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the signs as shakespearean archetypes

aries: the honorable but temperamental soldier (hotspur, coriolanus, pericles)

taurus: the sassy servant (mariah, mistress quickly, paulina)

gemini: the impish but omniscient jester (feste, puck, lear’s fool)

cancer: the puppyish lover boy (romeo, orlando, valentine)

leo: the wronged but extremely glam queen (cleopatra, titania, hermione)

virgo: antonio

libra: the ambiguously gay best friend (horatio, benvolio, don pedro)

scorpio: the creepy duplicitous one no one suspects of being creepy and duplicitous (iago, richard iii, lady macbeth)

sagittarius: the “i fucking told you so” character (kent, queen margaret, prince escalus, )

capricorn: the controlling single dad (polonius, prospero, baptista)

aquarius: the spunky cross-dresser (viola, rosalind, imogen)

pisces: the manic pixie dream virgin (miranda, perdita, cordelia)

Cheer Up Post #5545 - Creepy Edition

actually-richard-speight would like a post featuring creepy things. Here you go!

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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What Medieval English Monarch Am I Looking At?

Henry II:

  • Pointy beard
  • Fancy
  • Looks either bored (re: regal) or kinda pissed there’s no in between
  • There’s like no depictions of him from life I can find I dunno

Richard I:

  • ARMOR 
  • Shields and junk
  • Kinda resembles Jesus?
  • Very square face
  • Looks into the camera like he’s on the Office
  • Probably no depictions of him from life either


  • Nice hair
  • Looks like he would murder you and probably would
  • Fancier than Richard tbh

Henry III

  • He honestly looks like a remix of the last three guys I dunno what to tell you
  • Blonde
  • Looks kinda Done™

Edward I

  • Okay he looks even more like Jesus than Richard I did
  • Suspicious Eyes

Edward II

  • I’m pretty sure this is just Henry III again
  • Okay his face is like marginally longer in most of his images but like
  • Good luck

Edward III

  • He looks like a judgmental warlock
  • He’s old in a lot of images but even when he’s not his beard game is the strongest I’ve seen yet

Richard II

  • Bling Jesus™
  • Doesn’t actually look that much like Jesus
  • Baby face
  • Two emotions: Friendly and Stayed Up Past 2 AM

Henry IV

  • TOWEL HAT (it’s called a Chaperon) 
  • Highkey judging you
  • Seems good natured but he isn’t going to be having Any Of Your Shit Today

Henry V 

  • Profile game: Strong
  • Haircut game: less so
  • Had facial scarring so Right View Only

Henry VI

  • Looks like you just killed his dog in some of these portraits tbh
  • Simple Hat 
  • Nervous™
  • Looks optimistic or sad depending

Edward IV 

  • Small eyes
  • Refined™
  • Small hands too
  • Way too many necklaces man calm down
  • Looks like he would kill you but honestly can’t be bothered so

Edward V

  • Baby child who looks like he’s 45
  • Lots of pictures of him being murdered that’s cute
  • Angelic™ (I think that’s the vibe they were going for, they ended up with Creepy)

Richard III

  • Looks highkey uncomfortable 
  • Doesn’t actually want to be here
  • Resting bitchface
  • He’s also got that same hat in literally every single image that isn’t from Shakespeare

Henry VII

  • Has three faces: Soft Murder, Disappoint, and Smug
  • Ripped off the York hats
  • Looks like a dad actually 
  • For some reason his eyes don’t go in the same direction very often

Henry VIII

  • I feel like most people know what Henry VIII looks like but
  • “I’m not fat, I’m voluptuous”
  • Actually got rid of the York hats finally
  • Highkey seductive this man has no shame 

Edward VI

  • See Edward V artists THAT’S how you paint a kid
  • Wearing his dad’s clothes rip
  • Cute 10/10 would hug