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Pokemon Sun and Moon in a nutshell. o3o [mememememmeme]


I honestly had no idea where I was going with this as I animated it xD; I just knew I wanted to animate Nebby and Lillie /so bad/ … I love the super animu Lillie frames. xD 

These two were my favorite characters from Sun and Moon, but it’s actually really hard to pick among the very interesting cast we have :3 <3

Cancer & Pisces
  • Cancer, walking w/ Pisces: I dare you to confess to Sagittarius
  • Pisces, scoffs: Ha! Over my dead body.
  • Cancer, stops: That could be arranged...
  • Pisces: Yo chill
  • Cancer, smiles:
  • Pisces, starts to run away: YO CHILL
  • Cancer, chases after them: YOU CAN'T DENY THE SEXUAL TENSION