creepy sea animals


On November 11 2007, a strange, alien-like sea creature was captured on camera near Perdido, a drilling site owned by Shell oil company. It was discovered deep in the ocean near the drilling site and was later identified as a bigfin squid - this mysterious species of squid is very rarely seen due to the fact it only lives in depths of 6,000 feet or more.

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In case you needed one more thing to keep you up at night, meet the Sea Spider: a tiny but sinister looking animal that is not actually an arachnid, but instead probably evolved as a distinct sister lineage to all known arthropods (crustaceans, insects).

Their elongated bodies have so much surface area that they don’t even need a respiratory system, instead exchanging gasses via direct diffusion across the surface of their body and extremities.

Sea Spiders are carnivores and feed on soft tissued animals like sea anemones, by stabbing them with their long, sharp proboscis and sucking the nutrients out of them. Not creepy at all - photo taken at Seacrest Cove 2, Seattle, WA