creepy snacks

Caramel Apples

Halloween was tomorrow and Mark and Jack were having a party in their apartment. It seemed like a good idea at the time but hosting a party was a lot of work. They were both in the kitchen making creepy-themed  snacks. Mark was working on some pretzels that looked like broomsticks, while Jack was trying to make caramel apples.

“Fookin hell…” Jack swore under his breath. Mark turned his attention to his boyfriend, who was elbow-deep in a bowl of caramel and getting more on himself than the apples. Mark couldn’t help but laugh as Jack continued to struggle. He eased up behind his lover, wrapping his arms around Jack’s slim waist and placing a kiss on the back of his neck. 

“What’s wrong Jackababy?” Mark said softly.

“This fookin caramel is what’s wrong, it’s everywhere but where I want it t’ be.”

Jack wiped his face on his arm only to get caramel on his cheek. Mark laughed again, and then leaned in to kiss it off. He rested his head on Jack’s shoulder and moved his hands to guide Jack’s.

“Look, do it like this.” Mark moved Jack’s hand to grab an apple and dip it into the bowl. He carefully turned Jack’s hand to catch all the drips. Meanwhile Jack could only stare at his lover. “See? It’s not that hard.” Mark sat the apple down and noticed Jack looking at him. “What? Is it on my face too?” 

Jack swiped his finger through the bowl and ran it across Mark’s face. “Yeh got a little right there.” 

“Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be.” Mark reached for the bowl as Jack tried to make an escape, but Mark’s big arms held him in his place while he wiped the sugary mess on Jack’s nose. At this point they were both out of breath from laughing and they stopped and admired each other for a moment. Jack kissed the sweet substance off of Mark’s chin and Mark did the same to Jack’s nose. Then Jack pulled Mark’s face down and gently closed the space between their lips.

“What was that for?” Mark brushed the neon hair off Jack’s forehead.

“Just cause.”