creepy rhyme


So the old nursery rhyme/creepy poem about crows?

It matches with @lbardugo ‘s Six of Crows

I don’t know if she intended for it to happen, but it did. And it’s awesome.

Here’s how the poem goes:

One for sorrow

Two for mirth

Three for a wedding

And Four for a birth

Five for silver

Six for gold

and Seven for a secret never to be told

IN A SENTENCE: book recs and why you should read them


  • carry on by rainbow rowell: it’s harry potter but gay and with extra scones and dumbledore wears tights
  • the raven cycle series by maggie steifvater (everyone has heard of this already so): delightfully weird with the strongest set of characters in anything i’ve read and lots of cars and bees
  • shades of magic series by ve schwab: whimsical fantasy and cross-dressing pirates and again, brilliant characters and just excitingness
  • monsters of verity duology by ve schwab: so so dark with savagely beautiful imagery and creepy nursery rhymes and almost horror writing in book 2
  • villains duology by ve schwab: moral ambiguity!!! edginess!!! subversion of the superhero genre!!! characters you both like and hate!!! gritty urban settings!!!
  • six of crows duology by leigh bardugo: more moral ambiguity and an absolutely stellar cast of six with an insanely well-crafted heist
  • the great library series by rachel caine: a book about books do i need to say more also christopher wolfe is my dad, the worldbuilding is insane and this is SO underrated
  • the girl at midnight series by melissa grey: the poetic justice makes me cry every time i think about it and honestly it’s just worth reading to see the character development dorian goes through
  • magisterium series by cassandra clare and holly black: harry potter but so much darker even though it’s mg not ya, and it has already made me cry my entire soul out so considering it’s written by 2 of the most popular authors this is criminally underrated honestly
  • strange the dreamer by laini taylor: i’m only halfway through this but the worldbuilding is amazing and the writing is absolutely gorgeous and it actually has a plot unlike some books this reminds me of


  • all for the game series by nora sakavic: so dark and so quick-paced and exciting with more amazing characters and more jaw-dropping plot twists and a mc who likes to destroy people on live tv
  • one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus: criminally good ending that might be a direct comparison to a certain other popular tv series around rn with also a good cast of characters
  • troublemakers by catherine barter: really poignant narrative on protesting and things and it really helped me come to terms with the attack on my city in may
  • release by patrick ness: ok this crosses over into fantasy but it’s like 80% contemporary and it’s just a really good story on coming out into a homophobic environment and coming to terms with being loved and stuff
  • a list of cages by robin roe: just straight-up made me cry until i couldnt breathe honestly it has lots of narrative abt child abuse but if that’s not bad for you it’s really really good


  • the song of achilles by madeline miller: again, i straight up cried by the end of this one. the dramatic irony (cough cough what has hector ever done) is honestly the best dramatic irony in any book ive ever read ever
  • the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue by mackenzi lee: just a really fun whimsical book with pirates and a cute relationship and good side characters and things like that


Creepy Girl

I like the creepy girl,
who lives down the lane.
I like her soft spoken voice
and her long curly mane.

I like the weird poems
she scrawls in her books.
I like the way other girls
give her mean nasty looks.

I like the t-shirts
of punk bands she wears.
I like that she talks
in curses and swears.

I like that I’m told
that she is up to no good.
Know what I’d be up to?
Why, no good (if I could).

I like her pale skin,
and the fingernails she chews.
I like how she wears boots,
instead of new shoes.

I like that she skips gym,
and reads on the bus.
And when she sees me staring,
she doesn’t raise a fuss.

Oh creepy girl,
you give me such joy.
I wonder If I could,
be your creepy boy?

Bet J.K Rowling would be good at horror tho

My momma, your momma, gonna catch a witch,
My momma, your momma, flying on a switch,
My momma, your momma, witches never cry,
My momma, your momma, witches gonna die!

Witch number one, drown in a river!
Witch number two, gotta noose to give her!
Witch number three, gonna watch her burn,
Witch number four, flogging take a turn.

anonymous asked:

So I found a picture online about playing "Pop Goes The Weasel" at the end of your funeral and everyone looking horrified... Why do I feel like Jason would totally do this?? Do you agree??? I'm definitely writing this in my will at least lol

Ok, but Jason would FAKE his death and do this just so he could witness everyone’s reaction! He’d be the guy in the background wearing track pants and a hat pulled down over his head stifling laughter; and it’d go something like this

  • Dick was in charge of picking the music and he’s 5000% sure he did not accidentally include this creepy nursery rhyme ohmygod Tim it’s Jason’s ghost haunting them, Pop! goes the weasel, Dick is sobbing
  • Tim is all solemnness until the song starts playing and his jaw drops, eyes widening, and then he just buries his face in his hand to hide the humored grin because Jason once discussed doing this at his funeral, stop touching me Dick Im going to burst out laughing we’ve been played
  • Damian is incredibly suspicious and keeps shifting around on the pew to find out who’s disgracing Todd in such a way, I will find you and eviscerate you fool
  • Bruce is trying to exude calm and like this was totally planned but Alfred is shooting him a glance around his handkerchief and Selina across the aisle is slowly tapping her nails on her knee and glaring oh now Bruce is sweating and he tugs at his collar, good god please let the song end, just let it end
  • Stephanie is just eyeing the coffin expecting Jason to suddenly sit up because that’s totally something he’d do (he later laments not doing that), and Cass is trying to understand the emotional connection between Pop Goes The Weasel and a death and she starts getting sad comparing Jason to a weasel animal
  • Jason is losing his shit in the back row; no one knows who invited him or his connection but Commissioner Gordon steps over to ask him to leave and Jason’s stifled chuckles turn into full blown laughter because this is just too good
  • (Dick faints, Damian threatens to break Jason’s kneecaps, Tim and Steph are laughing, Bruce and Cass give Jason a big hug, and Alfred grounds him for a week)
At the head of monsters wild,
Is she, with smile sweet and mild.
With all a gentle love and care,
She’ll pluck her bow and pin you there.
That smile will be your final sight.
First your left eye. Then your right.
—  Dirge of the Hravarim, Compos Mentis: Chapter 13 (written for Rella by the ever talented @saphrose​)

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Joseph has a gardening hobby and loves pressing flowers.

Okay but better yet he’s one of those stereotypical lawn dads who has the greenest lawn in the neighborhood but, once Christie and Christian got old enough, they started to ask their dad why they never had any flowers in the lawn like the other kids which makes sense y’know he cuts it on time so they never get the pretty weed flowers like the dandelions and clover.

So he immediately takes them to the nearest Home Depot and picks out a bunch of soil, rocks, and the flowers they want (Christie wanted all the yellow flowers b/c that’s her favorite color, but Christian demanded that they give every color the respect it deserved so it’s basically a rainbow garden).

They spent the entire rest of the day making a big garden next to their patio full of flowers (Joseph did most of the digging and stone lifting, but the twins were happy to help lay the landscaping fabric and Chris was actually surprisingly eager to help plant the plants - he was so gentle, too!). Mary brought them lemonade and icey pops every so often to keep them hydrated and to chuckle at how messy her husband and kids managed to get in so little time. Eventually, she set up a lawn chair and read a book as she watched, squealing and running the second Joseph tried to give her a hug because like “you’re absolutely filthy and this is my nice dress stOP JOSEPH I SWEAR TO EVERY SAINT-

The day was full of laughs and giggles and, to this day, it still acts as an important part of their lives. Christian waters the plants every morning and Christie sings at them (it’s now mostly creepy nursery rhymes at this point, but she still sings at them) every spring to promote healthy growth. Chris seems oddly calm near the garden, just sitting and looking at the flowers, and Crish has been caught more than once trying to eat the pretty buds.

Not only is Joseph’s lawn still the greenest and most pristine, but that flower garden is still one of the prettiest features of the cul-de-sac.

watching, watching, watching
Written for Day Six of the @laurahale-appreciation week: Looking through her eyes, so here’s my 755 words take on that prompt!

Laura is going to come back and haunt them all.

It had been bad enough to die - killed by her own uncle nevertheless. Coming back as a ghost would have been cool at least, rattling some cabinets, writing ominous warnings into fogged up mirrors, and possibly even a creepy nursery rhyme or two. But this? Seeing it all, but unable to do anything? Laura is going to crawl out of her grave if it kills her. Again.

First Peter bites a poor unsuspecting kid, and then all hell breaks loose. And right in the middle is her poor Derek. Her brother tries so hard, trying to catch Peter, trying to teach Scott - who is a little piss baby whose ass Laura would have kicked into gear already if she could (she knows she’s being harsh, but that’s her brother being accused of murder and worse, when he’s only trying to help), trying to keep himself and everything else together. But for every step he climbs up on the endless mountain that is life, someone pushes him back down.

And Laura can just watch, mute, and powerless, and helpless.

She has to watch as Derek kills his only remaining family member, and how he struggles with the new power that’s passed on to him, and with the guilt that comes along with it. She has to watch as Derek tries to build a pack, choosing people like him, people who are lonely, hurt, helpless, for whom the bite is truly a gift, and how it all too quickly falls apart around him again.

Laura watches impotently as Peter uses the girl he bit to claw himself back to life and how this torments Derek, how he’s torn between his relief at having family again on the one hand and the knowledge that he will never be able to trust that family on the other hand.

Laura sees Derek being used and abused, by hunters as much as those who were supposed to have his back. The day when Scott forces Derek to give Gerard Argent the bite Laura rages like never before. If she could only pierce the invisible veil separating her from the world of the living, Laura would wring that little brat’s neck!

It only gets worse though, Derek’s new pack abandons him, and Derek still tries to save them, tries but fails, Erica’s body all he can bring back to her parents. What really breaks Laura’s heart, though, is the reappearance of Cora. Her little sister survived the fire and Laura didn’t know, didn’t feel it, didn’t try to find her, did nothing. All the years when Laura and Derek had each other, Cora had no one, was all alone in the world, and Laura can’t help thinking it was her fault. Derek is the one who bears the brunt of Cora’s anger, Cora’s blame, though, and he just accepts it, like he accepts every other blame and guilt people put on his shoulders.

And again, Laura can just watch.

There is one ray of hope in all the doom and gloom that is Derek’s life and Laura greedily soaks up every little bit of it, every little appearance of one Stiles Stilinski.

The beginning is a little bumpy, ‘This is private property’ vs. ‘Dude, that’s Derek Hale’, murder accusations vs. growled threats, ‘I’ll rip your throat out with my teeth’ vs. ‘my house, my rules’. But that becomes hours treading water in a pool, a careful hand on a shaking shoulder, steadfast support where only rejection was expected. And Laura gets to watch them build trust and friendship and perhaps even love between each other and it’s honestly the highlight of her ghostly afterlife.

Sadly, Laura doesn’t have to wait long for the absolute low: Cora falls sick and Laura now has to watch two of her siblings suffer, and despite the overwhelming urge that fills her to do something, anything, she’s paralyzed and powerless, cursed to watch but not act. And Laura wishes she knew how Peter came back to life because if ever her family needed her most, it is now. So she watches and wishes and wills, watches Derek take Cora’s pain, wishes she could help when he extends ever more power, more than he has, eyes glowing red, but slowly turning blue, wills herself back to life. And as Derek gives up his alpha power to save his family, Laura gasps and opens her eyes, glowing red in the night.

No longer just watching, but once again living.

Here’s an incomplete list of things that’ll grab my absolute and undivided attention and probably my undying love if you include them in your fic/writing/comic/whatever:

- enigmatic librarians who are more than what they seem
- books, either magical or normal
- gargantuan libraries. And I mean HUGE
- awesome weapons
- sentient weapons
- women with swords
- women with HUGE SWORDS
- dragons
- lgbtqa+ representation
- power couples
- evil power couples
- evil GAY power couples (CANON ONES!) (This one deserves its own point because I’m garbage)
- sentient shadows
- impossibly horrifying eldritch monstrosities
- fierce smol and collected tol ships
- plague doctors
- necromancy
- big intimidating characters being actually huge lovable softies who could still wreck you
- gods of the setting being relatable and hilarious assholes
- the protag being a sassy little shit
- penguins
- Small child with fuck ton of power
- cool, well-phrased riddles that rhyme - you know the type
- creepy nursery rhymes that subtly relate to the plot
- clever foreshadowing using puns
- human/eldritch monstrosity ships
- regicide (It’s fun!)
- characters having pets/familiars
- steampunk
- shadow manipulation being a thing
- ginger people who like to blow shit up (I love that trope)
- small kid being friends with a huge terrifying thing
- the villain turning out to be a huge fucking nerd
- the villain being kind to their minions but evil towards everyone else
- the villain being in a HEALTHY relationship (no “evil cannot love” nonsense for me. Pining is allowed.) (See: evil power couples.)
- living skeletons
- orcs or goblins etc not being stereotypically evil and savage
- races not being their stereotypes (be original, ffs)
- POC representation (racially diverse casts are gr8, m8)
- clerics being done with everyone’s shit
- no pets dying

The list could go on and on. The point is, I’m a predictable loser so include a few of those in your whatever, and chances are that I’ll love it with my entire predictable heart.