creepy teachers

why isn’t teacher/teacher more popular???????????????? i mean
  • the nice one who everybody loves with the grumpy and strict one that the students hate and the students wonder?????????how what the fuck
  • but later (not in school environment maybe by accident) the students (a group of them) see that the strict one isn’t really that strict and they love their partner
  • or the cool married teachers that talk about each other and everyone loves like one of them comes late to class and is like “sorry i’m late guys mx. [partner] is really sick and i wanted to be sure everything is alright”
  •  and the students spend 5 minutes fussing over the other teacher and asking questions about their wellbeing “ARE THEY DYING” “No Joey they’ve just caught a cold” [and trying to make this one forget about their class”
  • or two teachers that EVERYBODY ships like the students are trying to get them together
  • “Soo, Mx. A, Mx. B will have a concert tomorrow for the school and they need all the help and they asked me to tell you….so you can tell other students” “Mx. B didn’t tell me anything about it” “oh it was like, last moment thing you know. they didn’t have time. and like, they really need help.”
  • And the teacher is like “Thanks Johnson” and trying to be really cool but REALLY BEING NOT COOL OMG WHERE’S THE SQUAD OF DUCKLINGS TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GO AND HELP
  • and like other teachers shipping them too
  • “Mx. A you know about the prom. There’s a rule that the teachers must have some partners too” [dunno if it already is something like this, it is not in my country] “I did not know about this rule.” “Oh it’s very recent. So, you know, teachers are never alone and can be protected in case it’s necessary. I also heard that Mx. B has no partner.”
  • Like, science/maths teachers with art/languages teacher. Or stuff like this.
  • Talking about their subject passionately and the other not understanding shit but loving it anyway because they’re so fucking cute.
  • Like here is your impossible love
  • Teachers of the same subject in different schools fighting in competitions and shit
  • Or teachers of the same subject talking passionately about their course. and praising each other.
  • Teachers talking about their students, the bad ones and the cool ones
  • LGBT teachers standing up for LGBT students and offering them support and helping them feel more at ease in this clusterfuck of school
  • OTP 1 teacher/teacher and OTP 2 student/student
  • OTP 2 being so thankful that OTP 1 exists. OTP 1 giving advice to OTP 2.
  • Grading stuff together. Bringing each other food/beverages. Helping each other through all the stuff.
  • AND
  • SO
  • MUCH
  • MORE


  • “hey darling, how about you teach me some things? I promise to be good.”
  • “i thought you went through high-school once. Weren’t you taught my subject?”
  • seriously tho all that stuff that is at teacher/student can be sort of roleplay for teacher/teacher (and be less creepy)
New Girl - One

Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

“Okay, fourth floor.” I folded the small slip of paper and put it into my back pocket, pressing the four when I stepped into the elevator. I wonder what these girls were like – the place seemed clean, they seemed like they were my age. Of course, their age was listed, but it also didn’t sound like they were lying or that there was a possibility that they were predators. I hadn’t even thought of that – I subconsciously rubbed my hands against my jeans, not noticing them become sweaty.

I almost missed my stop, the elevator doors almost closing after being left open in my daze. I saw the red printed four on top of the door, I took a deep breath before stepping out. I looked to my left and saw 4C, then looked to my right – 4D. The doors behind me closed while I prepped myself, breathing in and out slowly as I made my way to apartment 4D.

I raised my fist and knocked once, cursing under my breath as I realized how lightly it sounded, sounding more like a toddler’s tap. I straightened my posture and cleared my throat, raising my fist more confidently as I knocked loudly three times. You’re fine. You’re fine. They’re just girls. They’re just three other girls your age-.

“Hello?” My thoughts were cut off by a deep, foreign accent. I looked up to see a blonde boy standing in front of me, his blue eyes showing confusion as he scanned my appearance. “Can I help you?”

“Uh,” I glanced at the number on the door again: 4D. “Is this the apartment that posted about a new roommate?” Before blue-eyes could answer, another head appeared next to him.

“New roommate? New woman roommate? Yes, hello. This is the apartment with the ad. I’m Jacob. This handsome young fellow is Harrison. Come in, come in.” I smiled slightly, relieved that seemed to be close to my age – and they seemed normal… enough.

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Life is Strange:

The game: Missing girls, death, sexual assault, creepy teachers and time travel.  

The fandom: Gay ships and lesbian rainbows.  

I know things about you no one else knows …maybe not even yourself.
Your whole life-philosophy consists of dating middle-aged men in their thirties because you can’t stand boys your age
—  ladies and gentlemen - my physics teacher

“HANDED” to me? My vagina was fucking HANDED TO ME??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? In what world is it a privilege to have a vagina???? I DIDNT ASK TO HAVE ONE OR EVEN WANT ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU DUMB FUCKS

You know what else was “handed” to me??? The fact that men treat me as baby making machines and fuckholes for their dicks and pay me less and stalk me and assault me and want to mutilate my genitals and deny me education and sell me to old men because I have a vagina!!!!!! Ive had to leave three schools because of creepy male teachers the past two years and im barely 18!!!!! im a target to them because i have a vagina and breasts, because im biologically female and I couldn’t change how I’m perceived even if I wanted to. YOU CAN HAVE MY VAGINA LMFAO I DONT WANT IT IF IT MAKES ME A TARGET. FUCK trans activists. you monsters have NO SYMPATHY FOR WOMEN. DIE!!!!

At my high school in Hong Kong, we did this yearly trip overseas to another southeast Asian country. Unfortunately, I was stuck with the creepy gym teacher for a week in the Philippines.

We stopped at a lake midway through a 4-hour bus trip, and all chilled at its edges and ate snacks. Cue creepy gym teacher.

He went right up to the water’s edge, shot his hand in, and pulled out a fish.

A fish.

He didn’t say a word, just pretended to eat it and then threw it in some bushes behind him.

Somehow that wasn’t even the most surreal thing to happen on that trip.

this is my first entry for @shippingwithstiles‘s whole week of Stiles-centric fics!! starting off with some Sterek to ease myself into it (promise i’ve got another ship or two coming soon)

April 1st prompt: Fool For Love



(also on AO3)

Stiles waited until the bell rang for lunch before he made his move. He had determined that to be the optimal time, the moment of maximum exposure and emphasis. Everybody would be flooding out of their classrooms and moving toward the cafeteria in one giant horde, and Lydia would be the last one out of her AP Calculus class like she always was because she stayed back to argue with the teacher.

Stiles had been preparing for this for weeks, building himself up to it and memorizing the pièce de résistance. He glanced over his reference sheet one more time just as the bell rang, mouthing the words to himself before folding it up and stuffing it in his pocket. He might’ve been sweaty with nerves, but unless this went far, far better than he was expecting, Lydia wasn’t likely to be close enough to tell so that was fine. Besides, he was allowed to be nervous; he was taking the final leap.

If this didn’t win him Lydia’s favor, nothing ever would.

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Hiiii!! I was wondering if you could help me find a fic!! Styles has a new teacher who replaced Jennifer and the guy is a werewolf and an alpha and wants styles as his mate but Derek pretends to be his fake boyfriend and in the end Derek and styles end up together. I think I saw you Rec it but can't find it!!! Thanks for all you do for us fellow sterek lovers!!! Xxx

Hey :)

OMG! I have looked everywhere! I know which one you’re looking for I just can’t remember the name. :( 

Anyone else read this fic?!?

lunalupine found it. Thank you!!! 

The Best Things in Life are Fully Involved by  stileskolpath | 11.4K

The one where Stiles is propositioned by a new alpha, who just happens to be the replacement for Ms. Blake at Beacon Hills High School. So what happens? Stiles panics, that’s what happens. And by ‘panic’ I mean he totally may or may not have insinuated that he was currently involved in a totally not-fake relationship with one particularly broody alpha by the name of Derek Hale. Whatever, he’ll sort out the details as he goes. What could go wrong?

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I'm so glad you like getting headcanon requests cause boy howdy do I have a few. Do you have any thoughts about mundane setting AUs for wolf359? Like the characters working in a store or something?

okay I had exactly 0 inspiration today for retail AUs that weren’t just retreads of funnier ones other people have done so instead please accept one of my favorite AUs which is the “shitty high school production of Hamlet” AU

  • Hera is a sophomore and runs the lighting booth. It is not her fault that there is no budget and everything is broken. She’s an angel and we’re glad she’s here.
  • Eiffel is a sophomore and the stage manager. He is a disgrace to a noble profession. No one even knows why he’s here except that there are rumors about his failing grades and a deal with that one creepy teacher Mr. Cutter.
  • The two of them are constantly in trouble for talking and giggling with one another over their headsets when everyone else is trying to do the goddamn show
  • Eiffel has almost been killed by set pieces more than once. What a tragic way to die, crushed under hundreds of pounds of scrap wood and casters. No, he’s not faking it, he’s been deathly injured, honest.
  • Minkowski is a junior and the student director, and really wanted to be in the play, but god dammit, if she’s going to direct, she’s going to direct, no matter what this shitshow is turning out like. She is committed to this play. She is so committed. She is living powered by stress and caffeine.
  • It doesn’t help that rehearsal schedules mean that she hasn’t seen her bf who writes for the school paper in? days?? Weeks??? He keeps texting her jokingly asking if she’s dead. (It’s probably still a joke.)
  • Lovelace is a senior and the one who actually wanted to direct, but since she left the drama department for a couple years to focus on the basketball team, Minkowski got tapped instead, so now she’s somewhat belligerently playing Hamlet.
  • Which is not a bad thing by anyone else’s estimation, because Isabel Lovelace’s Hamlet is both glorious and terrifying to behold.
  • SI5 are a bunch of seniors who act like they’re running the show and are generally more difficult to deal with even than Eiffel. This does not change the fact that Kepler as Claudius is genuinely creepy (although he clearly thinks he should have been Hamlet). Maxwell and Jacobi are playing Ophelia and Laertes and have an infinitely more convincing relationship with one another than either has with Lovelace. Both think they would have been better in the other role.
  • Hera’s older sister Rhea is playing Gertrude. She does not deserve to be a part of this mess.
  • Hilbert was probably cast as Horatio on the basis that everyone’s pretty sure he and Lovelace WERE old friends but that was definitely a mistake because they have not talked to one another in at least two years after The Incident (no one knows what The Incident was except Fourier and Hui and they’re not telling)
  • No one in the cast can stand one another. Every rehearsal is one tech disaster after another. Half the cast suddenly comes down with the flu. Will they ever make it to opening night? (Probably not.)
  • Lambert is Polonius.

Honestly I feel like a Gotham high school teachers AU would be great?? Like Jim and Harvey would be PE teachers, Valcone would be the headteacher with Fish as his deputy. Ozwald would be an Eng Lit teacher with Ivy as his TA. Ed would be a creepy biology teacher who then became a drama teacher after a breakup with Oz early midlife crisis. Lucius would be the replacement biology teacher, and Lee would be a chemistry teacher. And although all the teachers deny it, literally all the students know about Oz and Ed. Oz sort of blames his TA, but Ed is almost 100% certain it was Barbara (although I’m not sure what she’d teach? But she’d gossip with her students and then make them promise that they wouldn’t say anything, knowing full well they would.)

Jim would form a close bond with Bruce Wayne by helping him learn how to box and stuff after his parents died, and he and Harvey would turn a blind eye if they saw him in the gym when he should have been in class.

And then there’s Jerome who is That One Kid™. You know the one? Always joking and disrupting class and getting sent out/to the head. He’s in detention after school basically everyday?? Also people kind of think that he might have killed someone because he’s pretty creepy when you’re one one with him?

Flashback from Episode 22!

I’m interested in the way the anime deals with “Season 0”. (I’ve read the manga but only seen a little of the other anime Season 0.) I’d have loved to have seen their version of Season 0, and I wonder if they do a reboot like for Sailor Moon, will they include Season 0, and, if so, will they include all the crazy non-DM games Yami plays and comes up with or will they rewrite most of them to be Duel Monsters? I imagine they’d do a lot of it like this flashback shows; dark games using the DM cards but not necessarily full duels.

So this is the anime’s version of the boys finding out that Anzu has a part-time job, which is apparently forbidden by school regulations, which seems super harsh, but okay. She’s terrified when they show up and see her and basically tries to threaten them not to tell anyone.

But Jou’s super nice about it and Yugi’s an adorkable sweetheart.

Unfortunately for Anzu, someone else sees her too, and blackmails her. She initially suspects Jou (or maybe Yugi, but probably Jou), but it’s a creepy older guy (gym teacher?) who corners her with a video camera and starts taking lingering shots of her crotch and breasts… 

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew…

But then!

Tiny nerd to the rescue! I don’t know how Yugi figured out where Anzu was or that she was in trouble, but he bursts in like a half-sized avenging angel without any thought to his own safety and no, it doesn’t work, but damn, it’s not for want of trying.

And Anzu BITES HIM. You GO girl!

Obviously, the larger, stronger man knocks both of them away, but that turns out to be his mistake. It’s not clear how long Yugi’s had a roommate in his head at this point, but Yami only shows up after Yugi hits his head, which makes me think he’s pretty new. In the present storyline, he comes out if he thinks there’s any danger, and Yugi flinging himself into a physical altercation with a man three times his size should definitely count. Creepy gym guy starts to film an unconscious Anzu (EW EW EW EW) when Yami interrupts…

Um. Probably not what I would have opened with. But okay. It works.

Yami challenges him to a very simple game - they each draw from Yami’s deck, better card wins. Who wins if they draw, like, two Trap Cards? Yami does not address this possibility. What he does address are the consequences…

Once again, I am completely fine with Yami breaking out the death threats here. God only knows what this guy was planning to do to Anzu. Honestly, I know this is probably early borderline-evil Yami, but I think if someone blackmailed and sexually harassed any of his friends today with the apparent intent of sexually assaulting them, he would do the same thing. He is viciously protective, and I don’t consider that a negative trait.

They draw. Gym guy is pleased to draw Curse of Dragon, but then Yami draws, glances at the card and says “I did it.” … it’s Black Magician, of course.

Of course, the creepy, rapey blackmailing guy doesn’t accept Yami’s victory and instead….

And then - I cannot get over this - Yami just smirks and says…

The SASS here. Damn.

But maybe he does wonder. He seems pretty cut when we see him as Atem in his memory world, but he’s slight, and it’s not clear if he has his own muscles the way he has his own hair and eyes, or if he’s literally in Yugi’s body and just projects some kind of image of himself. Even as Atem, it’s hard to know if he would be any good at physically fighting, if he was ever trained. Maybe he wonders how he would manage to protect Yugi and his friends if he didn’t have the powers of the Puzzle…

But he does, and he Mind Crushes this guy to bits.

When Anzu wakes up…

What? Does he mean himself? Is he just being creepy? Does he change back to Yugi immediately afterwards and if so, are they at the stage yet where Yugi remembers what happens when Yami’s in control, or does he just say that and vanish and Yugi wakes up in a different part of the room with the guy in a come and Anzu going “What demon?” and freaks out?!

Damn, Yami. You’re one fine thing, and brave as anything, but you can be creepy as all get-out when you want…

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Wow, I hadn't really realized how bad most schools are. You ranting lately has really opened my eyes. My school's fine with hair dyes and tattoos (lots of teachers have them). We have a dress code but it isn't really followed and they won't do anything if you violate it. Our male teachers aren't creepy towards girls, And coming to high school after being homeschooled scared me, but it was pretty okay. It really sucks that so many people have to deal with a horrible school every day. :/

I would personally love to have a more lenient school, but I don’t. It may be a public school but it’s more of a educational prison than anything

let me be your coffee pot

“There’s only one plug in this entire coffee shop and you’re sitting right in front of it and you’re not even using it, and my laptop is about to die in the middle of this online exam I’m taking, so whatever I don’t care how intimidatingly attractive you are I’m sitting down at your table to plug my shit in.” AU

Title from ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ by Arctic Monkeys. - ao3.

Day one: AU/AH of KlarolineInfinity Week!

Caroline was beyond frustrated.

Sleep-deprived, coffee did nothing to calm her, full bent on getting a good grade. Apparently, Mr. Salvatore, her annoying and inappropriate Communication teacher, had taken a sudden like to technology —that wasn’t related at all to the fact that he showed up hungover at the last classes of the year, refusing to teach them anything, sending power points of the contents to them instead— and decided to take the exam through an online platform.

A message appeared on her laptop screen when she was reading a question about engaging people in the media, startling her.

You’re now running low on reserve battery power. You need to plug the power adapter into your computer and into a power outlet. If you don’t, your computer will go to sleep in a few minutes to preserve its memory contents.

Groaning, she looked around, noticing not even one plug in sight. It didn’t surprise her, considering the old vibe of the store, it was a miracle that it had wireless connection to begin with. Hell, she had actually contemplated turning around upon first looking inside “Original Coffee”. Ancient shelves containing jar of coffee grains instead of a machine, and a counter guy dressed in a Viking costume? Weird.

The shining screen reminded her that she had fifteen minutes and forty seconds left to finish the exam.

She cursed her bad luck. Had she walked under a ladder that day? She really hoped not.

Although it wasn’t completely her fault, on second thought, it was Katherine’s.

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