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Just a Nightmare

shhhitstopsecret submitted:

My mom once told me a story about this dream she had when she was a little girl. She has five sisters and she lived on a farm till she was 19 and the whole time she lived there she shared a room with two of her sisters. One night she was about 9 at the time when her door opened and a man walked in and stood over her sister Tiffany’s bed watching her sleep. She told me she was so scared she couldn’t move and couldn’t speak. The man wasn’t my grandpa or even some one she knew. He stood there for hours just looking at my aunt with his back to my mom. The next morning she went downstairs and just to reassure herself it was just a dream asked if my grandpa locked the doors After he answered yes, she checked all the doors and windows too make sure nothing was broken.

This Thanksgiving at dinner my grandma started a joking conversation about Halloween and scary things at the dinner table. After everyone was done laughing at my moms story about this one time a garter snake was on the windowsill and made her cry. My aunt Tiffany started something about a nightmare that stuck with her through the years about a man that stood over her all night once when she was a kid. “In the middle of the night a man walked into our room and stood over me for hours just breathing. I kept my eyes closed because I was so scared of him finding out I was awake.” Everyone in the room was kinda spooked but my mom and another one of my aunts started tearing up. “I thought it was just a nightmare too.”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 9/10 Alright, I’m not sure what it is about this one but right now I find it creepy as FUCK.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

The rating has dropped to the new low. Shonda needs to pull out the big guns, bringing back Callie and Cristina. And much better writers! 

if you’re stalking harry and chasing him in your car and telling him you’re not going to stop when he asks you to until you get photos with him as if he’s some sort of object and not a human being you supposedly like then you’re a piece of fucking shit and just know everyone probably hates you including harry


If you don’t know already, Passengers is a beyond horrifying stalker movie that some very insensitive people decided to call a love story

The first hint that this is a horror movie comes when Chris Pratt’s character, Jim Preston, wakes up from his deep artificial sleep 90 years early. He is understandably distraught at the prospect of spending the rest of his life trapped alone in this suburban-mall-meets-Apple-Store spaceship with only an android bartender named Arthur (Michael Sheen) for company. But then he does something unforgivable– and it needs to be recognized as such.