray in Photoshop.”

The Algebra teacher at my high school is being investigated!

What’s going around school is that he was either sexting one of the students or he had left a note in a girl’s purse asking her to send him a picture of her in a bikini.  There’s also a story saying that he asked a girl to meet him at the mall so they could shop for a bikini for her.

No one knows what’s really going on, but that’s the rumor.  Read the full article about it here.

The sad thing is he was one of my favorite teachers.  He was really fun and I know a lot of people liked his class.  I had him for two years and his class was always a blast.  I was shocked when I heard about this.  I was told today he was on the news and about this article.

It’s crazy!

I was creeped out when...

I was creeped out when my cinema teacher only made eye contact with me.

I was creeped out when mine was the only name he could EVER remember.

I was creeped out when he sat next to me during the movie instead of at his desk.

I was creeped out when he said I had the perfect “look” for his movie.

But all of this I accepted as him being friendly, a bit over zealous, and socially awkward.

But then he pops in a movie, and all during the sex scene he didn’t stop looking at me.

Then I become VERY creeped out.

I suppose I just have to come to terms with the fact that I am now at a point in my education where teachers do creepy not so subtle things in an attempt to flirt with their students.

…I have a feeling this may get awkward.

So I thought this one teacher in my school was really creepy because I never heard him talk and never saw him blink. That and he is this short, chubby teacher with a big head. Then today we had to take Keystone tests and he turns out to be not only creeoy, but a mega Nascar fan. His room is practically covered in banners.

And that, my friends, is why I am taking Chemistry instead of Physics next year. (He’s the physics teacher.)

My ethics teacher for the last two years of high school is talking to me on Facebook again.  And hitting on me super creepily.  Like super super creepily.  Saying things like “Wow, you are aging” when I told him my age.  Which, for the record, is twenty-one.  Twenty-one.  I don’t even know how to deal with this besides the obvious ignoring tactic.  Because man oh man is he creepy.  Even more so than I thought he was in high school.

First day of college

It didn’t exceeded my expectations, it wasn’t either good or bad. But definitely wasn’t worth the lack of sleep.

Rained the whole day, one of the classrooms was horrible, my classmates were beyond quiet, they didn’t know too much about certain things (important ones). I guess I’m gonna like it, although this is just a basic course and the majority of them won’t be in my same career.

Oh, and one of my teachers is actually paranoid, but he’s kinda cool beyond his creepiness, he reads much and knows a lot about art. He’s my fave so far.