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2 Types Of MGG Fans
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I honestly need help understanding something… Spencer giving A the RV to help Toby is the equivalent of Aria harassing her friends to save her creepy fiance?

‘But Spencer kidnapped Malcolm! She has no right to be mad!’

Yup, Spencer took the kid, took him to a carnival, and returned him safety to Aria with hidden clues telling Aria that she was working for A and was the one who took him. She joined to make sure Toby was alive an to also try to get close enough to A possibly find out who it was that was torturing the group.. Sure, she gave away the RV and the others were mad and rightful so, but that is nowhere the same scale as what Aria did.

This bitch harassed her friends, adding fuel to the already most emotionally traumatizing events that have happened to them since the doll house to save her creep fiance from going to jail for something he should have been in jail for in the first place.

It’s definitely not Aria’s fault that Spencer’s parents are getting a divorce, but she did act as the catalyst for it. Spencer just found out the she was a bastard orphan, son of a whore and the bitch next door’s twin sister. That she was conceive out of spite, born in a mental institution, and was never told anything about it or the fact that Veronica had adopted her. Peter and Veronica being together at that moment in time was the only stability she had. She didn’t have to blame all of it in Aria, but she went back to apologise.. And when she did that, she witnessed Aria getting reward by AD for harassing her family and her other friends (i.e. trashing the nursery, causing Emily and Alison even more emotional distress after finding out that they both had been violated on the highest level possible) by getting an alibi for a murder she was present for. I’d say Spencer and the others all have the right to be mad at Aria and give her the cold shoulder.. She literally risked her friends going to jail for life on murder charges so Mr. Creepy Pants didn’t spend what, 3-4 months in jail…

Hell, they handled that shit a lot better than I would have because I would’ve beat her ass…


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That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 3

Inspiration: Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away
 Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody

Rating: Teen?    Setting: Season 4   Featuring: Spencer x Reader

A/N: I needed a little more inspiration to keep the story rolling, sorry it took longer between parts 2 and 3. I love writing these flashbacks, hope you like reading them too! xoxo Stu

After your meeting with the lawyer was over, you headed over to the funeral home that your dad had indicated in the will. You weren’t sure when he had made his arrangements, but you were extremely grateful he had. The staunch mortician greeted you with a cool handshake, you sat down before the intimidating wooden desk. You knew you could have waited for this meeting until the following day, after meeting with the school, the groundskeepers, whomever you were going to have to coordinate with. You half-listened to your father’s wishes, realizing he had set this up years ago, probably not long after your mum had passed.

You thanked the man, rising to leave before was necessary. You headed to your rental car in the side parking lot. You sat in the driver’s seat and let the radio play:

I’ve been roaming around
Always looking down at all I see
Painted faces, fill the places I can’t reach

You know that I could use somebody

You cry into the steering wheel as the song fades and the D.J. drones on about traffic. After a commercial break you pull yourself out of your grief and pick up your phone.

“This is Dr. Reid.”

You sniffle into the phone, “Spencer?”

“Y/N/N?” Spencer paused. “How are you doing?”

“Frankly? Crappy.” You bark out a clipped laugh. “Listen, I didn’t read your letter, yet. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and I know that’s what it was.”

Silence answers you. “I didn’t want to say it either,” Spencer finally acknowledged, “I could barely write it, Y/N.”

You rest your head back, cherishing his tortured voice on the other end of the line. “Spencer, I know you are working, but is there anyway?” You exhale, “Is there anyway we can forget the letter until after the funeral and after you get this bastard?”

“Y/N, do you think that is a good idea?” Spencer’s voice was calculated.

“There are no good ideas in my head right now,” You whisper to yourself more than to him, “I just know that being with you, now, is finishing something that I didn’t know needed an ending.”

“I will be here until the funeral, if not longer, Y/N,” Spencer sighed. “But I will be working up until we catch the unsub. I owe it to your dad.”

You nod, holding the tears back again. “Thanks, Sir-sir. For everything.”

“Don’t thank me until he’s in cuffs, Y/N.” Spencer retorted determinedly. “Call me if anything or anyone crosses your mind, alright?”

“You got it.”

Used to steal your parents’ liquor
And climb to the roof
Talk about our future
Like we had a clue
Never planned that one day
I’d be losing you

It had been a week since you and Spencer had kissed in your bedroom. You hadn’t seen him or heard from him. You were pretty sure you had lost a friend over trying to get some summer lovin’. You were also rational, this was something that happened a lot that summer. You were trying not to overthink things, Spencer was not like other guys; he would be back over on his bike in no time. You hoped.

Your dad was having a party for people from the school, celebrating a new building or renaming a building. You were not interested, therefore the specifics filtered through your memory. There were waiters and caterers and bartenders all over the house, the yard, the pool deck. You wore a white, Grecian style, backless dress, a present from your aunt for graduating last year.  You had braided your hair so that the heat wouldn’t make it stick to your face. You felt like Helen of Troy, with all the compliments from your father’s colleagues. You made small talk with professors and the few students in attendance, like most events you were out of place.

After an hour of mingling, you found your dad, talking to some British guy about the tech revolution. There were a few other people in the circle, most you didn’t know. You did recognize Olivia Madison who was a newer graduate student, Dr. James from UCLA and ungainly standing with a wine glass in his hand was Spencer. He had worn his glasses and had a real tuxedo on. He visibly shook when you caught his eye. You were embarrassed and confused, but his reaction was uncalled for. You nudged your head toward the backdoor, he squinted at you.

“Dad, I am going to borrow Dr. Reid for a moment.” You said, interrupting the entire conversation flow.

“Oh, yes, alright, Y/N/N.” Your dad chuckled. “Don’t hurt him, sweetheart.” He teased as you tugged Spencer’s free arm. The crowd laughed at the unceremonious fleeing of the pair of teenagers.

“What do you want, Y/N?” Spencer stage whispered at you as you pulled him into the kitchen door. He was trying to be cavalier, since he was here as faculty and you were just some professor’s daughter. You were frustrated that he was acting this way, especially since it was just you and the waitstaff inside.

“What do I want?!” You practically shout, a mirthless laugh escaping your astonished face. “I want you to look at me and tell me why you haven’t called me, Spencer!”

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